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One thing consistent about the Bush haters over the years has been their enthusiasm for being on the losing side of just about everything.

Losing two elections was the easy part. All they had to do is put up two dummies who couldn’t empty pee out of a boot even if they held it upside down to read the directions. It’s much more difficult to be on the losing side of a war like the “quagmire” in Afghanistan or the “failed democracy” in Iraq. To be a loser there you have to ignore human nature and the forces of history, not to mention the lethality and fighting skills of the United States military.

When it comes to scandals though, the left has outdone itself. Just in the last year, three different “scandals” have been manufactured by the left. The common denominator in all three was the almost childlike faith held by the left that “this time” Bush is going down! This time we have him! There’s no escape for the Prince this time!


First, there was the matter of the President’s National Guard service and the belief that their war-hero candidate could contrast his noble service with that of the draft-dodging, shirker Bush. Of course, within hours of the false memos being broadcast the left was already getting misty eyed, bemoaning the fact that with Bush gone, life just wouldn’t be fun anymore. The DU moonbats were pushing Ramsey Clark for Defense Secretary and Ted Kennedy for…well, anything he wanted in the new Kerry Administration that was surely a foregone conclusion now that Bush was revealed to be a classless jerk 30 years ago

But something weird happened on their way to the White House. First of all, a collective yawn emerged from the yaps of the overwhelming majority of the American people about what anybody was doing 30 years ago. Then there was the matter of the memos, Lucy Ramirez, and all of a sudden the fortunate son was standing tall and before you could say “Bush lied people died” the scandal petered out and disappeared, but only after much foot stomping and table thumping from left wing hacks who insist to this day that a 1970’s era typewriter, with a little hammering and some subtle and deft keystrokes, could have left the impressions on those memos.

Not content with creating one scandal, the left all of a sudden thought it shocking, shocking I say that a partisan reporter could have gotten into the White House press room to lob softball questions at Mark McClellan. I’m speaking of Jeff Gannon/Guckert, the Talon News reporter who by day, led a quiet, unassuming life poking his nose into the White House Press room on a daily basis to see if those correspondents for the big nets were actually taller in real life. By night, however, Mr. Gannon proved himself to be something a little different; a gay model and possible prostitute.

The apoplexy of the left at hearing the news (Gannon was outed by a kind soul who has made it his mission in life to “out” gay Republicans) knew no bounds. If ever there was a forum to display the utter irrationality and cluelessness of the liberals, it was with regards to Mr. Gannon. Did you know that Gannon may have compromised national security? Did you know that it was obvious that Mr. Gannon was sleeping with someone high up in the Administration in order to get his daily White House press pass? Did you know that God don’t make little green apples?

Needless to say, that scandal was great entertainment if only to watch as the left got madder and madder at their buddies in the mainstream press who just couldn’t see where the impeachable offense was in the White House letting a friendly reporter ask some innocuous questions. Eventually, even Oliver Willis got tired of flogging a dead horse and that scandal also fell by the wayside, a classic case of good intentions being outstripped by mundane reality. There just wasn’t any “there” there.

And now we have the yet-to-be-named scandal involving Rove, Plame, and Wilson - three more dissimilar characters could never be found in the same sentence. Rove, stodgy, smart, boring, and depending on your point of view, political genius or Dark Lord of the Sith.

Plame, the glam-spy, Vanity Fair’s favorite spook, and an operative whose closely guarded identity was apparently know by half the press corps, most of the socialites, and every major intelligence service in the world.

Then we have Ambassador Joe Wilson who has been described in the press as “flashy,” “smart,” “urbane” - anything except the low-life scumbag lying SOB that he is. Well, I take that back. The Washington Post said as much in an editorial:

Mr. Wilson’s portrayal of himself as a whistle-blower was unwarranted. It turned out his report to the CIA had not altered, and may even have strengthened, the agency’s conclusion that Iraq had explored uranium purchases from Niger. Moreover, his account had not reached Vice President Cheney or any other senior official. According to the Butler Commission, led by an independent jurist, the assertion about African uranium included in Mr. Bush’s State of the Union speech was “well-founded.”

And the blogswarms and media feeding frenzy continues, despite Mr. Wilson being discredited long ago by his betters. What remains to be seen is not who leaked Mrs. Wilson’s name to the press, but rather how far will the press go in unmasking the CIA-Plame-Wilson connection that was using the Niger uranium story to affect an election and bring down the President. Somehow, I don’t think that story will get a full airing.

We will, however, be treated to another couple of weeks or months of “What did the White House know and when did they know it” as once again, the left is going off the deep end over nothing. In the end, the people doing the “frog marching” may not be who the left thinks. Instead, some of the very people that the left is elevating to hero status - Wilson, Plame, Judith Miller - any or all could be doing the perp walk before this is all over.

I wonder if Kos’s head will explode if that happens?


  1. Rick,
    This is an example of what the Framers feared. They considered political parties somewhat treasonous. They wanted to avoid the constant scandal driven quest for power so prevalent in Roman times.

    Comment by Fritz — 7/18/2005 @ 2:39 pm

  2. Would Kos’s head explode?  I dunno…  but he’s definitely in heart attack country.

    Comment by Watcher — 7/18/2005 @ 5:29 pm

  3. Actually, the whole kerfuffle does have a name of sorts: “Nadagate”. I’ve seen it in several places.

    Comment by Baron Bodissey — 7/19/2005 @ 7:05 am

  4. You forgot the short-lived scandal of Schiavo memogate. This was the one where a legal counsel to Senator Mel Martinez authored a memo that ended up in a file given to Senator Harkin (D-Moon) whose staff (or possibly himself) subsequently claimed this was an official talking point memo put out by “the Republican Senate leadership.”

    And let’s not forget the killed-in-the-cradle Downing Street Memogate which never got any traction here in the US. We had any number of local moonbats ranting on the radio airwaves how this was going to bring down President Bu$Hitler…that is until conservatives thoroughly deconstructed these ambiguous, pre-UN Resolution 1441 memos that British journalist Michael Smith admitted to have had re-typed and the originals either A) destroyed or B) returned to their original top secret files.

    Liberals are the quintessential poisoned kool-aid swillers when it comes to bogus conspiracy theories. Their credibility on anything is fast approaching zero.

    Comment by Hankmeister — 7/20/2005 @ 1:40 pm

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