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I no longer am surprised at anything I read from the “Reality Based Community.” I mean, how can you talk to people who actually believe voting machines were hacked by the Republican party and vote totals changed? How can you take people like that seriously? How can you be rational with someone who really believes that the religious right is about to take over the country and establish a theocracy?

Where does this impulse to be so goddamned dramatic come from? Because that’s what we’re talking about here. Real life evidently holds no drama for the moonbat. Or at least not enough drama that they can refrain from foisting their impossible conspiracy theories and irrational hatred of their own country on the rest of us. They’re like high school drama queens who never grew up. They need attention and they’re willing to be outrageous as possible in order to get it.

Witness the left’s reaction to the Newsweek retraction. Is it true that American interrogators desecrate the Koran in order to psychologically injure their subjects? I don’t know. The only people who are saying so are those who were in the damn prisons in the first place! Are they, like incarcerated American criminals, all innocent? Evidently the moonbats think so. They’re certainly much more willing to believe them than they are their own military and government.

And suppose the allegations were true? (I happen to believe they are true.) This isn’t torture. And I doubt whether it makes the terrorists cry. So what’s the problem?

We’re concerned about the feelings of people who would just as soon lop off an American’s head than give you the time of day?

Am I missing something here? Against the Geneva Convention? Maybe it’s about time we started to look at a document that’s going on 80 years old and was drawn up at a time when the Secretary of War Henry Stimson disbanded the code breakers because “gentlemen shouldn’t read other gentlemen’s mail.” Why should we be hamstrung by the Geneva Convention when our enemy isn’t? Because we’re Americans? Get Real!

And that’s the difference here, the chasm that separates left from right. There are those of us who believe we’re in a war for the survival of the United States of America. And then there are those who don’t. They believe if only we can seek to understand the murderous, beheading thugs that we’re fighting in Iraq, Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia, Iran, and other nations where Islamofascism raises its ugly head, then they can’t help but fall in love with us. Or maybe we should address the root causes (barf!) of terrorism.

That’s easy. The root cause of terrorism lies with the religion of Islam itself. It exists in the 10th century. It’s never had a “reformation” which sought to bring religion into balance with the rest of society as those movements did in the west. Poverty is not a root cause of terrorism. Some of the poorest countries in the world are Christian countries in Central and South America. The poor in those countries don’t grow up and strap bomb belts on themselves and blow up school children. Instead, they become communists - dangerous but managably so. Give me your garden variety Marxist and I’ll show you someone who’d rather talk you into somnolence than blow you up. At the very least, they want to live to blow up someone else which would rule out flying planes into buildings.

I have no doubt that some interrogators have gone over the line both in doling out physcial torture and psychological stress to the Taliban and al Quaeda prisoners kept at Gitmo and the irreconcilable Saddamites and foreign fighters in Iraq. These people are not muggers. They’re not sex offenders. They’re not even wife murderers. The overwhelming majority are guilty-as-sin-dyed-in-the-wool bloodthirsty terrorists. And if by making them a little uncomfortable, or experience a little pain, or humiliation, or cause them psychic distress, I SAY GO FOR IT! If it gets them to talk, all the better. If not, at least they’ll suffer a tiny portion of the hurt, distress, and emotional harm they’ve caused others.

That’s not revenge. That’s justice.

So what’s the first reaction of the left to the revelation that the Newsweek story was, in effect, made up? Why they rush to Newsweek’s defense of course! And they do it better than any terrorist or enemy of the United States could ever do themselves:

I’ve found four reports — with more easily found — to back up Newsweek’s sources on the desecration of Korans belonging to Guantanamo detainees. (OH! How exciting for you!)

I see this incident this way: Newsweek has good sources for its allegations, but has backed off because it finds itself in a dicey, ill-founded public relations nightmare.

Newsweek has foresaken journalism to save what it perceives as its own hide.

And then there’s this curious juxtaposition:

If the situation were reversed, just imagine — if it’s even possible — the reaction in this country. Just pretend for a minute: Jerry Falwell being felt up by female Moslem prison guards and then having to watch while a Bible gets flushed down the toilet. Can you say Holy War?

Does this moonbat actually believe that Christians would riot if a bible were thrown in the toilet? I mean, has this guy been asleep for the last 25 years…or more? Here’s one example. Do you remember the awful riots that broke out when this photo appeared at that gallery in Cincinatti?

Do you recall the screaming Christians, blood flowing from their Ginsu knives, rampaging through the streets, murdering, pillaging, raping (well, maybe not raping…).

You have to try to be that clueless.

And that picture is just one example of course. The disrespect shown by secular humanists in this country toward Christian symbols, the Christian faith, and people who practice that faith is so profound that it got Christians out of the pews and into the voting booths. But rioting? Only in the paranoid fantasies of the moonbats.

The Newsweek imbroglio will subside; but not until Newsweek and their allies in the press and leftist websites redouble their efforts to find the “proof” that interrogators did indeed disrespect the Koran. I have absolutely no doubt they’ll find that proof.

The only question I have to them would be…now what? You’ve won a small point that will ignite more riots and result in more bloodshed. Proud of yourself now? Your hatred for your own country has now carried you into the waiting arms of the enemies of everything you purport to stand for.

How can you sleep at night?


Kevin at Wizbang boils the controversy down to its barest of bones and in so doing, rips the moonbat’s “fake but accurate” theme to shreds:

Andrew Sullivan, citing Daily Kos blogger SusanHu finding other allegations of Koran desecration, misses the point of the Newsweek Koran story by a country mile. The point is not that such allegations existed; it is that Newsweek reported that a US government investigation had (or would) conclude that such event took place.

No one (to my knowledge) is arguing a few detainees (and/or their lawyers) hadn’t made allegations concerning Koran desecration, yet Sullivan implies that those charges somehow lend credence to Newsweek’s shabby reporting. Sullivan then gets swept up in the “look at all the other prisoner abuse stories” mentality that presumably led Newsweek to run with such a poorly sourced report.

Well and truly said.


  1. could not have said it better. how do they sleep at night?

    Comment by opie/maggie's farm — 5/16/2005 @ 7:09 pm

  2. As someone pointed out on the blogpost that you stole that sidewalks line from that’s like blaming the rioters for the Newsweek article.

    Are you moonbats so unoriginal you can’t even make up your own insults?

    Comment by superhawk — 5/16/2005 @ 7:23 pm

  3. I had something similar on my blog… but i want to point out one thing… all those people arent terrorists… the people in the taliban werent ‘terrorists’ per se.

    Anyways if you ever cross the line are you really any different than them? If you cross the line like your enemy does… arent you just bloodthirsty animals? Its not very christianlike id say, to seek horrible vengence when someone wrongs you.

    Comment by William Volterman — 5/16/2005 @ 7:27 pm

  4. How can you fault Newsweek? They have a job to do. They have done exactly what a conservative expects them to do and that is to harm our military. This time they screwed up, next time they will be more careful. And there will be a next time. Liberals are at their wits end, they’ve lost too many battles with the Republicans. Besides F them, we shall stay vigilant!

    Comment by diamond — 5/16/2005 @ 7:56 pm

  5. Great post! Hope you don’t mind I rolled ya. How do I sleep at night? Well, there seems to be a linear relationship to a great sleep after a day of hearing a few hundred more terrorists (aka, insurgents) have been killed. Lately I’ve been sleepy rather well!

    Comment by JustaDog — 5/16/2005 @ 7:58 pm

  6. It’s not that kind of war.

    Was firebombing Dresden the right thing to do? You bet. It hastened the end of WWII. We’re not going to fly airplanes into buildings or behead the captives. But if we can get them to tell us what they know by treating their holy book the way they treat ours, then by God lets do it.

    Comment by superhawk — 5/16/2005 @ 7:59 pm

  7. Volterman, a Canadian. Guess we shouldn’t get harsh and crush our enemies as they desire to crush us. Something about not being christian. TOO IGNORANT….. you know the rest.
    bloodthirsty animals, give me a break

    Comment by diamond — 5/16/2005 @ 9:24 pm

  8. If you read the actual Newsweek article, it mentions the Koran incident only in passing. The article is actually about a high level investigation into a Major General who could be called on the carpet for other abuses at the prison. These claims of other abuses were not from detainees or their lawyers but from US military personnel.

    The source in question was not a detainee, but a Bush administration official who would be close to the SouthCom investigation.

    So Newsweek was only the messenger. The statements came from a Bushie. When things got too hot, the White House blamed Newsweek to take the heat off the brass.

    Comment by Denny Hix — 5/17/2005 @ 1:33 pm

  9. I republished the entire “Periscope” item here:


    And I’m sorry you’ve missed the news but the source has since recanted, saying it was NOT in an official government report.

    Was there desecration? Yes. Who cares? Fanatical muslims who don’t need an excuse to riot against America.

    Comment by Rick Moran — 5/17/2005 @ 1:59 pm

    That is a line I wish I’d thought of. I might have to appropriate it. There are more lines just as good and better here, in a truly wise post about the Newsweek fiasco and the left’s defense thereof….

    Trackback by JunkYardBlog — 5/18/2005 @ 9:48 pm

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