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Facing increasing opposition at home as well as harsh criticism from the army, Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert will accept a US-French cease fire proposal that includes precious little of what he was demanding just a short week ago.

Until last weekend, Olmert was insisting that any cease fire include a strong international force, independent of UNIFIL with robust rules of engagement, immediate and unconditional return of the captured Israeli soldiers, the disarming of Hizbullah, and no withdrawal of Israeli troops until the international force arrived.

He settled for considerably less:

The draft, obtained by The Associated Press, would ask the UN force to monitor a full cessation of hostilities and help Lebanese forces gain control over an area that has previously been under de facto authority of Hizbullah.
It emphasizes the need for the “unconditional release” of the two IDF soldiers captured July 12, but does not make a direct demand for their freedom.

Additionally, it calls on Israel and Lebanon to agree to a long-term solution under which Hizbullah would be disarmed.
The Security Council was expected to vote on the draft at 1 a.m. (IST).

About 2,000 UN troops and observers are now stationed in Lebanon. The draft would authorize an increase to a total of 15,000 troops.

The text of the draft does not specify which chapter of the UN Charter the force would be authorized under. Instead, it says the force’s mandate would include several elements: monitoring the cessation of hostilities, accompanying Lebanese troops as they deploy and as Israel withdraws, and ensuring humanitarian access

Haaretz is reporting that in fact, the expanded UNIFIL force will operate under Chapter 6 rules which are considerably less forceful than Chapter 7:

Britain’s UN Ambassador Emyr Jones-Parry said the resolution would give the UN peacekeeping force in Lebanon an enhanced mandate to help coordinate the eventual withdrawal of Israel Defense Forces troops. But it would ultimately be deployed under Chapter 6 of the UN Charter - which Israel has previously opposed.

Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni spoke Friday morning with U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice. Livni demanded that the international force be under Chapter 7 and not a modified version of chapter 6 as the French representatives offered.

Israeli officials familiar with the negotiations predicted Friday morning that the U.S. will hold firm in regard to this demand and will not compromise on the resolution. An Israeli official told Haaretz that if the resolution will be watered down to an unacceptable level Israel will not halt any military operation.

So Hassan Nassrallah will emerge from his bunker in triumph, probably to massive demonstrations of support in Beirut and elsewhere in the Arab world. The question of Hizbullah “disarming” and the Shebaa Farms will be held over until later along with prisoner exchange. And Olmert?

The long knives are out already and it is doubtful his government can survive this abject surrender. Israeli politics is about to become very interesting. Whoever emerges from the coming scrum will have a monumental job to do. He must rebuild the confidence of the people in their army and their leadership. He must clean house in the IDF. And he must prepare for Round Two of the Israeli-Islamist conflict. Because this isn’t a cease fire as much as it is a battlefield pause. Whether they resume fighting in 6 months or a year doesn’t matter. If nothing else, Iran will see to it that there will be another war. They gained so much from this one, the temptation will be great to follow up their triumph whenever they see an opening.

Lebanon will continue to limp along. The March 14th coalition will hopefully continue in power with a little more sober realization of the dangers of having a terrorist organization in their midst. But Nasrallah is untouchable for the foreseeable future. Any attempt to disarm him will either bring down Siniora’s government or start a civil war. And the democrats should expect no help from the UNIFIL force in disarming the terrorists. That’s not what they’re there for. They are there only until the Lebanese “army” sits down in the south to continue their existence as a barracks army. The real power will still be Nasrallah and his fighters.

The forces of freedom took a huge hit today. But there are defeats in every war and it is up to us to redouble our efforts to confront a now emboldened enemy. I have a terrible feeling that we’ll get a chance to redeem ourselves sooner rather than later.


Allah is on the ball, already rounding up MSM news and react. I expect he’ll have blog reaction as well just as soon as that starts trickling in. Check Hot Air often.


  1. Damn it, we used to be the GOOD guys - and now we’re bending over and kissing the UN’s ass?

    So who do we blame when the rockets start falling in Haifa again? Olmert? Condi? John Bolton? George Bush?

    All of them?

    I seem to remember that America and Israel used to have GUTS. What the f__k happened to us?

    Comment by Michael Andreyakovich — 8/11/2006 @ 5:52 pm

  2. Don’t see how we can blame Bush. He gave Olmert 30 days of pretty courageous interference. While the whole world was calling for us to rein Israel in, Bush stayed the course pretty well.

    I think the Israelis know who to blame - Olmert’s performance was outrageously bad. He has placed the state of Israel in great danger with his blunders..

    And Chief of Staff Halutz will come in for a fair share of the criticism as well. He was pretty ineffective.

    Comment by Rick Moran — 8/11/2006 @ 5:55 pm

  3. [...] Update: Rick Moran’s even more depressed than Phares. He compares what Israel was asking for a week ago with what it apparently got and calls it “abject surrender.” In fact, he notes, the resolution isn’t even being passed under Chapter 7, which would mean sanctions and/or military force if Lebanon doesn’t comply; it’s being passed under Chapter 6. [...]

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  4. The Mixed Bag Cease Fire

    It appears that Ehud Olmert has accepted in principle the cease-fire proposal offered by the US and France, who apparently recovered somewhat from the swoon it experienced over Arab criticism of the original proposal. The UN Security Council meets shor…

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  5. Olmert’s Folly = Nasrallah’s Triumph

    Comment by Jay — 8/11/2006 @ 7:09 pm

  6. This UN proposal and Olmert’s acceptance looks more like a bad joke aka fog of war.

    If Israel does accept it, then someone poisoned the well water and they all are hallucinating.

    Israel needs to cut the snake off at the head and quit with the nibbling on the tail.

    Comment by GIJOE — 8/11/2006 @ 7:15 pm

  7. Today the Sudaten, tomorrow Poland.

    Comment by Old War Dogs >> Peace in our time (Updated and bumped) — 8/11/2006 @ 7:18 pm

  8. Israel Accepts Cease-Fire Deal

    Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert accepted a Mideast cease-fire deal and informed the U.S. of his d

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  9. Cowards

    “Peace in our time” alert.

    Trackback by alphabet city — 8/11/2006 @ 7:25 pm

  10. Wave the white flag–and Hizballah’s

    Israel and the West surrenders to Hizballah. Terrorists and the U.N. win. Here are the depressing details: The United Nations Security Council unanimously adopted Resolution 1701 Friday evening, calling for the cessation of hostilities between Hizbulla…

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  11. Olmert is an abject disgrace. He should call elections immediately, so Likud can get into office and at least negotiate more forcefully. (How, again, do you “negotiate” with an organization whose entire raison d’etre is to destroy you?) Where is Netanyahu when we need him? (Ans: On Fox.)

    Wait! There is movement from Ariel Sharon — he’s turning in his bed.

    (The Daily Star says that Sharon would turn in his grave if he were dead because he would not have been “bamboozled” into the war. http://www.dailystar.com.lb/article.asp?edition_id=10&categ_id=5&article_id=74634 To the contrary, Sharon would have not have surrendered.)

    Comment by JC Schochet — 8/11/2006 @ 7:45 pm

  12. Diplomacy and the Hounds of Hell, Part XXV

    My question to Sec. State Rice is don’t we already know who’s for peace and who’s for pieces? Hizbullah wants to destroy Israel, and this ceasefire only delays Israel’s ability to destroy a mortal enemy.

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  14. Yeah, this is BAD. Bolton looked pretty pissed sitting behind Rice when she was talking at the UN, just saw it on Fox.
    Let me get this straight since I am just a dumb blonde, this is between Lebanon and Isreal, no hezzies at the table, nobody talking for them, is this cuz of the State w/in a State deal?
    This simply sux, as the hezzies will again get the change to refresh and get more $ from papa syria and more arms from mama iran.

    Comment by Drewsmom — 8/11/2006 @ 8:42 pm

  15. Rick

    I agree with you to a point. Bush and the US likely did run interference for Israel within the UN for 30 days. This is probably better than say Gore or Kerry administration would have done. Either of these administrations would have probably immediately tried to force a cease fire.

    Now for where I disagree. If the Israeli Air Force wanted to simply obliterate Lebanon, they could do so in less than a day and Hezbollah would be completely destroyed. The greatest genreation who fought WWII did things like this. I’m thinking about the fire bombings of Dresden and Tokyo.

    Neither we nor the US want to do to Lebanon what was done to Germany or Japan during WWII. With this in mind the only option is a surgical bombing campaign followed up by a massive ground invasion. It could be argued that Olmert was slow about committing the ground forces. The Israeli Air Force thought they could accomplish more by the air campaign than they did. Many other critiques could be made. I think they made a varation of the mistake the US made in Iraq. We and they under estimated the power of the enemy. Mistakes will be made in any war.

    Given the fact that Hezbollah is a VERY powerful fighting force, without obliterating the entire country of Lebanon 30 days simply is not going to be enough time to defeat this enemy. It seems the only way to make a significant dent in Hezbollah’s fighting abiltiy in only 30 days would be if every thing about the campaign went perfect. This seldom if every happens.

    I’m assuming the US and Israel worked together on this. The bottom line is Israel and the US should not have engaged Hezbollah if they were not prepared to see this through to the bitter end. These actions will only reinforce Arab perceptions that the US is not serious about fighting the GWOT.

    Unless Israel, the US, or both of us treated Lebanon the way the allies treated Germany and Japan during WWII, it would have probably required the IDF a minimum of six months to destroy Hezbollah and probably a year or more. In other words, if Bush and the US were prepared to hold out against world pressure for 90 days instead of 30 days, it still probably would not have made a significant difference. Btw, the complaining from the IDF about Olmert and others is probably hubris. Almost five years after 911, we are STILL under estimating this enemy. Time to jettison the political correctness and get serious about fighting this or might as well just don the burka and save our selves the trouble.

    I can only hope and pray that some how some way Israel has inflicted enough damange on Hezbollah to make a difference. As you can see from the tone of my post, I’m not optimistic.

    Comment by B.Poster — 8/11/2006 @ 8:59 pm

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  17. If you put the situation in simple terms, basically Hezbollah does what it says and Israel does not! Unfortunately, I would rather it be the other way around but today it is not!
    I have considered the possibility that maybe dangers unknown to the public have stopped Israel from bringing the war to a successful end but if that is the case, then this is not only a ceasefire but also the end of the state of Israel.
    It is unconceivable that after destroying half of Lebanon, killing maybe a 1000 Lebanese civilians, getting nearly a150 Israeli military and civilians killed and 1,000,000 living under ground for a month, Israel accepts a ceasefire which results in the status quo ante July 12, 2006. What is all about? Does it make any sense?
    I cannot answer in the affirmative, can anybody?

    Comment by Luc — 8/11/2006 @ 9:51 pm

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  19. Drewsmom

    I agree. If we are going to win the GWOT, we are going to need to get more serious. Like you, I want the US to help Israel here.


    I kind of had the same thought as you about dangers not known to the public. We know that large convoys of something were transferred to Syria and to Lebanon’s Bekka valley prior to the war in Iraq. These truck convoys may have contained Iraq’s WMD stockpiles that the main stream media has deluded itself into believing did not exist. Many in the main stream media and within the government beuracracy have staked their careers on the fact that these stockpiles did not exist. Neither the Bush administration nor the military planners want a serious investigation into this. The most talked about objective of the Iraq war was to halt the spred of WMD. If these WMD were transferred out of Iraq, the Bush administation and the military planners look extremly bad. Because of these factors, NOBODY of any importance within the government is interested in any kind of a serious investigation. I have always said that I hope the conventional wisdom on Iraq’s WMD is right. I really hope it is!! The Israelis, Americans, and others could have received intellegence that in the abscense of a cease fire these weapons were going to be used. This may be in conjunction with the date of 8/22 that the Iranian leader seems to be enamored with.

    Comment by B.Poster — 8/11/2006 @ 10:47 pm

  20. Israel agrees to ceasefire - bad move!

    Per ABC News:
    ” Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert has accepted an emerging Mideast cease-fire deal and informed the United States of his decision, Israeli officials said Friday.
    Olmert will recommend that his government approve the deal in its m…

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  21. Drewsmom:

    You put into words what I was thinking. As far as I can see, if fear of WMDs in the hands of Hezbollah is the explanation for Israel’s actions, then as I said this is not a ceasefire but would be a complete capitulation because once Hezbollah has the upper hand nothing will stop them. I have a hard time believing that Israel’s intelligence in this area would be so poor that they would find out about it only after the war started. But as I said before, acceting the damage done to its economy and reputation is also impossible to understand because it is so totally out of line with Israel’s history.

    Comment by Luc — 8/11/2006 @ 11:33 pm

  22. I just could not believe my ears tonight, after a morning of watching and hearing the tough talk of the new offensive. This, in just a few short hours, cave in to a what…a non existant force that pretents to be a country. What part of stupid doesn’t the Israelies and Americans not understand. France has never backs us and then we go to bed with them and all of a sudden there a good guy, I don’t think so!!! Then to think that a force of 15000 UN troops with the Lebanese soldiers is going to be fair on the border of Israel and I haven’t even touched on Syria and Iran yet. It’s no wonder the world is in such a mess, being stupid must have become very fashionable lately. Bottom line: All the countries around Israel hate them and want them dead, that means all of them, period. They want the Americans dead, how do i know. Easy, they have been telling us on TV, sometimes even with the help of our politicians and certain networks. So what is the right thing to do. It is really easy, make your stand on what is right, we are suppose to be a Godly living/believing nation). The god they profess to believe in and follow is dead, in otherwords their god is not thee God, period. If you don’t believe that then you better get back into the Bible. Okay now back to the solution, you kill them that want to kill us. Any politician that cannot see this as the solution, doesn’t deserve to be in any position of representation for the citizens of the United States. Sound kind of extreme, so is cutting heads off on TV, but if we don’t stand up now, it can and will happen. You know God gave us a brain to think with and use and if we don’t it will cease to function. Has your????

    Comment by Paul Beyer — 8/11/2006 @ 11:33 pm

  23. “Peace in our time”

    So claims Neville Chamberlain as the West agreed to surrender the Sudetenland:

    The UN Security Council on Friday unanimously adopted a resolution that calls for a halt to the fighting between Israel and Hezbollah.

    Officials in the Prime Minis…

    Trackback by ProCynic — 8/11/2006 @ 11:46 pm

  24. So…let me get this straight…we don’t want to cut and run in Iraq but we insist Israel cut and run ! This emboldens the terrorists and don’t think this won’t make it worse in Iraq, we have shown we are weak and we really have no stomach to REALLY confront the terrorist and stop them. In this the Republicans have really become no different then the Democrats ! Bush has stated he will not allow Iran to get nukes, what a joke, they WILL get nukes because no one including the US has the b*lls to do anything but talk,talk,talk. We continue on this appeasement path (which this resolution is) this country is doomed. This sickens me. I voted for Bush twice, I have donated $ to the RNC, not any more. I am outraged that this administration would support this resolution, bed fellows with the French b*stards now we are. Bush, great defender of free world from terrorists has legitmized Hezbollah. There is no Truth only politics and our politics will get us killed.

    Comment by Bondservant — 8/12/2006 @ 12:35 am

  25. Luc

    I agree with what you say about Israeli intellegence. I also find it hard to believe that if Hezbollah had wmd they would not find out about it until after the war started. At his time, I think the conventional wissom on Iraq’s wmd is correct but there are alot of unanswered questions.

    I’m not sure if Israel has ever said they wantd to destroy Hezbollah. As far as I know, the official story was they wanted to create a buffer between them and Hezbollah. After the buffer was created, an international force was to move in and they along with the Lebanese army would be in charge of keeping Hezbollah away from Israel and they would ultimately disarm Hezbollah.

    It appears part of the cease fire agreeemnt is Israel will get the international force. I don’t think it has been decided how soon they will arive. This will apparently take some time. Also, Israel will be allowed to fire in self defense and Hezbollah is not allowed to fire at all. At least this seems to be how it is supposed to work. Israel’s UN Ambassador Dan Gillerman says its a good resolution, if it can be implemented but if it cannot be implemented it is a bad resolution. Given the UN’s terrible track record, I do not have any confidence that they can pull this off. I hope and pray this will work and we can have peace but I’m not opptomistic. My gut instinct is, if the cease fire is enforced now, the fighting will have been stopped to soon. I have never had any doubt that Israel would defeat Hezbollah. The only doubt I have had is would they be given the time they needed.

    You mention Israel’s reputation. Israel already had a bad reputation. The world media has never given Israel a fair deal. The main stream US media seems to largely range from pro Hezbollah to neutral. When it comes to public relations, the US and Israel are afraid of their own shadows. Our enemies have learned to ruthlessly exploit this to serve their interests.

    Finally, a complete victory in the GWOT will require, at minimum, regime change in Iran and Syria or those regimes will need to change their behavior. If we are not able to change the regimes or get them to change their behavior, we will need to find a way to neutralize them.

    Comment by B.Poster — 8/12/2006 @ 12:45 am

  26. I have never wanted to be a muslim. Now it looks like I am not going to have a choice.
    Thank you UN.
    Thank you Olmert.
    Thank you Bush.

    Comment by 60 and counting — 8/12/2006 @ 12:52 am

  27. To all of the above posters who agreeded with me..thank you, maybe I am not such a dumb blone afterall.
    The more I think about this the more mad I get.
    Isreal just wants to be LEFT ALONE but no, thats not gonna happen. syria and iran are probably in full party mode now.
    Bush was my man twice but I am so upset with him and with Condi who is from my home state Alabama and I know shw was under alot of pressure but what about our only friend in the middle east, Isreal. I can only hope Isreal continues boming the crap outta them till Sunday.
    We need a good Independant we can vote for in 08. Someone who will be brave enough to stand up to muslim facist maniacs and say no more, if he would run I’d vote for him, someone who would stop all the PC CRAP and tell it like it is …. excuse me guys, someone with real balls.
    So far we have no woman who would do this, I would but have no money behind me and would refuse to bow down to money laden lobby hoover vacumn sucker uppers. I would be the BOMB THE HELL OUTTA OUR ENEMY CANDIDATE AND TAX BREAKS FOR ALLLLLLL AND NO ILLEGALS CROSS OUR BORDERS AND THAT TAKES A 50 FOOT FENCE ON ALLLLL OUR BORDERS, SO BE IT.
    I am going to see the stone movie today cuz they say it shows no bias and I teared up watching the 2 minute trailer for the movie on the internet ….. I FOR ONE WILL NEVER FORGET. I AM SURPRIZED I CAN DRIVE MY CAR CUZ IT IS WEIGHED DOWN WITH SO MANY MAGNETS ON SUPPORT OUR TROOPS. FALLEN BUT NOT FORGOTTEN, ECT, THAT WHEN I TAKE EM OFF MY CAR I WILL NEED A NEW PAINT JOB.
    God bless us all cuz we are handing the enemy what it wants and if your’re smart you’ll all be digging bomb shelters and stocking up on water and non-perishables, enought to last for several months, maybe years, and just maybe, those of us who imerge from our shelters will finally be able to live in a county that we will FINALLY BE SAFE FROM MUSLIMS WANTING TO KILL US ALL.

    Comment by Drewsmom — 8/12/2006 @ 4:51 am

  28. Somewhere Neville Chamberlain is smiling. Peace in Our Time, Part 2. Who will assume his 68 year legacy as the King of Appeasement?

    Comment by Scott — 8/12/2006 @ 7:23 am

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  30. This is a disaster for Israel. They have lost badly. My predictions:

    1 Iran and Syria will order Hizbollah to stop firing missiles - and may even return the soldiers - and then go about taking over Lebanon over the next 2 years. By acting like a responsible ceasefire partner, Hiz gain more respect internationally and more credibility, thus more leverage to plot.

    2 The increased prestige Hiz have gained will increase recruitment levels, and many Lebanese will now identify them as the true political force of Lebanon.

    3 Iran and Syria will re-arm Hizbollah with weapons permitting deeper strikes into Israeli territory from north of the Litani.

    4 Hiz’s control in Lebanon will permit more recruitment, weapons storage and sanctuary for jihadists conducting terror in Iraq.

    5 The UNIFIL force will be a total shambles, protecting neither the Israelis or the Lebanese. If they do nothing, they will be allowed to stand around. If they act against Hizbollah, expect a major terror attack on one of their barracks such as the Hiz attack on the US Marines in Beirut in the early 1980s.

    6 Israel’s vaunted deterrence has been smashed. Iran, Syria and other enemies of the state of Israel will take note.

    7 The next round of missiles/ rockets will be far more powerful and probably tipped with WMD.

    8 The Americans have been embarrassed by Olmert at the UN. They will be furious at his poor leadership. An outcome where Hizbollah comes out stronger than before the war is a defeat for America and a win for Iran. Not good news. The Pentagon will be apoplectic.


    We need to take into account the unpredictables. Hizbollah could do something stupid and create a pretext for Israel continuing the war - by say hitting Tel Aviv or executing the kidnapped soldiers. Olmert, under huge pressure domestically and seeing his future at risk, may have a change of heart tomorrow. Perhaps success on the ground may mean that Olmert is persuaded to continue the ground offensive. Iran may enter the fray. However as it stands things look dire for Israel.

    I dont blame the Americans here. They gave Olmert & Co a lot of time to get this job done. The sad fact is that a major offensive now would take Hizbollah out of the equation. Olmert is an absolute disgrace and will be remembered as the man who exposed Israel to terrible danger.

    Comment by Ted — 8/12/2006 @ 7:40 am

  31. [...] Update! Rick Moran has it right: Whoever emerges from the coming scrum (ie, ths jostling for power in the aftermath of the likely fall of Ehud Olmert’s incompetent liberal government - ed) will have a monumental job to do. He must rebuild the confidence of the people in their army and their leadership. He must clean house in the IDF. And he must prepare for Round Two of the Israeli-Islamist conflict. Because this isn’t a cease fire as much as it is a battlefield pause. Whether they resume fighting in 6 months or a year doesn’t matter. If nothing else, Iran will see to it that there will be another war. They gained so much from this one, the temptation will be great to follow up their triumph whenever they see an opening. [...]

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  32. Hoist the Green and Yellow Flag, neocons!

    From the Jerusalem Post:The United Nations Security Council unanimously adopted Resolution 1701 Friday evening, calling for the cessation of hostilities between Hizbullah and Israel. The resolution authorizes the deployment of 15,000 UN peacekeepers in…

    Trackback by protein wisdom — 8/12/2006 @ 9:05 am

  33. Noon Update:OLMERT bends over and grabs his ankles By the Bear

    This is another chapter in the West’s inability to have the fortitude to defend itself.

    Trackback by The Absurd Report — 8/12/2006 @ 9:19 am

  34. The UN ceasefire deal on Israel and Hezbollah

    Lots of discussion about the UN ceasefire deal (read Kofi Annan’s ‘give peace a chance’ speech here) going on in the blogosphere. Olmert has signalled that he’s ok with it, and the AP is reporting today that Nasrallah has said H…

    Trackback by Sister Toldjah — 8/12/2006 @ 11:18 am

  35. Hizbollah and Nasrallah won this war very early on. In the beginning they were the TERRORISTS who came into Israel and started a war - slowly then day by day they turned into MILITANT resistance fighters! Israel became the agressor with an offensive against Lebanon! All over the news the MSM are triumphantly claiming NAsrallah has agreed to the ceasefire (never mind the “few” objections, which he will dictate to the puppet lebanese “Government”)- My question - since when did Nasrallah become the Lebanese leader and spokesman? I hope our beloved Mr. Olmert sleeps well tonight, and dreams of the two soldiers enduring G-d knows what in the hands of the Militant Resistance, because he has just betrayed them, all those who died, all our brave boys still on the front, and the hopes of ever living in peace. G-d forgive him because we never will!

    Comment by sue — 8/12/2006 @ 11:45 am

  36. Anybody who thought Israel could destroy Hezbollah needs to have their head examined. Lotta fighting, lotta killing and things are going to go right to where they were.
    That damn Bolton! Oh…wait.. we’re going to blame Condi for this right?

    Comment by Gregdn — 8/12/2006 @ 1:27 pm

  37. Set Yigal Amir free. He can perform a useful service again.

    Comment by Anonymous — 8/12/2006 @ 3:36 pm

  38. Gregdn, who do you want to blame for this?
    Bolton and Condi gave Isreal plenty of time to get this done but the whole
    world was turning against Isreal, God forbid we blame the hezzbo’s while they used women and children as human shields and reuter’s foreign ass fake photoshop guys as they helped the hezzbo’s turn more and more muslims against Isreal and us.

    Comment by Drewsmom — 8/12/2006 @ 7:08 pm

  39. Drewsmom:
    I was trying to make the point that Israel’s attack was doomed from the start. I told my wife when the bombs started falling that the only winner would be Hezbollah.
    We have to be smarter than the bad guys, not merely have better bombs.
    BTW- you and I are the same age.

    Comment by Gregdn — 8/13/2006 @ 10:15 am

  40. Top-5 take aways from Israel-Hez 2006

    For those taking notes; after the jump you can find my Top-5 that came to mind this AM as I reviewed the fish-rap and looked at what seemed to be goofy as things start to coagulate around the Litani River….

    Trackback by MilBlogs — 8/13/2006 @ 2:46 pm

  41. The following are points from various sources in Israel, including The Jerusalem Post, commentator Naomi Ragen, and the Israeli conservative periodical, IsraelInsider. My thoughts are added to the points below:

    * The resolution represents a near-total victory for Hezbollah and its sponsors, Syria and Iran, and a defeat for both Israel and America, though America pushed the cease-fire through late last week.

    * It makes it impossible for Israel to defend itself against aggression without being exposed to international condemnation on a scale never seen before.

    * The responsibility for determining compliance is placed in the hands of Kofi Annan who has distinguished himself as a man capable only of condemning Israel for its acts of self-defense. By empowering Annan to evaluate compliance, the resolution all but ensures that Hezbollah will not be forced to disarm and that Israel will be forced to give up the right to defend itself.

    * A catastrophic precedent has been set for the future. Because Lebanon is receiving international support for legally unsupportable territorial demands on Israel (Shaba Farms on the Golan Heights), in the future, the Palestinians, Syrians, Egyptians, and even Jordanians will feel empowered to employ aggression to gain territorial concessions.

    * It places the power to oversee an arms embargo against Hezbollah in the hands of the Lebanese government, of which Hezbollah is a member.

    * Israel is expected to withdraw before a full deployment of Lebanese and UNIFIL forces is carried out. Thus, Hezbollah will reinforce its positions in south Lebanon.

    * The resolution treats the Lebanese government and military as credible, though it is under the de facto control of Hezbollah and Syria.

    * The situation empowers Iran–the main victor. It was not condemned in the U.N. action although it is clear that Iran was the engine behind this war.

    * No Israeli leader before Ehud Olmert has caused so much damage to Israel. He destroyed more than 24 thriving Jewish communities and plans to destroy dozens more unless his government collapses. He has displaced more Jews than any Arab enemy in Israel’s history. And he squandered much of Israel’s military image and deterrence. He surrounded himself with second rate politicians for political reasons.

    * The morale among soldiers is at an all-time low and the nation is torn apart.

    * At this point, the return of captured Israeli soldiers is undetermined.

    * Israeli soldiers will be replaced by notoriously anti-Israel U.N. forces and European forces who will allow Hezbollah to rearm.

    * Those promoting this resolution and those accepting it including Olmert and Peretz, have squandered the lives of Israeli soldiers and civilians and the opportunity to free Israel from a deadly enemy. They have set the stage for the next war which will be sooner rather than later.

    * The resolution treats as equivalent Hezbollah’s illegal aggression against Israel’s legitimate military actions taken in defense of its sovereign territory.

    Comment by Bondservant — 8/13/2006 @ 2:49 pm

  42. Hezbollah Is Right - They Did “Win”

    No, I don’t mean that they actually won the battle. They “won” in that they showed the world that, once again, there are too many in the world that are not willing to stand up and defeat terrorists by pounding their bones into dust. Sheik Hassan N…

    Trackback by American Conservative Daily — 8/14/2006 @ 5:39 pm

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