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By elvenstar522

Just another day at the Boz yard for these Buzkashi players.

My latest sports column is up at Pajamas Media. I chose to highlight the universiality of sport by trying to describe Buzkashi:

Watching these players race around the field, a look of concentration and determination on their faces, I was struck by the fact that we see that look all the time in our athletes. We like to say that a Michael Jordan or a Ty Cobb were fierce competitors in their day, that they would do anything to win. But they’re not really fierce in any real sense. Fierce is riding a Buzkashi horse over a dusty plain with a dozen riders behind you — another dozen bearing down on your flank — all bound and determined to use whatever means at their disposal to separate you from the carcass of a dead goat.

Now that’s fierce.

Read the whole thing…

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  1. My husband brought back an interesting souvenir from his trip to Iraq in 2003. It’s a gold painted goat’s skull. The skulls were used like soccer balls there.


    Comment by Karen — 6/25/2007 @ 11:49 am

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