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We bloggers are known for taking a few liberties with the truth in order to get a laugh, or a rise out of our readers, or just because some of us are idiots and don’t know any better. Now that doesn’t mean we lie. It means we sort of stretch reality so that it fits around whatever point we’re trying to make. Hence, when lefty bloggers call right wing bloggers “fascists” they really don’t mean that we all walk around in brown shirts with swastikas on the sleeve giving the stiff-armed salute in slavish devotion to George Bush.

Well, then again…

Regardless, when I saw this on one of the major left wing sites, I first thought that it was a joke. I said to myself “This can’t be serious! Can anyone be so determined to be dense that they would actually believe what they’re writing here is true?”

You decide:

The new site Fancy Ford, built by the National Republican Senatorial Committee and with the blessing of Elizabeth Dole, is an interesting new web tactic. Racism online and mainstreamed.

The “Ford” refers to Representative Harold Ford, a good and decent man who is running for the Senate from Tennessee. But what, pray tell is this “Racism online and mainstreamed?”

What’s the message behind this site? The line of white women on the front page, the fact that it highlights his attendance at NBA All Star events featuring Biz Markie, the emphasis on opulence all combine to portray Ford as a pimp. The site tries to be subtle in its racism, but it fails.

Please excuse me while I pick my mandible up off the floor before it starts digging.

Methinks this fellow is a couple of shakes short of a finished martini.

The “line of white women” is a picture of some Playboy Bunnies, which refers to a Super Bowl party sponsored by the men’s magazine that the Congressman attended. That’s right. He is accusing the designer of the website of poring through thousands of photographs of Playboy Bunnies in order to find one picture that only features white women.

But wait! Here is more of the “subtle racism” our friend has sniffed out like McGruff the crime dog.

The goofball says that the site “highlights his attendance at NBA All Star events featuring Biz Markie.” Weeeellll…in the immortal words of Secretary of Defense Nimzicki from Independence Day “That’s not entirely accurate.” It seems that the good Congressman connected himself to Mr. Markie because all the website does is quote an invitation to a Ford fundraiser held during the NBA All-Star game. The site does not mention more than one “event” so the use of the plural in that charge is false and misleading.

Now that’s subtle. Taking something written by the Congressman’s own campaign and putting it on website. That’s never been done before. Sure smacks of racism to me.

But what of the charge that there is an “emphasis on opulence.”

Are you kidding me? From a party that constantly portrays Republicans as rich and out of touch with regular folk I have to listen to that kind of crap? Besides, the web site is making the point that all of these extravagant extras are enjoyed at his contributor’s expense. If I was going to give money to a candidate, don’t you think it might matter to me if the guy is pissing it away with $20,000 weekend stays at the Biltmore hotel?

Finally, and I know this was the most difficult part to follow, we come to the charge that the site is portraying Ford as a pimp.

Lemme get this straight: White women + NBA + Biz Markie + opulence = PIMP!

The guy is a goddamned Sherlock effing Holmes. That’s not only subtle. It’s damn near invisible.


  1. I’m not sure boss. So Ford IS being defamed by liddy? or is liddy being unjustly accused of racism? or is there a nuance to it?

    I personaly see the fancyford site as a manipulative, though not excessively so, site that points out how ford is living the good life thanks to his “political” event/’s

    And I can see how it LOOKS kinda racialisticalyist if you think that way, which the dems do, when you look at the site, it’s not THAT hard to see liddy saying that Ford might be living (pardon the term, but it applies, since the accusation of racism) “Nigga Rich.” I can see how someone accustomed to viewing all things as racialisticalyist might come to that conclusion.

    Truth, I don’t like either the site, or the post.

    Comment by wickedpinto — 3/10/2006 @ 3:22 pm

  2. “Hence, when lefty bloggers call right wing bloggers “fascists” they really don’t mean that we all walk around in brown shirts with swastikas on the sleeve giving the stiff-armed salute in slavish devotion to George Bush.”

    Are you kidding? That’s exactly what they mean!

    As for the drivel form the moonbats, when you have a losing hand, Play the race card!

    Same crap, different day. Pathetic, but what can you expect.

    Comment by Hawkeye — 3/10/2006 @ 4:37 pm

  3. I must be blind…I just don’t see the racism alledged….which makes me wonder. Which is worse, the clown claiming racism..or the idiots who can be so easily convinced of something that just isn’t ? Reminds me of a Reaganism, “It isn’t that they’re bad people….it’s just that they know so much that isn’t so.” If memory serves that’s how it went, although I’m not so sure about the “bad people” part, too often they are,deliberately.

    Comment by Edward Lunny — 3/10/2006 @ 5:46 pm

  4. Is it racist to say that the only reason this Tn. Ford isn’t in prison is because he hasn’t got caught,,,,Yet? It seems that this is another story the left wing news (sic) organizations printed at midnight and destroyed at 12:01. A few of the local outlets let the story of the criminal Ford family through, but very local.

    Comment by scrapiron — 3/10/2006 @ 7:47 pm

  5. Rick, I constantly have to contend with commenters who challenge every poll or statistic I post. It’s exasperating. Some people can’t separate rhetoric from reality.

    Comment by Eric Lindholm — 3/12/2006 @ 10:01 am

  6. Funny that we haven’t heard a peep from the Ford campaign about how racist the site is.

    They may think it unfair. But only fantasist liberals think there’s anything racist about it.

    Comment by Rick Moran — 3/12/2006 @ 10:06 am

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