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My latest PJ Media column in is up. I parse the results from last night’s Wisconsin primary and show that the Hillary Clinton campaign is dead in the water with not much hope and and no ray of sunshine they can glimpse that can bring them out of the darkness.

A sample:

Nine in a row. Every primary and caucus since Super Tuesday 2 weeks ago. The Barack Obama campaign juggernaut rolled into frigid Wisconsin and emerged with another double digit win under its belt, leaving Hillary Clinton to ponder the question of what she can possibly do to slow down Obama’s momentum and get back in the race.

In those two weeks, Obama has won contests in every region of the country. More importantly, he has been slowly whittling away at Hillary Clinton’s support among her core demographic groups until we see today that Clinton’s big lead two weeks ago among women, Hispanics, middle class, and self-identified Democratic voters has disappeared and Obama has either caught or surpassed her in support among those groups.

Clinton holds on to the lead among those with only a high school education and those over age 55. But exit polls in Wisconsin tell a now familiar story. Clinton barely won the women’s vote 51-48 but got only 32% of the male vote.

Super Delegates who are interested in winning a general election probably shudder at the thought of a Democratic candidate who does so poorly among men.

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