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No, Mr. Fake Senator, confirmed as you were under false and misleading pretenses. You are doing a fine job of destroying your reputation yourself. You are a fraud, a liar, a perjurer (not about sex this time my lefty friends), and a slime merchant. You have proven yourself to be just another crooked Chicago pol and your only hope is that Democrats cover for you by saying idiotic stuff like “It could happen to anyone.”

If it had been known that Robert Blagojevich, the crooked governor’s crooked brother, had approached you saying that you could have the senate seat if you contributed $10,000 to Blago’s campaign, the United States Senate would probably not havet confirmed you. So you waited until the FBI approached your lawyers with the news that at least one of your conversations with Blago’s aides (that you didn’t reveal at the impeachment hearing either) was on tape. Hence, your 11th hour “correction” to your sworn affadavit.

If Joe Blow citizen had been caught lying under oath, do you think he would have been given a chance to “correct” his sworn testimony? If he had a good enough and well connected enough lawyer, perhaps. But this is par for the course in Illinois politics and so you will probably skate.

At least some Illinois Democrats are worried. From the New York Times:

“We all have a lot of questions,” State Representative Jack D. Franks said. “He wasn’t forthcoming, and that’s the bottom line. I feel betrayed. The real problem here is the question of trust for the citizens of Illinois. We were supposed to rise to the occasion and, again, Illinois becomes the laughingstock for the nation.”

Mr. Franks was a member of a panel assigned this winter to consider impeaching Gov. Rod R. Blagojevich after federal prosecutors accused him of trying to sell the Senate seat left empty when Barack Obama won the presidency.

In January, the panel heard testimony from Mr. Burris, who had been appointed by Mr. Blagojevich but not yet seated in Washington, about his ties to the governor.

At the time, Mr. Burris described to the lawmakers under oath an occasion on which he had spoken about his desire to become the next senator with one of Mr. Blagojevich’s former chiefs of staff.

But Mr. Burris now acknowledges he also spoke with others, including Mr. Blagojevich’s brother, Mr. Blagojevich’s chief of staff at the time and two close advisers to Mr. Blagojevich.

The senate should kick this lying rascal out and insist that Illinois hold a special election to fill Obama’s unexpired term. That is the only fair way to insure that the citizens of Illinois get a reasonably honest person to represent them.

But it won’t happen. Democrats, both national and state level pols, are fearful that all the slime created by Ali Blago and his 40 Thieves would rub off on the party and make the election of a Republican a real possibility. So they will play along with Mr. Burris and pretend he simply forgot to mention the attempted bribe (as well as his other “forgotten” contacts with Blagojevich’s staff) while counting on Burris’s African American base to run interference for him.

Meanwhile, Illinois Republicans, who are out of power and can do little except complain, are calling for a prosecutor to investigate Burris for perjury charges. Fat lot of good that will do. Here are the “wait and see” Democrats:

“This is troubling,” said State Representative Lou Lang, a Democrat, adding that he intended to study all of Mr. Burris’s previous comments, and hoped that his colleagues would do the same. “My take is that this could still go either way. We could determine that Mr. Burris was simply negligent and had a failing memory in a very honest way. On the other hand, we may find out that he knew more than he was willing to explain.”

“Negligent” in “an honest way?”¬†

Ain’t Illinois politics grand?

 This blog post originally appeared on The American Thinker


  1. Yes they need Burris’s vote in the senate and I’m sure he has promised Harry Reid he will vote for anything.

    Comment by Bob — 2/17/2009 @ 9:24 am

  2. Oh, come on, Rick, are you trying to tell us you’ve never forgotten that someone solicited a bribe from you?

    When you were asked under oath?

    And when the questioner actually named the very name of the very person who in fact did attempt to solicit a bribe from you?

    Okay . . . I got nothin’.

    The guy’s a liar, a crook, an out of control egomaniac and quite possibly nuts. Granted all that is par for the course, but he should still be ejected bodily.

    Comment by michael reynolds — 2/17/2009 @ 10:12 am

  3. This is the same water Obama swam in for years. The media is still afraid to take a hard look at Barack’s Chicago State Senate years.

    Why is that do you suppose?

    Comment by Increase Mather — 2/17/2009 @ 10:29 am

  4. mr. moran:

    if the then-governor had the right to appoint burris, then did the us senate have the legal power to not accept a legally-appointed senator? suppose burris had paid off blago [not saying he did], does bribery and accepting a bribe strip the governor of his appointment power?

    Comment by jack simms — 2/17/2009 @ 11:36 am

  5. Bob is right — having bought the seat, Burris will now be obliged to whore rent it out in order to keep it.

    Comment by Transplanted Lawyer — 2/17/2009 @ 12:06 pm

  6. Aren’t you just dying to know if he paid it?

    Comment by sara in va — 2/17/2009 @ 2:04 pm

  7. I’m not a legal expert, but as far as I understand the situation there is no way for we the people to have any direct say in this matter. Unless there are some legal grounds which could be used to nullify or negate his appointment, once he has been accepted and seated he cannot be removed by any type of popular or (state) legislative means. The Congress, Vice Presidency and Presidenct are Constitutionally self-regulating. There is absolutely no means to conduct any type of recall vote and the only way to remove anyone from one of these positions is through the Congressional impeachment and conviction process. Given what potentially is at stake here … loss of the 60-seat majority (barring the seating of Al Franken once the mess in Minnesota is ever decided) … I cannot forsee this ever happening. Oh I fully expect a great deal of foo-fooing, but I have no doubt the final answer will be … “We’ll he did finally tell us himself all about this”, and “He says he didn’t actually give any money to Blago. He’ll get a slap on the wrist and by the time he comes up for (re)election this will all convienently forgotten about.

    Comment by Michael S. — 2/17/2009 @ 7:57 pm

  8. Unfortunately, in the world I live in, this is not classic Chicago politics; it’s classic American politics.

    Increase Mather,
    Your post seems to be based on guilt by association and innuendo. Your logic goes like this:

    Chicago has a history of corrupt politicians.
    Obama is a Chicago politician.
    Therefore, Obama is a corrupt politician.
    The liberal media will not investigate Obama’s Chicago corruption, because the MSM is in the tank for Obama.

    Just for fun…
    Jack Abramoff is a corrupt politician.
    Jack Abramoff is a Republican.
    Therefore, Republicans are corrupt.

    I personally do not accept either argument because the logic does not hold in either case. If Obama is a suspected of corruption, he needs to be indicted. If Obama is found guilty of corruption in a court of law, he needs to be impeached. Implying he is dirty simply because he is from Chicago does not wash.

    Comment by bsjones — 2/17/2009 @ 11:38 pm

  9. @bsjones

    I agree this applies to American politics in general, but would contend that Chicago (amongst others) is politics on steroids. Yes there may be guilt by association in Mather’s post, but I think you miss his bigger question. The question is not specifically why won’t/didn’t the MSM investigate his ‘Chicago corruption’, but why won’t they investigate him at all. This despite the fact (to quote MSM’s Tom Brokaw) “We don’t know a lot about Barack Obama or what his world view is”. Please tell why this is? The MSM was literally tripping over themselves to get any story about Sarah Palin to the presses, but was unusually silent about the utter dearth of information available about Mr Obama prior to his arrival on the national scene. To illustrate my point, do you know (and this is something that pretty much no one I ask knows the answer to) how many truly contested elections that Mr Obama won prior to be elected President?

    Comment by Michael S. — 2/18/2009 @ 8:19 am

  10. Michael,

    I agree with you that the MSM is completely incompetent, but not (if I understand you) in the way way you suggest.

    In my view the bias has little to do with right or left. Here is a list of some things
    that influence or bias reporting in general:

    reporter laziness e.g., wrong facts, relying on same sources
    titillating stories e.g., sex, drugs, homosexuality, race
    A “strange” or “crazy” or “New” personality e.g., Blago, Palin, Obama
    butt kissing the powerful i.e., don’t embarrass/contradict the president
    don’t shake things up i.e., support the status quo
    contempt for ordinary people by oversimplifying stories
    Don’t jeopardize the parent companies interests e.g., housing bubble? what’s a housing bubble? What unintended consequences of two wars in Muslim nations at the same time?
    conformity (don’t get out in front of other reporters. No reporter wants to “break” a real story.)

    All of these factors and others determine what gets reported and how it is reported in the MSM. What makes the reporter’s calculus so dangerous is that very few of them are aware they are making it. The whole process is internalized and happens (with rare exception) outside the reporters conscious awareness.

    What makes this even more dangerous is that Both parties understand how the simpletons in the MSM operate and Both parties do the best they can to manipulate All political coverage to their advantage.

    Sure there are exceptions. I believe most of Fox news reporting is willfully biased. I believe most of MSNBC reporting is willfully biased. These networks are attempting to fill a niche in the marketplace. They are there to preach to their respective choirs.

    We must abandon both Fox And MSNBC to get a clear picture of what is happening in our complex world. We should be checking wingnut and moonbat websites, if we want to form a clear picture of what is happening in the world.

    Comment by bsjones — 2/18/2009 @ 2:20 pm

  11. bsjones -

    Sorry, but you cannot have it both ways. You start your argument by stating the bias has nothing to do with right or left, but then ‘prove’ your contention by asserting the MSM is willfully biased in their preaching to their respective choirs. You further support this by stating that they (the MSM) is being intentionally manipulated by both the right and the left and that journalists aren’t even smart enough to realize that they have been manipulated into supporting one side or the other in their reporting. So, is their reporting biased (by right and left politics) or not? You have argued it both ways.

    The bigger picture, in my opinion, is that mainstream journalism has become infotainment. The titillation and teasing that used to be the forte of such rags as the National Enquirer have now become completely accepted forms of journalism. Most every night anymore you get tweaked throughout prime time with such come-ons like ‘Water, why is killing you’ and ‘Breathing and why you shouldn’t do it’. Just tune it @ 11pm and we’ll give you all the details. I put the blame as much (if not more) though on the audience and not the MSM itself. This is seemingly what the majority or our American Idol loving population wants to see. Oh please, do not try and educate me during the news, just give me more entertainment. War, don’t want to hear no more … but who is JLo dating this week, all the details please.

    In regards to this specific thread, the reporting has been and will continue to be completely biased by politics. To make it worse race will also be a factor just as it was throughout the presidential election.

    Comment by Michael S. — 2/19/2009 @ 7:27 am

  12. Michael S.

    I often don’t express my ideas as clearly as I would like. Let me try again.

    Many people refer to the MSM as the “liberal” media e.g. the liberal New York Times. I understand people who say this to mean that those in charge have a liberal bias in politics and they then hire reporters who also have this same liberal bias. As a result the news gets reported with a liberal slant as liberal reporters try and please their liberal bosses. In short, the MSM is controlled by Democrats and they attempt to help Democrats with their reporting.

    I assumed (wrongly) that you believed the MSM was operating with this type of liberal bias and that this was the reason why Obama was not being investigated properly by the MSM.

    I, also, reject this view.

    Instead, I believe all the factors I put in list form in post #10 (titillation, laziness, etc..) have more to do with the bias we see in everyday reporting than a reporter or his bosses party affiliation or personal beliefs.

    I was then trying to say there are a category of news outlets that are an EXCEPTION to this rule. (see post #10, paragraph 6) These outlets willfully bias their news either to the left or to the right, in my view, to gain market share. As I said, they make their living by preaching to the choir. This category of reporting is on the rise especially in non traditional media.

    I do think both parties try to manipulate the press at every opportunity and that they are often successful. My poorly expressed point was that news reporting is not influenced by a reporters INTERNAL biases as much as all of these EXTERNAL factors.

    So, yeah, reporting will be influenced by external factors, including politics (left and right), but not so much by reporters own personal political bias.

    Comment by bsjones — 2/19/2009 @ 2:46 pm

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