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For most of us who live in the real world, the terrorist attacks in London today were a sad reminder that the Islamist jackals who seek to destroy us may be weakened but are still capable of carrying out sophisticated assaults on our civilization.

Then there are the rest of us:

After all they have been setting us up for this since September 11, 2001, with the PR machine going into overdrive since Blair jumped into Bush’s lap the summer prior to the invasion of Iraq. And who are they going to pin it on? Our favourite CIA asset, Osama bin Laden…

That’s right. The “black helicopter” nuts and 9/11 denial crowd are already weighing in. I find it fascinating to dissect this stuff only because it reveals a mindset that has totally lost touch with the real world, preferring instead to exist on a planet where evil forces are at work and a cabal of conniving, manipulative men are puppet masters, pulling the strings and making us dance in order to fulfill this conspiracy’s long sought goal of…what? Well, that depends on which nutcase you’re talking to. For some, world domination isn’t enough. Nothing short of control of the entire human population of the planet will satisfy the lust for power of these evil manipulators.

Of course, not everyone can see this conspiracy. No, you don’t need those special glasses like you’d need to see a 3-D movie. And no, this isn’t some kind of religious revelation where a bolt of lightening hits you and you’re suddenly made aware of this sinister danger.

The way to enlightenment is knowledge. You have to be able to divine the signs, read between the lines of news reports - reports from a media totally controlled by these men - and recognize the evidence that’s sitting right in front of you. Evidence that only a select few have been granted the ability to see.

The rest of us, of course, are just sheep. We’re asleep. We’re dumb brutes who are unwittingly giving this conspiracy money and power to further their goals.

Here’s a taste of what passes for “evidence” from these folks:

Comment: Firstly, as evidence of how the mainstream press is in no way “free” or “impartial” but rather infiltrated by extremist right-wing thinkers and government lackeys, the above mentioned so-called “terrorism expert”, employed by Rupert Murdoch’s Sky News, is ex-British parliamentarian and Professor of Marketing at London City University, Eirc Moonman, who just also happens to be President of the Zionist Federation of London.

Surely everyone would agree that the opinion of the President of the Federation of Zionists on Arab terrorism is anything but objective, yet we note that Sky News did NOT inform their viewers of Moonman’s extremist Pro-Israel background, stating only that he is a “terrorism expert” and even then neglecting to provide any credentials that might support his claim to terrorism expertise

First of all, the idea that Sky News “employs” a terrorism expert is absurd. The producers of the piece have a Rolodex full of “terrorism experts” who they can call and get a quote fr0m any time they want. And not revealing the Professors religion or political beliefs is irrelevant. I would challenge the writer of this piece to point to any statement made by the “expert” that wouldn’t have been echoed almost verbatim by any other terrorism expert. That’s the reason he’s an expert. He’s a spokesmen for a point of view generally accepted by those who have made their life’s work a study of the issue of terrorism.

Having to explain something that simple is tiring. Let’s amuse ourselves a little:

Another most interesting aspect to today’s London bombings is that right next door to the scene of one of the attacks on the London Metro, the Great Eastern Hotel was hosting a conference on the Israeli economy, attended by Israeli finance minister Benjamin Netanyahu, one of the most extreme right-wing “Zionist” members of Sharon’s Likud party and a staunch opponent of next month’s Gaza pullout plan. Most bizarrely of all, one initial report claimed that the Israeli embassy had received advance warning of the attacks from British police, a claim that Israeli Foreign Minister Silvan Shalom later denied, while another report had British police denying that they had received advance warning of the attacks from the Israeli embassy, which then THEY denied! What seems clear is that one or other or even both DID know of the attacks in advance and now both are attempting to cover up that fact.

This leads to the inevitable Israeli connection to the bombings. I’m sure you recognize the stench of anti-semitism emanating from this site. If not, don’t worry. They get much more graphic and nauseating later in this piece.

As for the charge of Israeli complicity, the original wire service report that I covered here very early this morning did indeed say that British authorities had contacted the Israeli’s prior to the blast. In fact, this was an error. The Israeli’s aren’t denying they were contacted as the author of the piece says. The Israeli’s said, later confirmed and corrected by AP, that Scotland Yard called the Israeli’s after the first bomb went off.

No one is denying anything. The AP simply got the story wrong. Gee…I didn’t know it was possible for AP or any MSM outlet to be wrong about anything, did you?

I predict that this AP story will live on forever. I base this prediction on something very similar that happened during the Kennedy assassination also involving AP.

The legendary UPI reporter Merriman Smith was beating the tar out of AP during the first crucial minutes of the assassination story. In the days before satellites, the wire services were king. And the way you got on top was being first with the story. It was a job where seconds counted and Smith had the drop on the AP from the get go.

Since AP couldn’t catch up, the editors were pressing their correspondent in Dallas Jack Bell for more information. They were desperate. After Bell left Parkland hospital following Kennedy’s death, he collared every policeman within his grasp begging for news. At around 3:15, he cornered a Dallas policeman who told him a secret service agent had been killed in the motorcade. Without getting any confirmation, Bell sent it over the wire. Within minutes, NBC had reported it as fact. Of course, there was no dead secret service agent. NBC had to retract and to this day, the conspiracy nuts point to this story as proof there was more than one assassin.

Finally, we come to the nub of their thought processes. It’s a form of contrarianism where white is black, up is down, and the surest sign that the cabal is at work is how obvious the answer to any question is:

Contrary to the headlines on mainstream news sources and claims by the British government, the attacks today in London bear all the hallmarks of yet another false flag operation carried out by the intelligence apparatus of the UK, the US or Israel (or a combination of all three). Perhaps now is a good time to talk about the fact that, on many, many occasions in the past, US, British and Israeli intelligence agencies have employed “false flag” operations to further their political and military goals. Indeed, the idea of attacking oneself or the population of one’s own country and then blaming it on your enemies is as “old as the hills” and is a core element of covert intelligence agency tactics.

Take, for example, the Madrid train bombing of March 11th 2004. 191 people were murdered, supposedly by al-Qaeda, yet all of the victims were simple, working class people, many of whom had protested against the Iraq invasion and the then Spanish government’s decision to send troops to Iraq. So why would al-qaeda, an organisation that claims to represent the interests of the Islamic people, want to attack innocent people who to some extent share their opposition to pro-American European governments?

That last question would be laughable if placed in another context. It’s the same rant made by Michael Moore the day after 9/11 when he said:

If someone did 9/11 to get back at Bush, then they did so by killing thousands of people who DID NOT VOTE for him! Boston, New York, DC, and the planes’ destination of California - these were places that voted AGAINST Bush!

The ignorance is breathtaking. The whole point of terrorism is random violence with a great big emphasis on random. So in answer to the author’s question, al Qaeda is not crazy or stupid. The psychological effects of random death are incalculable. Unlike Michael Moore and the author of this piece, the rest of us know that we live in a democracy. If you make the people - ordinary blue collar, average people - uncomfortable enough your chances of affecting the policy of that government increases with the level of violence.

Notice also the “false flag” charge which is not only impossible to prove but gives the reader the impression the author knows something about the subject of intelligence. What the author doesn’t explain is where his proof for these prior “false flag” operations is and, more importantly, how these activities are at the “core” of intelligence agencies.

The fact is that the “core” of intelligence agencies today is analysis. More than 95% of our intelligence budget goes to analyzing information that pours in from an endless variety of sources, most of them overt like newspapers and books. And while there has been a massive effort to increase our human intelligence gathering capabilities since 9/11, the fact is our efforts have met with limited success.

But what about the other 5% of the budget spent on “black ops?” Here’s a story illustrative of how unlikely a conspiracy like 9/11 could be kept secret.

In 1982, the navy began one of the most secretive operations in the history of the United States. We sent a sub into Soviet territorial waters to tap into an undersea cable that connected the Soviet far east fleet with Moscow. The sub was on station for months at a time. If they had been discovered they would have been sunk.

Bob Woodward of the Washington Post had the story less than a month after the operation started. Thankfully, Mr. Woodward and the Post editors resisted the temptation to go with the story. Otherwise, that sub would have been lost.

The point? It’s virtually impossible to keep a secret in Washington. Think of some of the conspiracies that have been revealed in the last 50 years. Watergate was outed less than 2 years after the plumbers started their work. Poor Ollie North had his arms for the contras conspiracy exposed in less than a year. The fact is that if it’s juicy enough, the secret eventually gets out.

And that’s the problem with the conspiracy mongers. The kind of false flag operation envisioned by the writer involving three governments(!) would necessarily need dozens of people to set the operation up and then, more importantly, leave a false trail that only the enlightened ones who can read the signs will be able to follow back to the original perpetrators.

Up is down. Black is white. Don’t believe your eyes and make sure your tin foil hat is screwed on tight.

John Cole has similar thoughts.


Ladies and Gentlemen! Direct from Armadillo Headquarters, please welcome The Amboy Dukes (and Jeff Goldstein).

update 16: Predictably, Justin Raimondo is already seeing Joooos in the Shepherd’s Pie. Now, I’m not one to tell the Zionists how to run their international cabal, but if it were me who was in charge of running the world, I’d sacrifice up a few Hebes at each of these bombings, just to keep Justin Raimondo and his tireless investigators off my ass. Hell, I might even throw in a Likudnik from time to time, just to really confound the Truth Seekers.

Um…I think he put one too many “o’s” in Joooos.


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  2. I agree about the Israeli story. I have been watching the AP list, and so far I don’t see that they have corrected it.

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  6. Well Rick, all I can say is that at least we know that the infected gene pool isn’t isolated in the USA. The irony of this is that if the bad guys win, these people will be high on the list for extermination, not unlike the Egyptian Ambassador to Iraq who was killed today by “fellow Muslims.” Not exactly your typical “band of brothers” now, is it?

    Semper Fi . . .

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  8. Where on earth do those freaks live and what color is the sky in their world? Post 9/11, any of us who live in the west are at risk and no conspiracy theorist could ever say other was and be plausible.

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  11. Ah, good. I see they have updated the story themselves. Never mind.

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