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I am Ajai Raj, and I am a jackass.

This has to be considered one of the most riotously ridiculous, self-aggrandizing, solipsistic, and sophomoric examples of liberal buffoonery in history. The young man who today is the talk of the internet for being arrested at an Ann Coulter event after saying “How do you feel about marriages where the man does nothing but f**k his wife up the ass?” left a love note for all his moonbat fans at Daily Kos in which he proves that perhaps NOW has been correct about abortion all along; some pregnancies, including the one that resulted in Mr. Raj vomiting forth into this world, should be terminated to save society the trouble of caring for the mentally deficient.

The open letter to Kos readers reveals a pathology so deep as to be beyond description…so of course, I’ll try.

In the screed, Mr. Raj preens, he prances, he’s so self congratulatory and proud that one gets the distinct impression that, if he was able, he’d lick his own balls, so worked up and full of self-satisfied vainglory as he is:

From the beginning I was yelling obscenities along with my friends, roaring at Ms. Coulter’s right-wing bullshit festival the way no one else had the balls to. Mr. Sampath writes in his article that (and this is my take) the protesters were told to be good all along. They were told to sit in the back and hold their signs and leave quietly. No wonder hippies get such a bad rap nowadays; protesters today might as well be ornaments on the Rightmobile. When I want someone to know I’m pissed off, I’m going to throw down and give them a good shit-ruining. I wanted to show Ms. Coulter that people are down if she wants to hold a circle-jerk, but we’re not gonna do it her way. Not me, at least.

So Mr. Raj “threw down” and by “yelling obscenities” and “roaring.” Here is someone who’s so certain of his rightness, his correctness, his goodness that allowing someone to speak who he vehemently disagrees with should be…what, Mr. Raj. Illegal? If not illegal, they should just be prevented from speaking, is that it?

God, the Sandanistas would have loved this guy! For that matter, any quasi-totalitarian regime given the stamp of approval by the likes of Jimmy Carter over the last decade or so could really use the Raj’s on the moonbat left. For you see, this guy and his ilk have a secret yearning for authoritarianism. They’re brown shirt mentality doesn’t require specific instructions from party headquarters. They know exactly what to do. They break up opposition rallies. They destroy opposition printing presses. They beat up, shout down, trip up, and kick in the groin anyone that disagrees with them.

Christian idiotarians pray for their enemies. These guys are a little more demonstrative:

So yes, the Q&A session came around, and it was pathetic. Her slack-jawed fans got up and licked her face so she could pat them on the head- one schmuck offered to be her bodyguard, and she smiled, doubtlessly making a mental note that she wouldn’t touch his nether regions if she were King Midas; liberal protestors posed well-intentioned but woefully timid questions and got shot down in a hail of ignorant shitfire from the She-Dragon. Standing in line awaiting my turn, I watched her send a moderate Republican, who had questioned the sheer incendiary magnitude of her rhetoric, walk away in tears when she tore him apart for daring to question her.

So yes, I saw my “opportunity to say something lewd and offensive.” And I took it.

She had just said something about gay marriage, the typical rightwing bullshit spiel that is still convincing people that the Bible is really the Constitution. Knowing that taking the time to say something insightful, specific, or even slightly critical would get me a lame comeback and a ticket back to my seat, I realized that the only way to win this battle was to fight fire with fire. Or bullshit with bullshit.

Whereupon Mr. Moonbat said his dirty word. Judging by his letter, he should have been excused on the grounds that his vocabulary was inadequate to the task of expressing his vaporous thoughts. Please notice however, the famous moonbat ploy that forgives all sins, covers all blemishes, and wipes clean the slate as Mr. Raj heroically stands on the battlements and waves a bloody shirt while “fighting fire with fire” (OOH! The drama) or “bullsh*t with bullsh*t.” (OOOH! The naughtiness.)

I’ve said it many times; moonbats act like this because they have the emotional maturity of an 11 year old girl. In Mr. Raj’s case, I take that back in order not to insult 11 year old innocents.

Did I give a shit? No. If I had a message, it’s that the whole thing was a joke- hell, our whole political scene today is a fucking joke. Everyone’s out to either pat themselves on the back for being right or whine about how they’re being wronged without ever lifting a finger to fight for it.

So rather than dignify anyone else, I “made masturbatory gestures” as I exited. Again, bingo! I danced a jig and set my hand a-jerkin’ at crotch-level, sneering for the crowd and letting them know I was ready to roll. I yelled to my friends that we were gonna split and made for the door.

What a delicate flower. It takes a special kind of lickspittle to be proud of “sneering” at people. But then, I’m sure he never sneered at anyone. I’ll bet you five to your one that this guy doesn’t even know what a “sneer” is. But like the rest of his remarkably incoherent and vapid testimony, his target is the heart of moonbats who, in their non sexual fantasies, see themselves giving the finger to the rest of the world and everyone cheering them for it.

Then again…maybe that is their sexual fantasy…

If so, then getting arrested obviously made this guy positively orgasmic:

Two cops approached me. I figured they were going to tell me I had to leave, so I said “You can’t fire me, because I quit!”

“You’re under arrest.”

It was my turn to be shocked. I tried to ask them what for; saying “f**k her in the ass”" at a college isn’t a crime, last time I checked. They apparently mistook my inquiries for aggression, and grabbed me roughly and slammed me into the door. Within seconds the backmost two or three rows was surging forward, following the scene as the cops dragged me out the door. They yelled and chanted; my friends were more outraged than I’d ever seen any of them before. As they pushed me into the car, I heard my good friend Jeffrey Stockwell scream, “THIS ISN’T A JUSTICE SYSTEM! YOU CALL THIS PROTECTING AND SERVING?!” The crowd took up a chant at the UTPD officers: “Shame! Shame! Shame!”

Shame is f**king right. When I asked the cops why they thought I needed cuffing, they told me that they didn’t even see anything that happened, they were just doing as told.

Leaving aside the ignorance of one who doesn’t know that everyone who’s arrested for any reason gets cuffed, the scene the moonbat describes is right out of the Yippie playbook from the 1968 Democratic Convention complete with the crowd chanting “The whole world is watching…The whole world is watching.” Nothing makes a moonbat feel better than to relive the glory days of movement politics when police were the enemy and one was considered heroic to resist the forces of fascism.

It really does take a special kind of nitwit to be a moonbat. And judging from this discourse by Mr. Raj, he’s going to need nitwit lessons to catch up.


I’m glad to see that Mr. Raj’s revealing admission that he’s related to a horses rump made Wizbang’s “Quote of the Day.”

May I nominate Raj’s revelation for ‘Moonbat quote of the month?”


  1. My sympathies to you for the unpleasant experience of reading that load of bullshit. Thanks for doing it so we don’t have to!
    What a scumbag that kid is! “made masturbatory gestures”–is that supposed to be a political argument? BWAHAHAHAHAHA

    Comment by Beth — 5/6/2005 @ 12:19 am

  2. If you hated reading his essay, you’ll REALLY hate my interview with him!

    Comment by J. Buckley — 5/9/2005 @ 7:57 pm

  3. Superhawk - Moonbat researchers have known for some time of the insatiable Moonbat need to become socially acceptable through socially unacceptable verbal outbursts. But you’ve broken new ground by identifying the latest Moonbat psychosis: Air-Guitar-Masturbation. The Moonbat is, it seems, retarded and enjoying the fruits of stupidity to the fullest.

    Comment by Jumpin' Timmy — 5/12/2005 @ 1:44 am

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