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ME: So, where the hell have you been for a week? Cobwebs are forming all over the blog not to mention the fact you’ve probably lost readers by the bushel.

RM: Au contraire. My sitemeter says I have actually increased my readership by about 10%. It seems some of my older posts have been linked by blogs like Hit and Run as well as several smaller sites.

ME: OK - so why the time off? You wussing out on everybody? Scared to offend conservatives? You fricking RINOS are all alike; can’t take a little well aimed criticism.

RM: Yeah, something like that. I’ve been “decompressing.”

ME: Wah?

RM: You know, relighting the fires of creativity. Reigniting the passion. Retooling the mind and heart.

ME: More like retreating into a shell, if you ask me. What are you, lazy or something?

RM: Heh. You try working 80 hours a week, 7 days. I didn’t even know it was summer until Sue told me I probably didn’t need my parka to go up to the store and get our Powerball tickets.

ME: Yeah, well I still say you’re a wuss.

RM: You know, you’re right. It got to the point last week, after reading the usual nonsense from many conservatives about how Obama is deliberately trying to “destroy” the country, or is a Marxist, or wants to be a dictator, or is favoring Muslims in the Middle East because he actually is one, or is plotting to cancel the elections in November, or wasn’t born here/not a naturalized citizen/Hawaiian official says he was born in Kenya/yadayadayadayada…that I nearly screamed


Jesus lord God I get nauseated reading this crap. And in my two jobs, I have to read it all the time. Comments, articles, emails - it never stops. Conspiracies, falsehoods, batshit crazy observations, wildly off base dot connecting, Cloward-Piven, Rules for Radicals — a never ending flood of idiocy, illogic, unreasoning hatred, and just plain ignorance from people who tell me I am insufficiently passionate in my opposition to Obama and the liberals and am therefore on their side.

It’s like the previous 8 years of putting up with the exact same crap from liberals about George Bush never happened.

The. Exact. Same. Crap.

Bush the dictator. Bush trying to destroy the country. Bush policies formulated only to help cronies. Don’t these people remember how we laughed at that kind of stupidity? And now, it looks like I have to put up with the same damn ignorant tripe for another 8 years.

ME: Gee…if I had known you were a candidate for a padded room, I wouldn’t have asked.

RM: I would like to point out that having a conversation with oneself may be one definition of losing touch with reality.

ME: True. But where else are you going to find anyone as intelligent, sober minded, reasonable, pragmatic, witty, and devastatingly rational?

RM: Dunno…Do you think it’s too late in life to become a Jesuit priest?


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