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Hullabaloo’s Tristero is a a truly deep thinker. He thinks such deep thoughts that if he thought any deeper, his mind would disappear down a black hole. This would be improvement in the quality of his cognitive output in that at least it’s a given that not even light can escape the gravity well of a singularity - a boon for supporters of rational thought everywhere.

Despite this, Mr.Tristero has, in fact, hit the nail on the head with this post where he idly wonders about those conservative lawmakers who are abortion foes and anti-gay marriage advocates by day but by night, are sex perverts. Or maybe he hit his noggin on a nail thus causing his head to explode, popped like a helium filled balloon. The only problem is, such a happenstance presupposes that there is anything at all in his head in the first place. And I am loathe to draw conclusions from facts not in evidence.

To prove his case, he uses as an example a human turd out of South Dakota, a legislator caught abusing children in a particularly vile manner. His conclusion?

But this scandal brings up loads of questions, (like how he could live with himself as probably the most obvious). But the most puzzling of all is how he could persistently seek legislative office (and he tried for the Senate but failed) and not only that but go out of his way to sponsor this legislation, given his propensities.

And I think it may be fair to raise a more general question, whether an obsessive concern with regulating abortion and defining marriage has more than just a casual association with sexual perversion. By “obsessive concern,” I’m not talking about some decent schnook who’s been fed christianist propaganda,. I’m talking about someone who, like Klaudt, gets all proactive about it, deliberately trying to legislate morality, trying to build a career on it.

Let’s try and stretch that “casual association” with sexual perversion, shall we? First of all, we have this clod from South Dakota. Then there’s Foley. And, um…oh yeah. That mayor out in Washington state, the internet stalker. And then there’s…uh…well, I’m sure that Tristero could think of hundreds and hundreds of other conservative lawmakers to make his case, that there is “more than a casual association” between social conservative lawmakers and sexual perversion, can’t he. Can he?

The idiot is talking through a bodily orifice not generally used for conversing. What an absolutely riotously stupid notion. The idiocy of even broaching such a connection leaves one gasping for air. How many lawmakers, (and just to give his case a boost, let’s include preachers and others who are just advocates for those positions), have been arrested on charges of sexual perversion? Maybe we should ask John Aravosis. I’m sure he has those figures at his slimy fingertips.

Take that number - and once again, let’s be generous and say 20 - and divide it by the thousands of lawmakers who similarly use the social issues for electoral advancement but don’t go around fondling little boys or playing doctor with children. The fact that it is an infinitesimal percentage of the whole tells you all you need to know about Mr. Tristero’s mind numbingly stupid postulate.

No, my brainless friend, it is definitely not fair to raise the more general question about “obsessive concern” for the issues of abortion and gay marriage and any connection with sexual perversion. Only in a warped, dysfunctional, hyper-partisan mind would such a stew of witlessness make its way from some deep, unknowable part of the subconscious and see the light of day.

And Tristero’s got company. The list of blogs and bloggers on the left who have jumped on Tristero’s mindless meanderings is staggering. Would someone please tell me what possible connection there could be in any clinical, scientific, statistical, or even coincidental way between perverse sexual proclivities and those who advocate against abortion and gay marriage? You can’t because there is none to be found - except in the feverish blatherings of left wing bloggers who insist on wildly extrapolating conclusions not based on any rational suppositions and from virtually non-existent evidence.

It is the purest of smears - par for the course from those in the “reality based community” who regularly take leave of their senses to revel in illogic and bathe in the bile generated by their hate and loathing for their political opponents.

Hypocrisy and politics are joined at the hip. Al Gore (who arguably wants to control my life as much if not more than any social conservative through his draconian “solutions” to global warming ) weeps for the planet while living in a house that generates more carbon emissions in one night than my little abode does in two weeks. Ditto the celebrities who are on the global warming finger wagging tour who fly around the world in private carbon spewing jets.

Egregious examples of hypocrisy abound on both sides of the aisle. Why then this obsession with conservative hypocrisy regarding sex? In the finest intellectual traditions of Hullabalo and Tristero, let me speculate that by railing against this kind of hypocrisy, lefties are covering up their own sexual inadequacies. Perhaps they can’t get it up unless watching re runs of Pee Wee’s Playhouse? Or maybe it’s something more sinister. It could be that they are secretly sexually envious of Republicans because everyone knows that conservative women are drop dead gorgeous compared to liberal females. Their secret fantasies about conservative babes drives them insane, thus these irrational attacks.

Of course, that last was a baseless, scurrilous, and unfounded attack with no evidence to speak of and counterintuitive to boot.

Welcome to Tristero’s world…


  1. This guy sounds like a closet queen for sure… I’m guessing that womens underwear is a big part of his turn on.

    Comment by TonyR — 5/20/2007 @ 2:50 pm

  2. Does the Right’s reaction to one Cindy Sheehan ring a bell? Kooks become the voice of the opposition in efforts to marginalize or demonize opponents. Move along, nothing new to see here.

    Comment by ed — 5/21/2007 @ 10:13 am

  3. There is no “smear” in pointing out that people who are the most concerned about the behavior of others usually have their own issues/compulsions. It’s called Psychological Projection and its quite common. A cheat will suspect everyone else of trying to cheat, a liar will rarely trust anyone else at their word, and a sexual pervert will suspect everyone else of harboring twisted desires of their own.

    Comment by r4d20 — 5/21/2007 @ 6:31 pm

  4. Lets be generous and say more than 20.

    Comment by ed — 5/22/2007 @ 12:09 am

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