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I started watching here in the middle of it.

4:38 AM: So far he has blamed “terrorists” who are present in the huge crowds for the violence.

The crowd sounds like it wants blood. . Chanting “Down with opponents of the revolution.”

4:40 AM: He is issuing a direct warning to the protestors. It is their fault if the protests turn violent and they will suffer the consequences.

4:42 AM - Criticizing west for putting out false election results. Khamenei acknowledges “new situation” in Iran.

4:45 AM: The West - “removed their masks” after election. Made some comments that revealed their true nature. Criticizing Obama for encouraging street protests.

4:46 AM: Protest violence carried out by western agents? That’s what the translator seems to be saying.

4:47 AM: Ah, memory. “Death to America” chant by crowd. Khamenei IS blaming “intelligence services” for violence.

4:48 AM: Strong criticism of US for Afghan, Iraq wars and support for Israel.

4:49 AM - OH MY GOD. Khamenei brings up Branch Davidian crackdown - “do they know anything about human rights?”

4:50 AM: Addressing the 12th Imam. “We are doing what we are obliged to do.”

4:52 AM: ” I am ready to put all on the line for the revolution. The revolution belongs to you (12th Imam). We will continue the path with full force. We ask you to support us with your prayers along the way.”

4:53 AM: Speech ends with crowd chanting that they would be willing to give their lives for the revolution.

Wrap up by pro-regime English speaking reporter fills in some of the blanks. He thinks it was a good speech, a “sensitive” speech. If that’s the guy’s idea of “sensitive” I’d hate to be married to him.

Khamenei insists on going through channels - the Guardian Council - to protest election.

Khamenei feels for shopkeepers and others who suffered property damage as a result of the protests.

The election “showed the people’s trust in the Islamic system.

Praised Rafsanjani but criticized him for siding with Mousavi.

Summary: Not as bombastic a speech that one would expect if a Tianemann style massacre was in the works. Khamenei seemed at one point to heavily criticize the Basij for attacking students in their dormitories (Allah has video of the attacks.) But clearly, he has called for an end to the street demonstrations and has ordered Mousavi to get with the program - after he and the other candidates meet with the Guardian Council tomorrow.

He laid the groundwork for a crackdown but stopped short of threatening one outright. He may have put a roadblock in front of the Basij - or it could be hypocrisy on his part. In short, we don’t know much more now then we knew before the speech.


The Guardian confirms what I thought I heard from the translator above and fills in some of the early parts of the speech I missed.

They take a much dimmer view of the possibility of a crackdown. They believe Khamenei’s warnings were clear and pointed. We’ll see. I think Allah is right and he will wait until after tomorrow’s sham meeting between the candidates and the Guardian Council about election complaints.

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