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(MORE THAN) 24 TILL “24″

Filed under: "24" — Rick Moran @ 5:41 am

Okay…You asked for it and here it is…

For the next 48 hours (if I can figure out how) this post offering you, the reader, the opportunity to speculate to your hearts content on the multitude of loose ends that need to be tied up during the final two hours of the show will stay right at the top of this blog.

There are so many questions to be answered:

What happened to Behruz?
Is Dina really dead?
Will the President recover?
Who’s the mole?
Is there a mole?
Does anyone care if there is or isn’t a mole?
Who’s gonna die?
Michelle and Tony? Discuss among yourselves.
Jack and Audrey? Ditto.
Where did all the American turncoats come from?
Is the F-117 pilot who shot down Air Force One dead?
What about the Chinese?
Where’s the missile headed?
What about the “Iowa Cell.” Will they be caught?
Will Chloe and fat geek Edgar do the nasty nasty…geek style?

The big question for me and I suppose for everyone is “Who’s the mole?” If the writers decide not to have a mole then an entirely different set of loose ends present themselves like where did Marwan get the transponder codes to track the football and the like.

A general bit of speculation involves how the final two hours will play out. Help yourself on that one. I don’t have a clue.

ATTENTION: Please, for the love of God, NO SPOILERS! I understand that some sites that will remain nameless have some inside info. Please don’t ruin it for the rest of us. If you know something, keep it to yourself.

C’mon everyone! Dig in and help yourself to some pure fun! The wilder the better. Because if I know the writers, the wildest we can come up with will pale in comparison to what they’ve got in store for us Monday nite!


  1. Let me first state that I have no “insider information”, so if my guesses here are accurate and ruin anything for anyone, I’m sorry. Just trying to start a dialogue.

    I can’t imagine a whole season of “24″ without a mole. It just doesn’t happen. The first and best mole was Nina - in large part because she was totally unexpected and because of her and Jacks previous romantic involvement.

    In keeping with that tone, I’d have to say the most intriguing mole possibility would be Audrey. She’s done nothing but distract Jack and try to keep him from doing what he needs to do, and despite her capture she suffered no harm and has stayed around at CTU to do…what, exactly?

    The President will recover, if only because he’s a relatively strong character to have for next season. Tony and Michelle is a tough call, because I don’t see a season without them, but the only way they get together is if they leave this line of work. Would it be too much of a stretch for Jack to somehow bring them back next year if they’ve both quit?

    For the sake of all that is good and decent, Chloe and Edgar will never get it on.

    If I had a nuclear warhead on a missle and wanted to do as much damage as possible, New York would be my obvious target. I’d drop it right on Wall Street. That’s my guess.

    That’s all I have to say for now…

    Comment by James Wright — 5/21/2005 @ 9:09 am

  2. Where are the turncoats coming from? Of course, the DemoCrap Party. There is a never ending supply of un- patriot a$$holes!

    Comment by diamond — 5/21/2005 @ 3:56 pm

  3. James Wright, what do you think about Wayne Palmer as the mole? He probably doesn’t like being out of the administration and he is ambitious. My first choice made two Sundays ago, Audrey. I tied her in with brother, but now don’t see them working together.
    I detect a softening of Jack toward Chloe, he even went so far as to thank her for following orders. This is a no-nonsense gal who does her job and bends the rules to help Jack.

    Comment by diamond — 5/21/2005 @ 4:17 pm

  4. How about Marwan hitting the Chinese Embassy with the bomb? China and American at war.

    Comment by diamond — 5/21/2005 @ 4:20 pm

  5. diamond -

    We haven’t seen Wayne Palmer at all, so I guess I didn’t consider him. If we’re to consider the possibility that the mole (if there is a mole) could be someone we haven’t seen yet, the possibilities would be endless. What’s more, this entire line of activity hasn’t helped Wayne at all. His brother, David, was called in to help, but that had to be a surprise even to him - and it’s certainly understood that it’s a temporary situation.

    As far as hitting the Chinese Embassy with the bomb, it’s too small a target for too large a bomb. Hitting the U.N. would possibly cause more problems, and likely take more dignitaries with it. But the point of these terrorists is to kill average Americans. I think the possibility of the U.S. going to war with China was a collateral bonus for Marwan.

    Maybe Audrey set up her brother with that couple so that they could tap his phone, as even she didn’t especially know when her dad would be visiting. I think he’s more a clueless victim.

    As far as Chloe and anyone, she’s way too much of a head case.

    Comment by James Wright — 5/21/2005 @ 5:19 pm

  6. Again…and as always…thank you. I still haven’t gotten to watch this show yet.

    Comment by Jay — 5/21/2005 @ 6:02 pm

  7. I have decided that since this is making my head hurt, I am going to sit back and enjoy the postings, watch the two hours and wait to be entertained. Who, what, when, I am soooo confused. I’ll throw this out there, Curtis the mole and pleeease make it the United Nations!

    Comment by diamond — 5/21/2005 @ 6:23 pm

  8. OMG. I’m sending in all these nice comments to you, and NOW you give me this additional homework!
    I’ll be baAAAaaack…

    Comment by The MaryHunter — 5/21/2005 @ 6:46 pm

  9. Rick - I’m interested to hear your answers to these questions… You started this. Seems like you should at least participate. :)

    Comment by James Wright — 5/21/2005 @ 8:33 pm

  10. Chloe is SOOOO hot!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Comment by BERT — 5/21/2005 @ 11:29 pm

  11. Bert: It seems that your above statement has brought this posting place to a screeching halt. Maybe you should re state your affection for Chloe.

    Comment by diamond — 5/22/2005 @ 1:19 pm

  12. President Jellyfish is the mole and works with the Chinese. Behruz will kill Marwan and save the day (maybe with help from his ‘not dead’ mom). I’d like to see the missile headed to Hollywood - maybe that would shut ‘em up!

    Comment by Beth — 5/22/2005 @ 3:24 pm

  13. I like the idea of Behruz killing Marwan… seconded. But, in 2 hrs, who’s gonna find Marwan unless Marwan wants to be found? Ergo, Marwan survives.

    Mole: I’m less convinced that it’s Sec. Heller now. I’ve no good alternatives. It MUST be someone we’ve known of throughout the show IMHO so Wayne Palmer is out.
    Outside shot: The already dead folks from McGlennan-Forrester? Who says the mole still has to be alive?

    The teaser preview scene makes you THINK that Jack is going to basically kill Tony. Nope. Can’t happen, not after the Paul fiasco. No more zero-sum games for Jack with people he loves. Tony and Jack will kill that terrorist turncoat American mo fo bitch.

    Jack n Audrey: nada

    Tony n Michelle: somehow, Michelle will die, so nada

    Edgar n Chloe: prep for future nasty geek love sammich:
    ~hot[edgar]{ky}(love)[chloe] (PDA on the side)

    (N.B. If confused, check out this post)

    Caveat: not a lotta lovin can go on in two hrs when the country is on major red alert, and your job is to save it. Look for sighs and smiles that till tip off what the next realtime 24 hrs will be like for these folks.

    Jack, of course, will catch some Zs, he’s had a rough day after all. But he won’t cry at the end like he did last season. No more crying’s left in that chap.

    I’m looking for some form of group hug at the end, too.

    Rick, can’t wait to see your predictions… that’s why we’re all here after all, o master! :D

    Comment by The MaryHunter — 5/22/2005 @ 9:55 pm

  14. #12 Beth, I like your thinking. On the possible that Mole is already dead, that brings us back to Paul. Still confused but open to options. btw, hooray for Hollywood, hit’em again, hit’em again, harder-harder!

    Rick, your public awaits

    Comment by diamond — 5/23/2005 @ 7:59 am

  15. Hate to say it, however, Tony will wind up pushing up daisies. They had the stereotypical I love you scene and that means he buys it. Now MayHunter says the teaser would suggest otherwise, however, it has become obvious that the writers are using double reverse strategery to make us think he is going to buy which makes us think he is not going to buy it but really means he is going to buy. But maybe the writers know that we are going to think this way and maybe therefore they go for the TRIPLE REVERSE STRATEGERY and Tony doesn’t buy it.
    Chloe and Edgar will get it on. I said it before and I will say it again, these computer geek guys like abuse. < > but, image Chloe in black leather with a cat of nine tails whipping naked fat geek Edgar bend over a double processor computer. < >
    Sorry, just can’t see Jack with Audrey. I really expected to see Jack with the blond from last season. Jack needs a stronger woman who is not going to act all hand-wrangling whenever Jack goes to work. Hopefully she is the mole because then she is out of the picture next season. Couldn’t stand her.
    Anyways, why can’t more shows be this dramatic and thought provoking.
    Take care

    Comment by hector — 5/23/2005 @ 7:59 am

  16. hector has begun to explain why I’m so confused! Anyone using the TRIPLE REVERSE STRATEGY will be hunted down a eliminated. Enough all ready. Rick, where are you? Remember if this is all (somewhat) solved by “evil-doer” having a fit of conscience and turns in the real evil-doers, Rick, fire up the pop-corn.

    Comment by diamond — 5/23/2005 @ 11:29 am

  17. i think it would be great to have marwan evade capture until next season, jack’s ultimate nemesis. i’ll be suprized it tony is killed by jack, he’s had enough personal sacrifices. killing tony would be jumping the shark. maybe at the very least tony will get wounded and bring michelle to his side. i don’t know how they could drop the china connection. palmer was brought to go against his grain and lie and we were lead to believe the chinese security agent will continue his investigation. i do hope they tell us how marwan got the access codes to the football. (unfortuanately, i was called away by a 3 year old for part of the story after the camping couple saved it.) be interesting to see if the missile lands in a blue state. hmmmm. . . my husband and son will be issued a directive to keep the 3 year old very busy tonight.

    Comment by sue — 5/23/2005 @ 1:35 pm

  18. My predictions:

    Mole: There isn’t another one. The issue of where Marwan got the trasnponder codes, etc. will be ignored. We’ll have to chalk it up to either “he got them from his defense contractor job”, “he got them from the mole from the early episodes”, or “he’s very clever”.

    The president’s status will be undetermined at the end of the episode, but if there’s another season, he will have recovered and have a new Vice President (since VP Wussboy will have resigned by then)

    Tony and the hot terrorist babe will both get shot. Jack can only save one, a replay of the Paul/Chinese-guy situation. Michelle will order him to save the terrorbabe so they can get information, but he’ll save Tony instead.

    The Chinese will capture the CTU agent that they photographed and torture a confession out of him. They’ll demand that Jack be handed over for trial in China. They’ll also figure out that Palmer gave the order, and they’ll complain to the UN and demand he be charged with a war crime. Also, the lawyer from the human rights agency will show up again to make trouble for Jack. Not sure how this will all play out, though; it will probably be left unresolved.

    The Iowa Cell will be mostly caught or killed in a raid, but the leader will get away.

    Marwan will be captured alive.

    Chloe and Edgar will override the controls on the missile and deactivate the warhead, but it’ll still crash into something and cause some damage.

    Audrey makes it clear to Jack that it’s over between them. Probably in the next to last scene.

    Last scene: Behruz shows outside CTU, confronts Jack about his mom. Shoots Jack, other CTU agents gun Behruz down. Jack isn’t too badly injured, but he’ll look down at Behruz’s bullet-ridden body and feel really bad.

    Comment by Brendan — 5/23/2005 @ 2:02 pm

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