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As expected, the liberal left has eschewed partisan politics and, as is their wont, taken the high road in their opposition to John Roberts to replace Sandra Day O’Connor as Supreme Court Justice.

Don’t believe me? Here’s a comment thread at Daily Kos that shows the kind of principled opposition we can expect from our patriotic friends on the left:

Did You Catch His Wife?

When Roberts thanked his family, he mentioned his son, Jack…Roberts’ wife’s face fell. It was like a poker tell. I think we should research Jack.

interesting observation…
wonder if anything will come of it…

He’s probably gay.

Of course, this is how ridiculous rumors get started, but extreme conservatives seem to have a lot of homosexual children…

A Trangendered One at that

And an alcoholic and drug addict…That’s how Karl starts the smearing process, isn’t it???

What a brilliant and ethical approach to opposing the Supreme Court nominee; go after his children!

Not to be outdone by their fellow tin foil hat wearers, the Democratic Underground weighs in with their own special definition of “The Reality Based Community”:

With his bush close ties and background he’ll be an internal spy on the Supreme Court for bushco for years to come. Just the 2000 election advice/crap should make him suspect. Bush is surrounded by people that can blackmail him…and people he can blackmail.

Didn’t the Federalist argue against the Bill of Rights? n/t

a.k.a. jackbooted goose-stepping blackshirt thug

…those who support choice, environmental protections, and freedom from theocracy are screwed…

Fortunately they are in recess for the next five weeks, so nothing is going to happen. We’ve got five weeks to pick this guy apart and find the ghosts in his closets. Bush is proving how desperate he is. Otherwise he would have waited until Congress is back in session so that there wouldn’t be time to dig up any dirt on this one.

Most of us would prefer to argue the merits of Judge Robert’s nomination based on his knowledge of the law, his judicial temperament, and perhaps opinions he has authored. For some reason - probably because they realize they can’t win that way - the left will take the low road here and dig up something that I’m sure Mr. Roberts, Mrs. Roberts, and his children would prefer not see the light of day.

And the sad thing is, they will have willing partners helping them do their dirty work; the mainstream media and its thirst for scandal and controversy.


D.J. Drummond has a much more complete, er profile of the sanity or lack thereof from our lefty friends. One sample jumped out at me:

A great indicator of the Leftist mind is presented by Volvo Liberal, who suggests “Draw Blood, Move on. We really don’t have a winning hand here, and in the big pig picture, we are making traction with the American people. So my suggestion is:

Make sure people know what kind of thug Roberts is, who he cares about (corporations) and who he doesn’t (citizens, poor people), use him to further illuminate the frame that Republicans aren’t for middle-class Americans, take a few good shots at him and move on…”

Yeah, that’s a real good idea, trashing what little image of restraint and rational consideration the Democrats have left. It’s worked out real well the last few elections, hasn’t it?

And Bill Ardolino links to a post from Conservative Yankee that says little Jack Roberts is in kindergarten. So what line of attack can the pond scum take to smear a 6 year old?

Tell us, Conservative Yankee-dog, does he put away his toys? Sass his parents? Does he have a paste-eating habit?

Does he have a Tinky-Winky lunch-box, Conservative Yanqui?!

Does he support Bush’s illegal war in Iraq and sanction shackling the women of Amerikkka in patriarchal chains of reproductive oppression?!

Just what exactly does Jack Roberts have to hide?!

Bill also thinks Roberts looks like the “auto-pilot” Otto of Airplane II fame. Surely, he must be joking?

No he’s not…and don’t call him Shirley!

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  1. I wouldn’t expect anything less from the looney left — I think his wife looked amazing, considering she probably had little time to get to ready for a national tv spot!

    Comment by Jo — 7/20/2005 @ 6:24 am

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