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Making up for lost time with the Watchers Council is getting to be bad habit. Hence, here are two more weeks of goodies from my Council buds.

Results from W/E 10/6


1st place: Gates of Vienna for “Peace and War on an Autumn Afternoon.”

2nd Place: Shrinkwrapped for “There are no Words.”

3rd Place: Joshuapundit for “The Horrors of Club Gitmo - and Camp Pendleton.”

Non Council

1st Place: Rants and Raves for “Observations on Arabs.”

2nd Place: One Cosmos for “On Perversions, Pedophiles, and the Homophobes of the Left.”

3rd Place: Classical Values for “Unnecessary Divisions over Unnecessary Divisions.”

Results for W/E 10/13


1st Place: Yours truly for “As Long as We’re Talking, We’re Not Shooting At One Another.”

2nd Place: Shrinkwrapped for “Changes.”

Non Council

1st Place: Reconquista for “Is Islam Waging War on the World?”

I also want to give a shout out to the Council’s newest member American Future. Welcome Marc and good luck. Also a heartfelt thanks to Matt Barr for his participation with his blog Socratic Rythmn Method. Good luck to Matt!

If you’d like to participate in the weekly Watcher’s vote, go here and follow instructions.


  1. The extremist

    Don Surber has an outstanding and disturbing post on erstwhile House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. Read it all, but here are the illustrated highlights…

    Trackback by Doug Ross @ Journal — 10/20/2006 @ 5:15 am

  2. My missus is a forensic psychologist. Reading posts from “Shrinkwrapped” only serves to emphasize, to me, the difference between shrinks and psychs. That said, SW is a fine writer. But — oy! — the psychoanalysis makes my head hurt.

    Comment by wrymouth — 10/21/2006 @ 4:03 pm

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