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The votes are in from this week’s Watchers Council and the winner in the Council category is Glittering Eye for “Our Liberties Are Our Liberties, Even if, and Especially if, That Pisses Mohammed Off.” Finishing a very close second was Dr. Sanity for “Guess What, Professor Cole?.”

In the non Council category, Neo-Neocon came in first with “A Mind Is a Difficult Thing To Change — Part 6 B (After 9/11: War Is Interested In You).”

If you’d like to participate in the weekly Watcher’s Council vote, go here and follow instructions.


  1. It appears that your link to Neo-Neocon self-links.

    Comment by DEagle — 2/9/2006 @ 9:32 pm

  2. Thanks. I fixed it.

    Comment by Rick Moran — 2/9/2006 @ 9:39 pm

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