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Despite being shown in more than 1800 fewer theaters than the Robin Williams vehicle RV,, United 93 was the top grossing film for Monday, more than doubling the dollar per screen average of its closest competitors.

Figures from Daily Box Office reveal that the strong opening weekend for U-93 was no fluke and that as word of mouth about the picture spreads, the chances of the film becoming a sleeper hit are rising.

Grossing nearly $1 million ($969,225) compared to $888,385 for RV, U-93’s per screen average of $540 was more than twice that of its competitor’s $244. This reflects the kind of audience that is being attracted to U-93; married adults over 30. These are people much more willing and able to attend movies during the week. And what is truly remarkable is that a film with no appeal to teenagers, no established stars, a minuscule promotions budget, and what most would see as a “downer” storyline, would have such a strong opening weekend and now demonstrate appeal during the week.

U-93 will be swamped - along with every other film - this weekend with the opening of the Tom Cruise project Mission Impossible III. Since most films experience a fall off of between 1/2 and 2/3 their second weekend, it should be interesting to see if U-93 can maintain something around those figures - $4-6 million. Anything beyond that would reflect underlying strength which could bode well for the future.


A friend of mine in “the Biz” emailed me with an interesting fact. Sometimes when a blockbuster like MI3 opens, it helps business for most other films as well. “A rising tide lifts all boats” could be applied to any effect on U-93.

He also says that there are times when that kind of thinking is pure rot and MI3 just might suck the life out of every other film out there.

There you have the perfect industry analyst, a fact I was quick to point out. His response?

“I’ve got to make a living somehow!”


For Tuesday, RV barely edged U-93 for first, taking in $926,855 to U-93’s $870,575. Remember, RV is playing in 1800 more theaters.

U-93 maintained its per screen dominance by averaging $485 to its competitor’s $255.


U-93 still running strong in second place with $790,335 averaging $440 per screen. RV grossed $836,740 garnering $230 per screen. Total take for U-93 tops $14 million - considered a little above average for the genre.

People are comparing the film’s opening week to the Clooney project Syriana. The comparison may not be valid because the Clooney film enjoyed a limited release in 5 theaters for two weeks prior to its general release to 1755 screens. Such limited release usually gets a media buzz going about a film, something that the subject matter of U-93 did for that project. Both films showed unusual strength during the week with Syriana’s 2nd weekend falling off 50% against the blockbuster openings of both Peter Jackson’s King Kong and the family film Chronicles of Narnia.

Analysts are expecting a similar performance for U-93 this weekend as it plays against the opening of MI3.


  1. I went to see U-93 last night (my work schedule kind of made this choice for me LOL)

    I was shocked and awed and…left pretty speechless to be honest. I have seen much and experienced a lot, but nothing prepares anyone for the scenerio presented in this film.

    I recommend it to everyone- even those who think this movie is all about money. It’s history.

    Comment by Raven — 5/3/2006 @ 3:28 pm

  2. And so it backfires …

    As I said these rallies would. In that previous post Nate commented, &

    Trackback by whereIstand.com/centaur — 5/3/2006 @ 6:31 pm

  3. Rick,

    It makes perfect sense. Big Blockbusters like MI:3 will sell out in the first weekend. This will leave people who wanted to see MI:3 and who didn’t get a ticket an oppurtunity to see another movie. That was the case with Star Wars Episode III.

    Speaking of movies. Rick, here is a question for you. What would Che Guevara think when the movie “Guerilla” comes out? Will he be so upset that people are trying to pirate his movie that he will execute them without trial? Or will he celebrate their attack on this capitalist venture?

    Comment by Svenghouli — 5/3/2006 @ 9:50 pm

  4. Sven.

    Che is dead. I don’t think it would do any good to ask him what he thinks about much of anything.

    For a good Cuban movie (anti-Castro) Andy Garcia’s “The Lost City” is supposed to be excellent.

    Comment by Rick Moran — 5/4/2006 @ 5:13 am

  5. Rick,

    Yeah, I Che is dead, but he lives on as a marketing tool. I have seen one too many Hollywood personalities wearing Che gear. In fact, when I was young and liberal I owned a Rage Against the Machine “Che” shirt. I just think it is ironic. I just wonder why they aren’t any Ayatollah Khomeni shirts around. Hell, why not a Chairman Mao t-shirt. They embodied the “rebellious” spirit as well.

    Comment by Svenghouli — 5/4/2006 @ 10:16 am

  6. United 93 maintains box office strenght.

    UPDATE: Right Wing Nut House says this:
    Grossing nearly $1 million ($969,225) compared to $888,385 for RV, U-93’s per screen average of $540 was more than twice that of its competitor’s $244. This reflects the kind of audience that is being attra…

    Trackback by The Buzz Blog — 5/4/2006 @ 11:24 am

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