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On Sunday, I went ahead and published what I was given to understand pictures of Italian journalist Giuliana Sgrena’s car after a run in at a checkpoint with the US military that resulted in the tragic death of an Italian Secret Service agent and wounding of Sgrena and another agent. The picture accompanied an Associated Press story of the tragedy. We found out later that the AP had casually placed a totally unrelated picture of another car with the story. Embarassed (and a little angry) I kept the post up but had to write an explanation of the mix-up.

Now we have some more pictures of Sgrena’s car, this time from the Italian daily La Repubblica.it courtesy of Little Green Footballs. I suppose I could wait and see if these turn out to be false as well, but this time they’re apparently the real thing.

ATTENTION YOU STUPID MOONBATS! Please look at these pictures and tell me that poor little Ms. Sgrena was “targeted” by the U.S. military when the windshield of this car is still intact not to mention that the condition of this car makes her out to be, as I said yesterday, a LIAR! First, the pictures:

This is the car that Sgrena told her editor had been hit by 300-400 rounds from “an armoured vehicle” or a tank, or…something! It’s obvious that the soldiers followed procedure here by firing at the engine block. It could also be that since the Italian driver wasn’t stopping that bullets went into the driver’s side window which could account for the tragic hit on the Italian Secret Service agent who was sitting in the backseat on the passenger side.

Kind of begs the question…How did Sgrena think she was going to get away with her lies and slanders? This is the 21st century baby! Ever hear of the internet?

If the Americans were truly interested in killing her she’d be…well, dead. They wouldn’t have gotten her medical attention. And after the car came to a stop they would have walked up to it and sprayed the car with bulletts until there was no one left alive to tell the story.

This is NOT a conpsiracy. You need two people for a conspiracy. This is simply the case of a publicity hungry far-left anti-American propagandist lying through her teeth to advance her political agenda.

Sickening…using the death of Nicola Callipari, the brave Secret Service agent who risked his life to make the pick-up with the terrorists.

For shame!


Rusty at My Pet Jawa has some good analysis using most of the quotes I used in this post of Sgrena’s version(s) of events and then contrasting the bloodcurdling descriptions of the communist propagandist Sgrena with the straightfoward description of the US military:

The 3rd ID issued a press statement last week saying the car was racing toward the checkpoint when they signaled it to stop, fired warning shots and finally shot the engine block of the car. The shots killed one and wounded two, including the journalist.

Wizbang has the original Italian Photo Gallery from La Repubblica-all six pics.

The Italian press should jump all over this moonbat. And while they’re at it, maybe they could investigate the strange circumstances of her kidnapping in the first place. Dr. Rusty has more on that here.


John Hawkins weighs in with a link to an ABC story that has a senior US Military official saying Sgrena’s car was travelling “in excess of 100 MPH.”

John also has a link to a story written by a Dutch journalist who used to write for a Dutch communist newspaper saying that Sgrena was warned to be careful while in Iraq but blithely said that because she was so anti-American, the insurgents would leave her alone.

More questions for the propagandist…


  1. Hi there!

    Personally, I think that reporter is full of B.S. I know more now about the situation thanks to your post!

    Comment by Alan — 3/8/2005 @ 5:23 pm

  2. Freakin commie. She’s a freakin commie. A COMMIE.id.

    No, not nuff said. What most pissed me off about this story and the aftermath: I (unfortunately) chose to listen to BBC Radio Freakin America early Monday am. The poor Italian security officer’s funeral was all over the place, and concomitant street grumblings made nice anti-US propaganda. Not UNO mention of the fact that the car was SPEEDING UP toward the checkpoint and disobeying orders to stop. Freakin Beeb.

    Comment by The MaryHunter — 3/8/2005 @ 5:39 pm

  3. I’ll Show You How an Italian Lies!
    I’ve been following this whole Giuliana Sgrena thing, and I’m truly amazed that anyone could actually buy into the idea that our military tried to assassinate her because of her wacko leftist idealogy or her pinko commie propaganda…  as if…

    Trackback by Watcher of Weasels — 3/10/2005 @ 4:39 pm

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