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Go. Read. Weep.


  1. Thanks for pointing your readers to this poignant and insightful piece about a mother’s grief.

    My maternal grandmother lost her 16 year old son in 1927. She never, ever came to terms with it. She railed against God and the doctors. She could not bear to be around her son’s high school friends because they were alive and he wasn’t. Twenty years after his death she was still saying, “why did it have to happen to MY boy??”. Decades later she passed away at the age of 93, angry, hateful and embittered to the end. There is no question she loved my mother, but there is no question that she cherished her dead boy more.

    The Cindy Sheehan saga has, sadly, brought all this back to me. I see all the signs. Cindy is, indeed, lost. While I feel for her in her anguish, I feel moreso for Cindy’s family and hope she does not put them through the years of hell our family endured at the hands of a woman who could not cope.

    For her to allow her personal meltdown to be recorded and “shared” with the world makes it all the more tragic for everybody.

    Comment by LKM — 8/22/2005 @ 12:27 am

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