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If you take a look at my blogroll, you’ll see a new edition. The Vivid Air is run by one of my older, smarter, (but not as good looking) brothers. Jim is a less excitable, wiser version of me except he’s a liberal - more of an FDR or Harry Truman Democrat rather than a John Kerry moonbat or worse, a Noam Chomsky Stalinist.

I don’t know whether he’s gotten more conservative through the years or I (God forbid) have gotten more liberal but we don’t seem quite as far apart on many things as we did in the 1970’s. Oh well…you know what they say: If you walk far enough, eventually you’ll end up shaking hands with yourself. Maybe moderating views comes with advancing years.

He probably won’t write exclusively about politics. Even if he does, I’m sure that he will challenge your thinking. I personally hope that he writes about his real love - literature. As a lifelong teacher, his insights into books and the people who write them will be great reading I’m sure.

Stop by and pay him a visit. He’s got some interesting thoughts on the Malkin matter I posted about below. Please be on your best behavior. If I hear that any of you are up to the usual tomfoolery, it will be off to bed with no supper…and I mean it. Be nice.

I plan on making The Vivid Air a regular stop. I hope you do too.


  1. If the students committed crimes during their protest, then they need to go to jail. Gandhi did; King did; hell, even I did. That’s the part of the civil disobedience equation that many seem to have forgotten.

    You two are brothers? : )

    And I agree with him on that point, 100%.

    Comment by Hallfasthero — 4/20/2006 @ 4:42 pm

  2. So do I. Today, protestors really have to do something nasty to get arrested. The authorities are much less willing to make martyrs out of them.

    Comment by Rick Moran — 4/20/2006 @ 4:45 pm

  3. Rick,

    You made one statement in error, probably induced by brotherly love.

    Your brother can’t possibly be smarter than you — he’s a liberal! ;-)) Just plain Logic!


    Comment by ExPreacherMan — 4/20/2006 @ 6:22 pm

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