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You know, it’s just not fair that our enemies have had such a rough time lately.

In Iran, even milquetoast IAEA Chief ElBaradei is getting sick and tired of the regime’s evasions about their nuclear program. I mean, if there’s nothing to hide why not open up and allow the nuke inspectors in so that they can do their job unimpeded? Why not open the history of your program so that we can see how truthful and honest you’ve been with the world about never, ever (cross your heart and hope to be beheaded) wanting nuclear weapons?

But take heart President Ahmadinejad. Stay strong Supreme Leader Khamenei. Hope is on the way. America is about ready to elect a president who can’t decide whether you are just a “tiny country” with a tiny defense budget that offers no threat to the United States or whether you are - as he has “always” said - a grave threat to US security. Since Obama has been all over the map on what he truly thinks about Iran (and under it, over it, and squatting on top of it), you can rest assured that when push comes to shove, the Obamamessiah will give the matter a great deal of thought and probably sell out our friends in the region by recognizing Iran’s “historic mission” to complete the industrialization of the nuclear fuel cycle - and in the end, do absolutely nothing.

As for Syria, Bashar Assad is beside himself with joy these days, having seen his campaign of thuggish intimidation in Lebanon using his surrogates in Hizbullah to beat anyone over the head who looks sideways at Damascus (not to mention the most successful campaign of assassination in world history since Al Capone eliminated his rivals in the bootleg whiskey trade) work to near perfection. Assad’s worries over the Tribunal investigating these deaths are disappearing - the result of the prosecution dying on the vine as the UN moves at a pace that snails would envy to seat the judges and start the trials.

But Baby Assad still has his problems. Nuke inspectors are coming to call on him and there is still a chance for a reversal in Lebanon. But be of stout heart and good cheer, my gangster friend. The Holy Deal Maker is on the way to give you everything you want - and probably then some. No doubt the “realists” in any Obamamessiah administration would see that Lebanon is expendable and it really would be a very small concession to recognize your “sphere of influence” in the tiny country. Hell, you’re halfway there already so what would be the big deal if the US gave you and your mob a free hand in Lebanon?

No skin off our nose - besides, the visuals of you and Obama embracing to seal the deal would be spectacular.

And that goes double for you poor, downtrodden, abused, oppressed, Palestinian terrorists. Why, it’s getting so that you can’t make a decent suicide vest without being interrupted by the Israelis. And firing rockets at civilians can be fun (while giving the kids a good fireworks display) but it kind of spoils the party when the IAF comes calling and drops a couple of smart bombs on the Katyusha launch sites. After all, it causes property values in the neighborhood to plummet and the noise is horrible.

But I say to you my Israeli-hating friends, change is on the way! A “change” you can believe in - if you’re about 5 years old and have the moral compass of an alley cat. With a wave of his hand and a few blasts of rhetoric from his holy throat, the Obamamessiah will turn Israeli-Palestinian negotiations upside down and make sure that the onus for peace falls on the heads of those evil Jews and not on those who have yet to give up the dream of seeing every Jew in Israel pushed bodily into the Mediterranean. After all, who could blame you? Not the Obamamessiah and his cadre of advisors who have made it plain for anyone with half a brain to see that their sympathy for your “cause” outweighs any loyalty the US might have for an ally who has stood beside us for 60 years.

Finally, we come to that rather amorphous mass of bad guys who can loosely be termed “terrorists.” Your days of being hunted down and killed are, I am happy to say, numbered. Once our God-King is in office, we are promised that the United States will fight terrorism “the right way.”

We will arrest you. We will make sure that we don’t blame all Muslims for your wayward thinking about the west. We will give you dirty looks. We will give your lawyers dirty looks when you beat the rap and are freed to carry out whatever plans we so rudely interrupted with our “anti-terror” policies. We will go back to a time when occasional acts of terror are acceptable because, after all, what’s a couple of dozen civilian deaths now and again when weighed against the alternative?

And if you happen to succeed in killing a few hundred…thousand…or hundreds of thousands of us, oh well. We’ll just blame it on Bush and move on to the business of doing pretty much what you wish us to do; get out of the Middle East, stop meddling in Iraq and Afghanistan, and generally absolve ourselves of the responsibility of defending our interests. That’s because we will once again enter an era when we will only use the US military when there can be absolutely no doubt that no US interests are at stake whatsoever. Only selfless military interventions will be tolerated and only when the UN says it’s OK.

Yessiree. A new age is almost upon us - an age when our enemies can breathe a sigh of relief and get back to the business of unfettered, unrestricted actions that run contrary to American interests. They will suffer no penalty if they do - save perhaps the prospect of an American president telling the world “This is not the Iran (or Syria, or Hamas, or jihadis) that I’ve known. They gave no indication when talking to me that they would act in such a beastly manner.”

Expect a lot of that over the next 8 years.


  1. Rick, what policy checks and balances exist to prevent an Obama unilateral betrayal of Israel? It’s not fair to use “Bush’s war” in Iraq as an excuse… congress, for all their whining about the unjust war, was nearly unanimous in their complicity for that war.

    COULD Congress stop such a betrayal? And with a filibuster-proof Democratic majority, WOULD they stop it?

    Comment by Michael B. — 6/9/2008 @ 9:28 am

  2. The Thunder Run has linked to this post in the - Web Reconnaissance for 06/09/2008 A short recon of what’s out there that might draw your attention, updated throughout the day…so check back often.

    Comment by David M — 6/9/2008 @ 12:50 pm

  3. Amen!

    Comment by mannning — 6/9/2008 @ 3:21 pm

  4. Barry Obama is a very, very,……scary guy. A thin, thin, resume and some very radical friends add up to…what?

    Apparently he was a legacy admission to Harvard…and what, an affirmative action admission to Harvard Law? Then he was a community organizer…what IS that, what exactly did he do?

    What’s his relationship with Rezko and the Daley machine?

    I have lots of questions and I’m not even a “trained journalist”…wouldn’t you think the MSM would be all over this?

    Oh, I forgot, the MSM is part of his campaign.

    Comment by Increase Mather — 6/9/2008 @ 3:37 pm

  5. And once again, Paranoid Obama Obsession Psychosis rears its tedious head. This rant was just kind of stupid. Which is odd because you’re not a stupid man or a stupid writer. But you’re sounding unhinged. (Which does not differentiate you from most conservative bloggers.)

    Lacking any capacity to make a case for Senator McCain you chew and chew and chew over the Obama cud, getting ever stranger in your analyses, ever more divorced from anything that anyone but your fellow obsessives could find relevant.

    You’re arguing that Mr. Bush has let baby Assad run wild and free so we’d better look out when Obama is elected? Really? That’s your position? Flee from Obama because he may agree to talk to the Syrian dictator who is currently in talks with Israel? Um . . . what?

    You know what? Your team’s got nothing. You know that and have written about it very convincingly. But you’re imagining that you can fill the emptiness with Obama-bashing of an ever more strained and desperate caliber. But the absence of any kind of positive agenda is only highlighted by the shrillness of your attacks. The entire GOP platform can be summed up in two words: fear Obama.

    It’s getting old. It’ll just get older. If you guys just keep digging that hole, Obama will carry 40 states.

    Comment by michael reynolds — 6/9/2008 @ 3:58 pm

  6. michael reynold, I will make the case for McCain.

    He understands the threat posed by radical Islam. Your boy doesn’t have a clue. He thinks that because he could read a Wheaties box and make it sound like Martin Luther King, Jr. that he can talk his way out of anything. Sorry, Amjustajollyhjihad in Iran is NOT going to be impressed.

    Now your boy wants to charge a windfall profit tax on the oil companies not having the intelligence to understand that tax will only be passed on to the consumer.

    Fear Obama? Damn straight since he is the 21st century’s answer to Jimmie Carter. And anyone with two grey cells bumping together should be afraid, very afraid, of an Obama presidency. You think things can’t get worse? Just wait.

    One little example: gas prices have increased more since the Nancy Pelosi broke the marble ceiling than they did in the previous six years.

    Yeah, things can get a lot worse.

    Comment by retire05 — 6/9/2008 @ 5:40 pm

  7. Retire05-
    You really think the media would have the Pelosi-led Congress take the rap for increased gasoline prices? EVERYTHING BAD is Dubya’s fault. I don’t see McCain doing much of anything to ameliorate the situation. He’d leave it up to states to decide on offshore drilling or not and was the deciding vote against ANWR. I fear whatever the stats may be, the media will spin everything as gloomy as possible…ex. unemployment rates as compared to under Clinton years. We had the dot.com boom under WJC and housing boom under GWB. I think the kaka is going to hit the fan big time regardless and Carter redux will merely exacerbate the pain. Urkel has Bobby Wexler running interference where I live, insisting Obama will be great for Jews and Israel.

    Comment by HE HATE ME — 6/9/2008 @ 6:21 pm

  8. David M

    thanks for the link

    wondered if you were of fighting age

    i suggest that if you like war and call upon a war to be fought, then you should sign up for it

    no? rather blog your way to freedom?

    And what have you done lately to end the war? When was the last time you were arrested protesting Iraq? When was the last time you went to jail for your beliefs, chickenshit?

    When was the last time you even went to a protest against the war? When was the last time you put your hide on the line for what YOU believe in, asshole?

    Two sides to the chickenhawk coin, idiot.


    Comment by fusil — 6/9/2008 @ 7:40 pm

  9. Why do Republicans poop their pants over Radical Islam?

    If you’re so fearful of what they will bring then you should support bringing the troops out of Iraq, given that Iraq had nothing to do with 9/11- and given that our occupation of an Arab country is a great recruitment tool for Al Quaeda.

    Both of these facts are mentioned in the National Intelligence Estimate.

    PS- Nancy Pelosi is not increasing the price of oil- the loathesome Saudis are- the ones that Bush holds hends with bows down to…the ones that Bush goes begging hat in hand to drop crude prices. You know the Saudi…the ones who actually participated in 9/11.

    OH yeah, and invading an Arab country for their oil did not lower the price either.

    God Bless President Barack Obama

    and God Bless Jimmy Carter

    You are all going to be fine with President Barack Obama

    Come on lads..chin up

    Comment by roland — 6/9/2008 @ 7:42 pm

  10. retire05,
    nicely put, odds of it being understood zero, their ilk only hear what they want to hear (sometimes they even bend it into what they want to hear (e.g., NAFTA Canada or Iran being a small inconsequential country), or they get stuck on repeat rhetoric, why do you think obamessiah’s whole mission is to just repeat over and over and over and over that mccain is bush, he has nothing on mccain and neither do they. i can barely wait for the two to do the town hall thing, hopefully mccain will be able to speak to the many decades of experience and learning that he has behind him, and most importantly to the fact that their has been no bigger critic of this current administration on the right than him (yes hagels, barrs, and pauls are out there, but they are at the complete opposite end of the spectrum than obama, which really doesn’t make them much better. maybe we really need a good slap in the face and as all things appear we have one coming, i just hope it is not too vicious. now to see if in response we get rationally discoursed or if we get the usual vehement childish cursing rhetoric.

    Comment by jambrowski — 6/9/2008 @ 7:55 pm

  11. I can’t believe I’m even halfway defending San Fran Nan, but this is just wrong: “One little example: gas prices have increased more since the Nancy Pelosi broke the marble ceiling than they did in the previous six years.” I haven’t seen such an egregious example of correlation being equated with causation in quite a while.

    Don’t misunderstand me–I can’t think of a single thing Pelosi has done that I agree with. But blaming her for the run-up in gas prices is about as justifiable as blaming Bush for it.

    Comment by Greg — 6/9/2008 @ 8:09 pm

  12. The enemies of the USA will be very happy to get a weak American President who plans to disarm this country….he must be stopped.

    Comment by Bob — 6/9/2008 @ 10:15 pm

  13. I am not sure that an Obama administration would be any worse than the neoconservative Bush gang on foreign policy, especially the Middle East. Instead of building “democracies” – that easily become Islamic “theocracies;” the US should exercise its military power in direct operations against terroristic groups like al-Qaeda Hamas, Hezbollah and the Taliban.

    Let’s not forget that Hamas took power through democratic elections and the same scenario is possible in Iraq with Islamic fundamentalists taking power.

    Many say Bush is a good friend to Israel in spite of the fact that he stood on the sidelines, dictating a deadline, during the justified Israeli incursion into Lebanon to confront Hezbollah. Had Bush been a sincere partner on the war against Islamic terrorists, he would have bombed Syria during the Israeli offensive for the many transgressions that you have articulated in this blog.

    Comment by DrKrbyLuv — 6/9/2008 @ 10:32 pm

  14. Retire:
    You make my point perfectly. You announce that you’re making the case for McCain and promptly launch into Obama-bashing. “Things can get a lot worse?” Is that going to be the GOP rallying cry this year? “Sure, Bush is an incompetent and we’ve sacrificed any claim to we may have as a party to be taken seriously, but Obama: booga booga booga!”

    This will totally work for you guys. Absolutely keep this up. The key to victory is demonizing your opponent while maintaining a stony silence about your own alternative.

    Comment by michael reynolds — 6/10/2008 @ 12:52 am

  15. 8 years?

    4. Crash. Burn.

    Comment by JohnSF — 6/10/2008 @ 3:15 am

  16. excuse me, but has anyone ever heard of the separation of powers? bush isn’t in charge of our economy you friggin yokes. you leftards blame bushy so easily for everything, but who has an approval rating of “18%” yeah your democrat congress, which hasn’t done jacksh%t since they have been there. why haven’t they cut off the funding for the war, why haven’t they done anything but their bit$h ass witch hunts which haven’t uncovered anything. get real, bush is part of the problem but congress and the senate are allowing the war to continue, and are in charge of spending and pork barreling.
    Oh, and mister statistics, it is not spurious, to associate reid and pelosi with our economy, they are the ones spending our money and changing things in the government, correlation is not causation, but in this case it makes friggin sense, at least more sense than bush, bush, bush, bush, bush, grow up, or how about this go to school with your kids and learn about the separation of powers in the United States government.

    Comment by jambrowski — 6/10/2008 @ 6:16 am

  17. I don’t see how the Bush administration’s threaten-first-talk-never policies have tempered the threat of Iran. In fact, the Iraq quagmire has only emboldened Iran and Bush’s rhetoric about a nuclear Iran being “unacceptable” has been followed up with what? Nothing. The gun strokers may enjoy all the “don’t mess with us” and “we’ll get you” talk, but what has it achieved besides $137 barrels of oil?

    Let’s turn that question on its head - just what in God’s name do you think will be accomplished by talking to Iran? Will they stop their nuclear fuel cycle? Will they stop meddling in Iraq?

    Of course not - not one chance in a trillion. The only difference is, you hand the regime a propoganda weapon of immense value by having our new messiah talking to them.

    And we are talking to them btw - at the consular level where it belongs. And sanctions are still in play - as is the military option which no sane person desires but is there nonetheless. Plenty we can do short of having Obama make even more of a fool of himself than he already has on his ever changing Iran policy.


    Comment by Barry — 6/10/2008 @ 6:53 am

  18. michael reynolds,3:58 pm, Post 5

    “Lacking any capacity to make a case for Senator McCain you chew and chew and chew over the Obama cud, getting ever stranger in your analyses, ever more divorced from anything that anyone but your fellow obsessives could find relevant.”

    You’re absolutely right that anyone would be hard pressed to find anything good to say about McCain. McCain’s nomination is compelling evidence that the GOP primary procedures were flawed.

    It will be easy work for Obama’s people to link the toxic policies of Bush to McCain. George Stephanopoulos asked Lindsey Graham the following question on This Week:

    “You said the tax policy and the healthcare policy were essentially…John McCain is calling for an extension or maybe even an enhancement of the Bush policies.”

    Graham’s response: “Yes, absolutely…”

    Comment by DrKrbyLuv — 6/10/2008 @ 11:45 am

  19. What in God’s name did Reagan do when he negotiated with Iran?

    What on Earth did Roosevelt do when he sat down with Stalin during WWII?

    What on Earth was Margaret Thatcher doing meeting IRA leaders?

    What was Menachem Begin doing signing a peace treaty with Egypt? (A treaty that has lasted since 1979)

    Well, Rick, it’s called negotiation. It’s what precludes peace. It assumes that you aren’t right about everything and that you have to give a little.

    The reason Republicans hate it is because it means that you might not be able to say “I’m right about everything and you’re all wrong.”

    1. Reagan “negotiated” with Iran? You’re kiding right?
    2. Roosevelt sat down with Stalin out of necessity - he was our ally. And btw - look where that got us. You call Yalta successful? Ask the Poles, Hungarians, Czechs, East Germans,and the other captive nations how “successful” those negotiations were.
    3. Thatcher sat down with Sinn Fein - and not until they disavowed violence (one great big “precondition” no?)
    4. Begin and Sadat “sitting down” was because the American president recklessly put the prestige of the office behind the negotiations. Read a summary of those “negotiations.” The two leaders never saw each other. They stayed in separate cabins. Carter became a message boy going back and forth, finally threatening Begin with reduced assistance unless he made the deal.

    The facts are simple. We are talking with Iran already. We won’t go any further until they obey the Security Council and stop enriching uranium. What do you think the sanctions are all about? You want to undermine the UN?

    And if you’d been paying attention, there is only one thing that will get Syria’s Assad to deal on anything - from the Golan to preventing fighters from getting into Iraq; and that is Lebanon. He wants us to abandon Lebanon, period. I wouldn’t put it past those idiots he has surrounded himself with to do it either.

    Chavez? He’s a clown. If Obama wants to embarass himself and the United States by meeting with him, fine by me.

    The point is, don’t try and throw history in my face and tell me Obama is only proposing what others have done. Either Obama misspoke and refuses to admit it when he said he’d meet these people without preconditions (a question he answered directly at least twice in the affirmative) or he is a liar.

    Which is it?


    Comment by roland — 6/10/2008 @ 12:14 pm

  20. retire05 asserts that McCain “understands the threat posed by radical Islam.”

    I doubt that McCain understands the threat very well, given that he seems to have trouble with such basic distinctions as the difference between Sunni and Shiite.

    Yeah right. And Obama can’t govern a country he doesn’t know how many states there are. How can we possibly elect someone who actually believes there are 57 states?

    Or was that a misstatement…like McCain?


    Comment by Kenneth Almquist — 6/11/2008 @ 3:41 am

  21. I “get” the tone of the piece and enjoyed it. However, one thing in particular popped: “… if [terrorists] happen to succeed in killing a few hundred…thousand…or hundreds of thousands of us, oh well. We’ll just blame it on Bush …”

    Oh crap. If the Obamamessiah gets elected how many years are we going to be bludgeoned with, “It’s not Obama’s fault! It’s a legacy of Bush’s policies!”? He’s campaigning against Bush now, blames Bush for everything bad that’s ever happened (that isn’t his father’s or Reagan’s fault), and for years after Bhus is gone we’ll STILL have to listen to whining about Bush because, as everyone knows, Bush is The Evil One and Obama is The Messiah (and can’t be faulted lest ye bear the wrath of his subjects).

    BTW, it cracks me up to see Obama apologists claim anyone speaking out against him is irrational. I wonder how that feels …

    Comment by DoorHold — 6/11/2008 @ 12:06 pm

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