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Jay Cutler: Another Tom Brady?

My Beloveds take the field in about an hour to host the still hapless Lions, who snapped a 16 game losing streak last week against the suddenly hapless Redskins.

All signs point to an easy Bears victory - which is why I am terrified that the Lions will pull it out in the end.

New Lions QB, Matt Stafford showed something last week against Washington. This kid has a chance; he’s mobile in the pocket, has a wicked strong arm, seems to have a good head for the game, and is in a system that accentuates his positives. But he’s still a rookie and is likely to make a few mistakes that My Beloveds must take advantage of if they expect to win.

The Bear’s linebacking corps - a deep group at the beginning of the season, is missing two of its three starters and is down to a third string MB - Nick Roach. On top of that, OLB Lance Briggs - Defensive Player of the Week for being a one man wrecking crew against Seattle - is also banged up with a bad foot. Expect Stafford to have a big day as Roach and Jamar Williams (replacing injured Pisa Tinoisamoa) have little experience. The cover two defense is already vulnerable to passes thrown between the safeties and the linebackers in the middle of the field and that space will probably open up to Stafford if he gets the time to throw.

That will be up to the Bears improved defensive front, who must have a huge day in pressuring and sacking Stafford. This will be a daunting task considering that the kid has shown the ability to evade the rush.

Still, I like My Beloved’s chances. Cutler and his young, but improving receiving corps should have a good game against a subpar Lion’s secondary. Also, Desmond Clark will return from injury to pair with Greg Olsen at tight end which will help Cutler immensely with the short passing game.


Bears O-line vs. Lions D-line. Will they be able to open a few holes for a struggling Matt Forte? With cold weather on the way in a few weeks, the passing game will be de-emphasized in favor of the run. As I’ve mentioned earlier, there have been plenty of Bears QB’s who looked like Hall of Famers in September, only to ice up come November. If the Bears expect to make the playoffs, they’ve got to double their current run output (a paltry 75 yards a game).

Lion’s have a couple of good rushers and Orlando Pace is beginning to show his age. A fast outside rush may give Pace more trouble than he can handle and make it a long afternoon for Cutler.

Cutler vs. Lions D-backs
. While the short passing game should be fine with the tight ends and Forte helping to move the sticks, it will be the deep outs and slants to the wide receivers that will tell the tale of offensive output. The lions D-backs have looked extremely vulnerable so if Cutler gets some time, I expect him to really light them up.

Stafford vs. Bears D-backs. My Beloveds have not been any great shakes in the defensive backfield, although run support has been superb. Peanut Tillman is still not 100% following offseason surgery and Nathan Vasher has lost his starting job to Zach Bowman who appears lost at times. Solid safety play has saved them somewhat but eventually, the corners have to prove they can cover somebody. Detroit has a good receiver in Calvin Johnson who always has big games against us. Bottom line: if Stafford is rushed, it won’t matter.

Special Teams: Will Bears speedster Johnny Knox break a big one on kickoffs? Will Hester break a punt return? I predict one of those two will break the big one.

I also predict Lions beast of a placekicker Jason Hansen will kick at least 3 field goals. Let’s hope he is sitting on the bench for the entire 4th quarter because he has broken the hearts of Bears fans several times with last minute kicks to beat us.

With so many significant injuries, I don’t expect My Beloveds to take the Lions for granted. On paper, they should dominate.

But the game ain’t played on a chalkboard. And you know the saying; “On any given Sunday…”


  1. I was at last week’s Lions win over the Redskins. That game was a first on many fronts: the Lions finally beat the Redskins. Their last win against Washington was during the Pleistocene. It was the first NFL game I ever attended, and they finally(!) broke their losing streak.

    I don’t expect the Lions to roll over the Bears. I just want to see a game where if Chicago makes a mistake; Detroit can take advantage of it, and/or stays competitive. For a growing team that is constantly “rebuilding”, I don’t expect miracles, I just want a competitve game.

    The Lions’ 2nd half performances have been worse than spotty. They held up and prevailed against Washington, but they got a ways to go against the many great NFL teams to be contending in any way.

    If they win, that is a plus.

    An Aside: Since this was the first NFL game I ever attended, and having 20+ years of NFL television programming to undo; I did not take my eyes off the field after each play. Instead, I was expecting any replay to just materialize in front of me (like on TV), it took about 20 minutes to get used to looking to the giant TV screens at either end-zone to watch the replays.

    Comment by P. Aaron — 10/4/2009 @ 1:01 pm

  2. In the pre-season, the WGN sports guy (I don’t usually watch it, I just didn’t turn the channel)was talking about cutler, and delivered one of the best lines about the bears I’ve heard in years.

    “Big expectations for cutler as he’s expected to deliver something Chicago isn’t used to. He can pass short, he can pass long, and there’s even some receptions in there.”

    Cracked me up.

    Comment by Douglas — 10/4/2009 @ 9:46 pm

  3. Sure, Cutler did good. He’s got guts and skill.

    But did you see Orton pull it out v. Dallas?

    All this time I thought the McCaskeys couldn’t spot a good quarterback at a Manning family picnic.

    Comment by CZ — 10/5/2009 @ 4:55 am

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