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CBS:” Paul Ryan’s radical plans for Medicare, Medicaid.”

Forbes: “Paul Ryan’s Radical Budget.”

The Guardian: “Paul Ryan’s ‘beyond Reagan’ radical budget plan.”

There are dozens of articles that use the term “radical” in association with Rep. Paul Ryan’s recent budget proposal.

Begging your pardon, liberals, but what’s more radical? Trillion dollar deficits for the next decade or a plan that will cut about 50% of the total deficit by 2020?

We seem to have a disconnect between what is truly radical - obscene budget deficits - and what is a modest effort to address this gargantuan problem. It may be “radical” in the sense that we’ve never had a plan that proposes such huge amounts of cuts. But then we’ve never faced $20 trillion in national debt by 2020 before either.

Ryan is the only person in this debate to use the “T” word when talking about budget cuts. It is interesting to see the denial on both sides of the aisle as Democrats and Republicans are killing themselves over budget cuts that only use the “B” word.

Radical or not, Ryan’s plan should be seen as a starting point for additional cuts in government spending. I just wish there were a lot more “radicals” like Ryan in both parties.

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