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What do you say to people who are celebrating the imminent death of a human being as a defeat for a political enemy?

Since Terri’s feeding tube was removed on Friday, I’ve been absolutely flabbergasted at the celebratory attitude taken by many on the left (not all; there are many liberals who support Terri’s fight) and the flippant comments in liberal discussion forums and in comments left here and other conservative sites about Terri’s condition.

Here are a few choice examples from the Democratic Underground:

Are Terri and Michael not on speaking terms? Have they been fighting? Alright, I think I’ll go scream now.

I think of some of the great hunger strikes throughout history like Bobby Sands being jailed as a political prisoner with the IRA and the Women Suffragists of the early 1900 and well, this Hunger Strike rates up there with that guy who lived in a box hanging over the river Thames for 30 days without any food.

Go ahead and starve yourself dumbass!!

And here’s one from Daily Kos:

Culture of life, my ass. Support bacteria. It’s the only culture some people have

There’s more…much more. But I just don’t have it in me today to get mad at these revelers in death whose comments on my own blog were so despicable, so vile that for the first time since I started my site, I had to delete some comments.

Here are some examples from my own site:

Well, your blog certainly is appropriately titled (Rightwing Nuthouse). How would you suggest putting Ms. Schiavo out of her misery? Oh, wait a minute, I forgot -you guys dig torture so you probably want to keep her alive as long as possible. Here’s the part I don’t get: If you’re a Christian fundie, shouldn’t you be happy that Terri’s going to meet her God? Why would you want to rely on evil, evil, badevil science to prolong her earthly agony?

Part of my response:

First of all, I’m an atheist you miserable excuse for a barking moonbat.

Secondly, it’s hardly “science” that’s keeping her alive, unless you want to call feeding tubes that have been in use since the turn of the 20th century “high tech.”

How about this moonbat accusing me of seeking political gain from Terri’s plight:

Another disgusting post from the right wing.

Don’t worry about those inconvenient facts, one of which is that TS has no content to her consciousness, therefore has no capacity for suffering.

But, as you have already discovered, she has the capacity for something more useful - being a political tool to advance your religious agenda. Good for you for figuring this out. But may God have mercy on your soul for acting it out.

And in my response, I pretty much lost control and let the lickspittle have it:

I’m not in the mood for your fallacious and ignorant comments.

You’re a “compassion nazi” and if you come back in about an hour you can read my post about people who would rather make a political point knowing full well that Terri is going to have her tube re-inserted and allow her to suffer another day of thirst than stand aside and allow a simple human impulse to be compassionate rule the day.

Even dumb animals with no higher cognitive functions suffer, you bastard. And the fact that you and your kind have started us down a path that, like the Doctor used by attorney Felos in the Terri case advocates, will end up euthanizing people who are SPOON FED.

Perhaps we’ll see a day in our lifetimes when committees will be set up and human beings will have to justify their existence on a yearly basis. If they can’t… oh well, let’s do the compassionate thing and euthanize them.

If you can’t see that this is the way we’re headed, then I pity you. Because I can think of no one more useless than someone like you; you’re a triple threat…no brains, no soul, and no clue.

My reference to the feeding tube being reinserted was in anticipation of Judge Whittmore’s decision to issue an injunction to feed Terri while the case was adjudicated. Many legal experts today are expressing surprise and shock that Whittmore heard only 1/2 hour of oral arguments from each side before rendering a decision. It’s almost like he just wanted to wash his hands of the entire matter.

I had commenters accusing me of being a paid Republican consultant (I’m not) and obscenity laced rants against me, republicans, and President Bush.

Then there’s this comment on Terri’s lack of self awareness:

She is a person with no brain equipment that permits a subjective sense of self. Therefore, she cannot suffer.

You don’t like this fact. It’s not in your interest to examine it. By not doing so you are being disingenuous. That’s OK. The internet is good for nothing if not sophistry.

Your entire “Spoon fed” thing: OK idiot. look up types of fallacies. Have you come across slippery slope yet? No? Keep looking.

Again, I lost my temper:

Well, I’m glad that SOMEONE has now come up with a scientific way to measure consciousness. Whew…I was getting worried that nobody would EVER figure that one out.

Don’t be daft. The major problem here (and it’s pretty obvious “ignorant” was an apt characterization of the state of your knowledge on this issue) is that the tests needed to determine whether or not Terri is PVS HAVE NOT BEEN DONE!

There were worse comments. I deleted a comment about Terri having the brains of “my front lawn.” I also deleted a comment that was glad that Terri was dying because it meant that Michael would be free to marry his common law wife who, in this person’s opinion, would be a better wife for Michael because she wouldn’t be a burden to him.

Some of it, of course, is just plain ignorance. But most of these comments are from people who could be your next door neighbor or a co-worker. To have that level of callousness requires a world view completely at odds with the principles this country and the rest of western civilization were founded on.

Where is this leading? Watch over the next few months as a spate of cases come before the public. Many will be from relatives who wish to rid themselves of a financial and emotional burden. Some will be from relatives who wish to profit from the death of the euthanized victim. Each time it happens, it will be easier, outrage will be muted, and the idea of what is “permissible” will be expanded.

There may be no way to stop it. All we can do is keep fighting for what we believe in while enduring the snide, snarling, and snarky comments of our tormentors.


  1. I have felt nothing but sorrow over this case. It sickens me that anyone would take one ounce of pleasure in what is the most horrific circumstances imaginable. Terri’s parents and her siblings are being forced to watch her die and are completely powerless to stop it. Where is the joy in that?

    Comment by kimberly — 3/22/2005 @ 6:07 pm

  2. I’ll admit I only read your blog for your comments and death count for 24. But I felt the need to say something here. I believe this entire thing has gotten out of hand on both sides.

    After reading many blogs, listening to many talk shows, it seems most people don’t have the facts right. I guess, I shouldn’t be surprised. I’m disapointed that this became a poltical issues. I’m really disapointed that it’s been hijacked by the right-to-lifers, as well.

    I’m really bothered when people start stating that liberals & democrats want to “kill” her, the same that I’m bothered that the right to lifers think that they’re saving her.

    This is really a family dispute about the wishes of someone that turned into an ugly legal battle. It isn’t some grand fight against the “culture of death.” At least it shouldn’t be.

    Comment by Ben — 3/23/2005 @ 12:53 am

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