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“Speak the speech, I pray you,
as I pronounced it to you–trippingly on the tongue;
but if you mouth it, as many of your players do,
I had as lief the town-crier spoke my lines.”

(Hamlet Act III, Scene 2)

Indeed, Hamlet’s advice to the actor regarding the importance of giving a good effort when delivering the lines he wrote that would implicate his uncle in the murder of his father should be taken to heart by the President as he goes before the people this evening to talk about immigration.

He must show a little passion and not a little eloquence. He must be forceful without being overbearing. And he absolutely must make a conservative case for immigration reform. Otherwise, we will be asking why the President bothered in the first place - perhaps not the “town crier” but a White House usher could have just as well delivered it.

If that sounds like a tall order for someone whose major speeches have sometimes fallen flat in the past, we should perhaps remember the President’s magnificent performance at the Republican convention. He seemed energized, emotionally connecting with both the audience in the hall and on TV. And the words themselves seemed to come alive with an eloquence all too often lacking in the President’s defense of the war.

Conservatives are already disappointed or worse, dismissing the address as little more than window dressing. To say that this makes the President’s task all the more difficult is an understatement. And despite what many conservatives are saying, this is one speech where “window dressing” or atmospherics may be as important as the words he actually speaks.

First and foremost, the President must sound like he’s defending the border, not treating it as a theoretical construct. A little nationalism please, Mr. President - not bellicose posturing but a good faith recognition that we are a sovereign nation and we have the absolute right to determine our own border policies without interference from Vincente Fox or anyone else.

It may be too much to ask, but perhaps we can show as much respect for the rule of law as we show “compassion” for the people who break it. No mass deportations but at the same time, a ringing endorsement of the idea that our immigration laws are going to be enforced. If that means sending some businessmen to jail for flouting the law then so be it. And if it means making it harder for illegals to make a living then perhaps it will put a tiny dent in the flood of humanity who currently cross our borders with impunity.

I will part ways with many conservative here but by all means, go ahead and double legal immigration. Legal immigration is controlled immigration and that is what we seek - not a denial of entry to people who are truly interested in living and working and contributing to America with the hopes of one day becoming citizens.

You must make it absolutely clear that if you are going to use troops on “an emergency basis” to fill the support roles envisioned for private contractors as well as border security agents, that whatever compromise bill coming out of Congress has those provisions already in place so that DHS can get started training and hiring immediately. No one likes the idea of troops guarding our border. It smacks of something a banana republic needs to do, not a great nation.

And while extolling the virtues of immigrants and counting the contributions they make to the richness and diversity of our country, perhaps you could point out how important it was for immigrants in the past to learn English and assimilate into American society while still keeping their traditions and cultural heritage intact. There is nothing “racist” or “xenophobic” about asking people who want to live here to speak the language of our ancestors. You might want to point out that in a country of immigrants, about the only thing that unites us - outside of a love of liberty and a passion for justice - is the English language.

I may be dreaming about the President making a speech such as I’ve outlined above. But he could have much of his immigration package if he started to talk like, well, an American President and not like an English speaking echo of Vincente Fox. Making it clear that America controls its own borders is what conservatives want to hear most. And we want to hear it said forcefully and without apology.

A tall order, that. But he’s done it before. Perhaps he’ll surprise us tonight as he did that magical last night of the 2004 convention. At the very least, I hope we hear him out with an open mind.


This doesn’t sound promising:

The president’s plan could increase the strain with Fox, who has grown disenchanted with Bush’s failure to ease immigration rules as promised. Fox for years has pressured Bush to help the 11 million illegal immigrants now in the United States, many of them from Mexico, with little to show for it. In their 15-minute call yesterday, “the president reiterated to President Fox his commitment to comprehensive immigration reform,” Tamburri said.

That means the “guest worker” program is probably still alive as any “comprehensive” proposal would certainly include it.

And check out Allah’s roundup at Hot Air. The President’s pronuncimentos on immigration are becoming so hackneyed, that one could invent a drinking game to go with the speech tonight.

Beating Allah to the punch is this Hoft screamer of a post. Here are some ideas of Allah’s:

“Guests”/”guest workers” — one shot.
“Comprehensive immigration reform” — chug.
“My friend, Vicente Fox” — two shots.
“Mi amigo, Vicente Fox” — three shots.
If he overenunciates a Latino name — four shots.
If at any point he starts speaking Spanish — finish the six-pack.

Looks like I picked a helluva week to quit sniffing glue…


  1. *sigh*

    I agree with you, Rick,but demeanor and oratory will be no substitute for content, which is what the American people are really looking for.

    I’ve already heard that the 10,000 national guard troops tobe deployed on the border will have zero enforcement powers and will serve as `lookouts’.

    In other words, they can tell the Border patrol agents `whew, we saw that 10,000 got across last night - you guys really got steamrollered!’

    My gut feeling (and I hope I’m wrong) is that this is just a phony lead-in for the president’s `guest worker’ program. If I’m right, Bush’s approval ratings might actually go into the 20’s.

    What’s happened since November `04 has simply amazed me. I’ve never seen political capital squandered so quickly and to so little effect.

    Comment by Freedom Fighter — 5/15/2006 @ 11:35 am

  2. None of the legal/criminal immigrant’s demonstrations make sense. If they get 100% of what they scream they want the U.S. would become a carbon copy of the failed, corrupt countries they abandoned for the good life. Building another country of corrupt politicians (we have enough already)or another dictatorship with a country of slums ran by gangs will benefit who? This has the be the most stupid stand by the most stupid group of people in history.

    Comment by Scrapiron — 5/15/2006 @ 11:52 am

  3. Thanks for the link, Rick. Agreed that Gateway Pundit’s post is a screamer, but just FYI, the bit you attributed to him there is mine.

    If he says “comprehensive immigration reform” fewer than five times, I’ll take it as a moral victory.

    Comment by Allah — 5/15/2006 @ 12:23 pm

  4. “I will part ways with many conservative here but by all means, go ahead and double legal immigration.”

    Well, you won’t be parting ways with ME, Rick.

    That’s one of the more infuriating things about the pro-Amnesty wing of the GOP, when they start screaming that we of the Secure Our Borders crowd are “anti-immigration.”

    We’re anti-ILLEGAL immigration.

    But somehow the petulant preemies can’t wrap their little brains around that difference.

    Comment by Misha I — 5/15/2006 @ 12:27 pm

  5. [...] FOLLOW-UP III: I don’t agree with every element that Rick Moran of Rightwing Nuthouse would ideally like to hear tonight from the president, but I categorically agree with this statement: I may be dreaming about the President making a speech such as I’ve outlined above. But he could have much of his immigration package if he started to talk like, well, an American President and not like an English speaking echo of Vincente Fox. [...]


  6. As I have said before, this whole immigration reform debate is utter nonsense. The politicians have no desire to secure the border, if they did it would have been secure. We have had many so-called immigration reforms and all it has done is make things worse. The Mexican government is for all-intents-and-purposes, in control of our immigration policy. A descion has been made at every level of our state, local and federal governments that the United States should become a Northern province of Mexico, there can simply be no denying that fact. We don’t secure our
    borders, we have sancutary laws in many big cities, we do very little interior enforcement, etc. We have bi-lingual education in schools, we print official documents in spanish, when you call most comapnies you have to press one to continue in english, etc.. we are not assimilating them they are assimilating us.
    And some of the provisions for guest worker programs call for up-to 1.5 million workers per year!! Why exactly is it in the overall best interest for the United States to import desperatly poor, poorly educated low skilled labor? I will tell you why, big labor and the corporations want it, and by god, the politicians are going to deliver. So while the corporations bottom line swells, the ordinary taxpayer is left holding the bag for the illegals, educational needs, their medical
    needs and their incarceration needs. Don’t be fooled by the words of President Bush, he is more concerned for the well-being of the Mexican people than he is for
    the American people.

    Comment by Radical Centrist — 5/15/2006 @ 1:36 pm

  7. [...] Update: The Times of London puts it bluntly, and accurately. They neglect to mention that it’s not working. Moran, meanwhile, chooses to light a candle rather than curse the darkness by offering advice to Bush. [...]

    Pingback by Hot Air » Blog Archive » Bush speech open thread: Hoy blogamos, mañana no votamos — 5/15/2006 @ 1:40 pm

  8. Also to those who are in favor of a guest worker program, you should have to answer the following questions.

    1) What agency or agencies will be administering the guest worker program?
    I assume it will be INS but INS is currently doing a horrific job enforcing
    current laws and regulations. So it will need an enormous infusion of
    funds or the creation of a new bureaucracy.

    2) Is the guest worker program open for illegals already in country or for
    new wokers not currently in country? Is this guest worker plan open to
    every country in the world or is this strictly limited to south american

    3) How will illegal immigrants take part in the guest worker program?
    Will they be able to apply in-country or will they have to go to their
    home country and apply?

    4) Who will be able to apply, single men, men and woman, married
    couples with children? What happens if the guest worker gets
    pregnant and has a child or a guest worker fathers a child in-country?

    5) What industries will be able to use guest workers?

    6) How will employers place orders for guest workers?

    7) I have heard proposals for up-to 1.5 million guest workers, once the
    number has been set, will it be hard or soft cap?

    8) What sort of non-forgeable documentation will be given to the guest worker?
    Will the documentation list their country of origin, place of residence, and guest
    worker occupation?
    If a guest worker is fired or his job eliminated, will he have to leave the country
    or will he be able to pursue a new guest worker occupation?

    9) How will we keep track of the guest workers and make sure employers use
    authorized guest workers only?

    10) How long will a guest worker be allowed to participate in the program
    before he must return to his home country?

    11) Will they be allowed to pursue permanent status in-country or will they
    have to return to their home country and apply?

    12) What sort of boarder enforcement will be implemented?
    We can’t have a guest worker program and still have hundreds
    of thousands of illegals streaming across the boarder.

    Please feel free to add to the question list.

    We are at a tipping point in our society. Our sovreignty is being challenged by a third world country. The Mexican government is for all-intents-and-purposes controlling our immigration policy. When I hear these politicians they seem to be more concerned with the rights of the illegals than the rights and wishes of the American people, and it disgusts me.

    Comment by Radical Centrist — 5/15/2006 @ 1:48 pm

    How best to ensure that the Bush dynasty continues from 41 and 43 to Jeb (FLA.) as 44 and eight years later George’s nephew “P” who has hispanic mother, 45? The best way is to champion the illegal aliens plight and the country’s hispanic voters, legal and illegal. Remember “Today we march, tomorrow we vote”?
    I don’t believe that they figured that it would be such a mess as it’s turned out. But prez had gone down this road and doesn’t seem able to turn back. Great plan except the demanding illegal aliens!
    The civilian border people and groups, they got started some years ago, long before that “MEAN TO ME” bill that was passed in the House. They are rangling for a third party. They saw the hispanic vote on the wall and are trying to foil these Bush dynasty plots. Failing that Gilchrist and Simcox will become demoCraps supportors.

    Comment by diamond — 5/15/2006 @ 2:31 pm

  10. I think Bush will pull this off. At least he has a plan. What do the Democrats offer as an alternative, opening the border and letting the terrorists come in?

    Comment by GOP4Me — 5/15/2006 @ 3:19 pm

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