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It’s going to be a hot one today in Chicagoland with temps hitting the century mark by later this afternoon. Because the heat will rule out any yardwork (YIPEEE!) I get to watch the final round of the British Open from start to finish, a real treat since the tournament is being played on my favorite course, The Royal and Ancient Golf Club at St. Andrews, Scotland where, according to local legend, they’ve been playing golf since the 1400’s.

Before I sit down with my tea and crumpits and become engrossed in Tiger Wood’s quest for another major championship, I thought I’d link to some of the best blog posts from some of the best writers around; my friends and blogbuds from The Wide Awakes.

If you’re not aware of our group blog, you should be. Some of the best writers on the net can be found among our members. Most of The Wide Awakes are small and medium sized blogs who are up and comers in the ecosystem. While all of us are conservatives, the range of opinion on many issues is astonishing. We have experts on terrorism, Islam, economics, the ACLU, science, history, the media, and Christianity to name a few areas of interest. We also have side splitting humorists, ranters, a radio talk show host, and funsters guaranteed to keep you entertained.

Here then are some links I know you’ll find interesting.

Raven at And Rightly So has the Marine of the Year. It’s not someone you might expect.

Cao of Cao’s Blog (pronounced “Key” for all of you not familiar with the Celtic language pronunciations) and TWA blogmama, has the jaw dropping story of a dopey pot smoker who asked the police for assistance…to find her lost stash! While visiting, I urge you to check out Cao’s incredible archive of posts on radical Islam. I haven’t seen any better anywhere.

Romeocat at Cathouse Chat is blogging about her beloveds and how they keep themselves amused. “Cat is on the move following the retirement of her husband from the military and we hope that she and her kitties can get settled soon.

TWA newbie Clarity and Resolve has a post on a Hamas “Capo” being taken down by the IDF. Go Team!

Crystal of Crystal Clear has made her move to Hawaii (lucky she-devil) and is looking for work in her chosen field as a family therapist. Speaking of therapy, she gives the what-for to a moonbat troll who has been showing up on a lot of TWA blogs lately. He calls himself “Corruption Exposer” and not only has made some truly clueless and insensitive comments on blog posts, but has published personal information of a TWA member on his own blog. He hasn’t been by here, probably because he knows I have a notoriously short fuse for off-topic comments. Crystal puts him down expertly.

The Daisy Cutter has an article on the Rove leak entitled “Karl Rove: I confess. I am Joe Wilson.” (Heh)

Dr. Sanity, another TWA newbie (and my compatriot on the Watcher’s Council) has a great post on multi-culturalism.

Kit Jarrell of Euphoric Reality has a funny bit about the nationally renowned nutritionist caught huffing the nitrous oxide found in whipped cream cans in a grocery store.

More Rovian info from Flight Pundit.. Great takedown of some cherished myths of the MSM by Michael.

GM Roper at GM’s Corner has a thoughtful piece on moral relativism and terror. Guess who’s being morally relative.

Another relative TWA newbie, Hans Brick presents “Starring Joe Wilson as Tawana Brawley.” The caption under Hans site name reads “You’re breaking my balls here, Hans”…That just about describes Hans to a tee.

Moonbat slayer and bloggod Van Helsing of Moonbattery piles on my home state Senator Dick Durbin for being…well, a moonbat.

Check out Nickie Goomba’s take on Rehnquist’s insistence that he’s not retiring. Looks like they’ll have to pry that seat from the Chief’s cold, dead fingers.

A TWA original and one of our group’s founders, Ogre of Ogre’s Politics and Views has a link to a legal guide for bloggers. Given the interest shown by the FEC, I’d read the guide very carefully.

Parrott Check has the skinny on the Dallas Morning News surprising and courageous stand against political correctness and terrorism. Don’t miss this one.

Another TWA original (and an original in the truest sense of the word) is the Mad Tech. Don’t miss his WTF Friday Rant for some interesting and provacative stuff.

Mustang of Social Sense takes the British press to task for their wishy washy coverage of terrorists. Mustang is not wishy washy, just in case you wanted to know.

Jay from Stop the ACLU has some more idiocy from that completely clueless organization.

Jack Bauer wannabe and TWA science critic The Maryhunter from TMH’s Bacon Bits has “The View From Iraq.”

For other writers, see the left sidebar for a complete listing.


  1. What a great idea! Love it!

    Comment by Jay — 7/17/2005 @ 9:18 am

  2. Thanks for the linky love, Rick.

    Comment by Cao — 7/17/2005 @ 9:40 am

  3. A.) What Jay said.
    B.) What Cao said.
    C.) You consistently come up with great stuff and great ideas. This is not only your latest, but may be your greatest idea yet. Now, if you can get Mustang to take his medications…….

    Comment by GM Roper — 7/17/2005 @ 10:36 am

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