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Another Fizzle for Occupy Wall Street

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It’s the one year anniversary of that mass movement that has no mass at all to it, Occupy Wall Street.

A truly pathetic turnout in New York city, described as “hundreds” of protestors by the New York Times:

Police officers and protesters squared off at various points, with protesters briefly blocking intersections and sidewalks before being dispersed and sometimes arrested.

The police appeared prepared to counter the protesters’ blockade with one of their own, ringing the streets and sidewalks leading to the exchange with metal barricades and asking for identification from workers seeking to gain access.

Meanwhile, Occupy supporters marched through the streets waving banners and accompanied by bands playing “Happy Birthday.”

Police officers repeatedly warned protesters that they could be arrested if they did not keep moving. Most of those arrested were charged with disorderly conduct, the police said.


By midday, 124 people had been arrested. The arrests were mostly on disorderly conduct charges “for impeding vehicular or pedestrian traffic,” according to Paul J. Browne, the Police Department’s chief spokesman. On Saturday and Sunday, the police arrested 43 people in connection with the protests, Mr. Browne said. While most of those arrests involved charges of disorderly conduct, he said that some were on assault and resisting arrest charges.

Police vans were parked on side streets throughout the financial district and helicopters buzzed overhead. Men in suits walking to work passed contingents of officers posted on corners.

One early gathering spot on Monday was the Vietnam Veterans memorial on Water Street where about 400 protesters assembled. About 200 people had gathered at Zuccotti Park, which protesters took over last year and used as an encampment.

I suppose the threat to shut down Wall Street alone required that the “demonstration” be covered. But the cult (anyone who uses the term “movement” to describe this gaggle of losers is flat out lying) of OWS has had no bigger boosters than the New York Times, and Great Britain’s Guardian newspaper. And the Guardian, as is their wont, believes that putting a prom dress on a pig somehow makes the porker more attractive:

More Occupy commentary, this time from Guardian economics writer Aditya Chakrabortty. He points to foreclosure activism as one of several surviving branches of the Occupy movement:

Finally, the dismissal of Occupy ignores what it has already achieved. The Zuccotti Park camp allowed hundreds of complete strangers to develop serious political arguments and strong ties alike. In the consumer onanism that is 21st-century Manhattan - a tiny island teeming with shoppers pleasing only themselves - that is no mean feat. Recently, Occupiers have begun serious campaigns against foreclosures of homes, for unionisation of workplaces and for reneging on unjust debts.

“Hundreds of complete strangers” developing “serious political arguments?” Who are they trying to kid? I have yet to hear anything but the most superficial whining, jaw droppingly unrealistic descriptions of issues, and ancient, tired, left wing tropes about “class” that went out when the Communists self destructed. Some people have more money than others. Duh. Part of the reason is that the rich manipulate the tax system. Double duh. Describing what is self-evident should not make one a sage or speaker of truth to power.

Since OWS lacks ideas on how to restore a modicum of income equality except by seizing the property of people who are smarter, work harder, have better ideas, and take baths more often, they can easily be dismissed. Railing against the rich is easy. Creating “the next big thing” in the economy that will generate good paying jobs and save the Middle Class is hard.

And for the arrogant few who believe anyone outside of liberal media is paying attention to them, such a task is far beyond their capabilities. They are incapable of creating anything except scenes to draw attention to themselves. The hard, slogging work of bringing an idea from drawing board to successful entrepreneurship is beyond the ken of their understanding. In fact, they’re just stupid enough to support putting roadblocks in front of producers to prevent exactly what they desire; the mass of workers having the opportunity to live better, richer, more productive lives by becoming employed in new and exciting American industries on the cutting edge of technology.

Whatever the “Next Big Thing” is going to be, entrepreneurs will be ready for it. OWS protestors will not. That’s the difference between those who truly work for the betterment of their fellow men — while bettering themselves in the process — and those who pose, posture, and throw tantrums about the unfairness of it all.

Who are you rooting for?

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