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My goodness but don’t liberals exhibit some curious logic at times? At the drop of a hat, they’re off to some of the most exotic locales in the world, braving rotten hotel food and less than first class accommodations in order to demonstrate their solidarity with the goons, loons, and poltroons who are standing up to US “imperialism.” We saw them bravely offering themselves as human shields to that famous humanitarian and lover of kites Saddam Hussein. And they were seen doing the grip and grin with that jolly old radioactive elf in Tehran President Ahmadinejad.

Their secret, of course, is that the chances of them being in any danger are about as good as the next film they’re in making any money.

But in other, more out of the way places where there are no calls for using human shields to assist murderous thugs in “resisting” the US government, when the truncheons start to fall and the blood begins to flow, and where the people could really use some of that celebrity to keep the police from bashing their heads in (dictators being enormously shy as, like cockroaches, they scurry away from the light when it is shone on their methods of control) the Sean Penns, Susan Sarandons, and Tim Robbins, as well as their lesser known comrades are inexplicably absent.

Imagine what a bunch of film stars and washed up musicians could have done here!

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They tried to demonstrate for freedom in Belarus today. They didn’t quite make it. Robert Mayer has the grim details including links to about a dozen sites that give a blow by blow (literally) description of the police actions against the grandmothers, the teenage girls and boys, the shopkeepers, and all the other usual suspects - the ordinary people of the world who are changing the face of the planet one dictatorship at a time.

They got bloodied today. They’ll be back.

In that respect, they show a helluva lot more staying power than the pampered leftists here and in Europe who weep about terrorist detainees having to listen to Christine Aguilera CD’s and wail about “oppression” whenever the government does anything to try and protect us.

The irony of course, is that these hand wringers and faux martyrs don’t have a clue what “oppression” really is. In this country, if you stand up and say “I’m oppressed” you get book deals, appear on TV where you are lovingly fawned over by unctuous, blow dried lickspittles like Matt Lauer, and end up getting invited to the best cocktail parties in Washington and New York. Your every utterance - as long as its anti-American enough - is dutifully recorded and repeated ad nauseum by an obedient and agreeing press.

Here’s what happens in Belarus if you stand up and say “I’m oppressed!”

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Just a little perspective for your Sunday afternoon…


See also Gateway Pundit who not only has an excellent round-up but shows where our true priorities lie: “Democracy Babes Get Clubbing in Belarus.”

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  1. Rick–there’s a great piece waiting–MIA Human Shields..all the places they aren’t..

    Comment by clarice feldman — 3/27/2006 @ 12:40 pm

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