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Nancy Pelosi was seen at an ATM in downtown Washington withdrawing cash from her bank despite heavily criticizing banks for being greedy and having too much influence on Republicans.

The hypocrisy extends to the fact that the House Minority Leader also has a mortgage with the institution, and has been seen on numerous occasions entering the Capitol Hill branch of the bank to make deposits. No word on whether she accepted a toaster for opening a savings account.

Pelosi has raged against banks in the past, accusing them of causing the financial meltdown of 2008 and of buying off politicians with campaign contributions. How she, in good conscience, can do business with an industry she has so heavily criticized might be an issue in her re-election campaign.

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I am sick to death of idiot liberals and stupid pundits making a big deal out of Republicans who rail against big government somehow benefiting from government services or even routine government policies like mortgage deductions.

It’s both inane and indicative of the fact that liberals just don’t get it; it is not government that conservatives oppose, it is big government that is at issue. The fact that the left has no clue as to the difference classifies them as first class morons. One can support Medicare, Social Security, and even some subsidies that are designed to encourage beneficial economic activity and still oppose Obamacare, FinReg, card check, and heavy handed interference in our schools from the Department of Education.

There is no hypocrisy. The issue is the lack of intelligence demonstrated by liberals who see no limits for the growth of government, believe the Constitution is an optional document, and think that cutting $2.7 trillion over the next 10 years when government will be spending close to $50 trillion is tantamount to murder - not to mention stating that anyone who advocates such a course of action is a terrorist.

This nonsense in an article by Michael Fletcher in WaPo today is typical:

With a young and fast-growing population, a large and expanding military presence and an influx of federal stimulus money, the number of government jobs in Texas has grown at more than double the rate of private-sector employment during Perry’s tenure.

The disparity has grown sharper since the national recession hit. Between December 2007 and last June, private-sector employment in Texas declined by 0.6 percent while public-sector jobs increased by 6.4 percent, according to the federal Bureau of Labor Statistics. Overall, government employees account for about one-sixth of the workforce in Texas.

The significant role of government in Texas’s relative prosperity stands in stark contrast to the “go-it-alone” image cultivated by Perry, who credits a lack of government interference for fostering a business-friendly environment in Texas.

“The fact is, government doesn’t create jobs, otherwise the last 21 / 2 years of stimulus would have worked,” Perry said this month in a speech to the National Conference of State Legislatures. “Government can only create the environment that allows the private sector to create jobs. The single most important contributor to our jobs-friendly climate here in Texas is our low tax burden, because we know dollars do far more to create jobs and prosperity in the people’s hands than they do in the government’s.”

Don Surber performs the necessary lobotomy on Fletcher:

Once again, fun with numbers by partisans. The dates selected - December 2007 and I assume June 2011 (although last June could refer to June 2010) - are arbitrary but they correlate to the height of employment nationally and the most recent state data (although on Friday, the government released the state-by-state July 2011 numbers).

Here is what the Washington Post left out: Nationally private-sector employment fell 6% in that period, dropping from 116 million employees to 106 million employees.

The loss in Texas was 90% below the fall nationally. The population increase - Texas gained 4 congressional seats on Governor Perry’s watch - comes as p[people leave economic dead zones for a place that is, indeed, growing jobs.

Newspapers such as the Washington Post pride themselves on fact-checking politicians. Perhaps they should fact-check themselves.

Government is a utility, not a living entity. Tapping resources supplied by the utility while decrying how big and out of control it has gotten is perfectly reasonable and logical - two attributes that are in short supply on the left.

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