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This week’s Watchers Council vote is in and once again, The House ended up in the winners circle. My post “Remembering Why I Love History” finished first in the Council category.

Finishing second was an eye-opening post by the Sundries Shack on Hillary Clinton’s rhetorical dive off the deep end in a fundraising speech. “In a Perfect World, We’d Never Let Her Run” illustrates why this lamp throwing harridan is unfit to be President of the United States:

I’m very intolerant of people who can’t tell the difference between George Bush and Fidel Castro, Adolph Hitler, or Josef Stalin. I wish I could make a time machine and drag them back to hear the screams of children gassed to death, to see women raped and slaughtered, to witness the last minutes of human beings worked to death in labor camps just so they’d never, ever forget what a real dictatorship is.

I’m serious about this. The speech Hillary Clinton made ought to disqualify her from ever running for elected office in this country ever again. And I’m not talking about a legal prohibition either, so just settle down and put away your “fascist” signs. I’m saying that we, the people, ought to shout down that sort of dangerous and idiotic nonsense the very moment it’s uttered and vote them down so hard that their ears ring.

Amen to that, Jimmie.

Another good post from the Council this week was from E-Claire who blogged the tongue-in-cheek San Francisco 49ers training film that was a hot item in the Shadow Media last week. It’s called “SF Stages Gala Offendapalooza.”You may recall that the video purported to give lessons to rookies on how to act in certain situations in the moonbat capitol of the world. Of course, every minority interest group in the city wanted to horn in on the publicity generated by the racy film by condemning it from their own “special perspective.” Here are a couple of those perspectives and who the film actually “demeaned:”


Now, these are professional sex workers engaged in the profession of ..er, sex work. They were hired by the team for the job of showing their boobies on tape, a little fakey girl-kissing, some poorly acted ‘admiration’ of Reynolds’ unit, and rather more giggling and simpering than I thought necessary. But, hey—that’s a personal taste thing. heh, heh heh heh heh heh… she said “taste”… *BANG* heh, heh heh … whe said “ba..ow!”

“bisexual community”
Nobody ever takes the bisexual community seriously, so I won’t either. Nevertheless, I am offended for the bisexual community; just on GP.

The Smarter Cop in “Who’s the Dummy, Again?” sees Kerry channeling Danny Kaye:

Folks, I have a feeling that this is just the tip of the iceberg. What we’re dealing with is a really small man with a Walter Mitty-sized imagination.


In the Non Council category, Winds of Change won with a powerful post “THIS is a Gulag:”

In addition to the most common category of camps that practiced hard physical labour and prisons of various sorts, other forms also existed.

–A unique form of Gulag camps called sharashka were in fact secret research laboratories, where the arrested and convicted scientists, some of them prominent, were anonymously developing new technologies, and also conducting basic research.

–Psikhushka the forced medical treatment in psychiatric imprisonment was used, in lieu of camps, to isolate and break down political prisoners. This practice became much more common after the official dismantling of the Gulag system.

One thing to remember about the psychiatric prisons is that at the same time Mikail Gorbachev was recieving the Nobel Peace Prize, it’s estimated that more than 25,000 perfectly healthy political dissidents were languishing in these “hospitals.” Obviously these poor souls must have been sick if they couldn’t recognize that they were living in a workers’ paradise.

The hospitals, now closed, will be a blight on Russian medicine - as much as the Nazi medical experiments were on German medicine - for years to come.

If you’d like to submit a post to the Council for next week’s vote, go here and follow instructions.


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