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What good would all of Pat’s great ideas be if they came to fruition and the GOP was still a party of pork-loving, deficit embracing, open border hugging, lobbyist kissing corrupt hacks?

Precisely! I am a fiscal, social conservative. My latest article on my blog entitled, The Four President Horsemen of the U.S. Apocalypse - Part 1, which criticized three Republican Presidents for fiscal impropriety, got a fair amount of traffic from Free Republic to read the article. But the article also got me booted off free Republic. It seems there are a lot of "Republicans" that think the word "fiscal" is a kind of game that is used to attract voters but doesn't really need to be put into practice.

Comment Posted By Agent Orange Peel On 26.11.2008 @ 08:38


What irony Rick! You will no doubt through your article cause America to seriously consider becoming a socialist state forever. But if America does make that socialist choice you will be one of the first to be removed in the first "purge". Continuous socialist states are constantly on the lookout for important members of the state they consider ideologically impure.

If the new order continuous socialist state does come about I wonder if your "purge" will be of the re-education type or the final solution type? It will be a tough decision for "the decider" seeing as at the time it is being made he/she will be totally drunk.

Comment Posted By Agent Orange Peel On 14.11.2008 @ 15:12


Rick the attraction of your site to me is your thinking. While I don't always agree with your thinking I find I often do agree with it.

What would Republicans or Democrats recommend?
That Republicans win every Presidential election and have the majority in both houses of Congress or alternatively that Democrats win every Presidential election and have the majority in both houses of Congress? If so and permanent one party rule actually came to pass would America be better off?

The one party state concept was a basic principle of Nazi Germany and Stalin's U.S.S.R. America should be glad that the Republican party loses elections and that the Democratic party loses elections. It seems to me that the Republican party or Democrat party losing elections helps America from turning into a clone of Nazi Germany and the U.S.S.R.

Comment Posted By Agent Orange Peel On 5.11.2008 @ 14:49


"Yes, a large part of that is the damage done to the conservative cause by Republicans claiming to be conservative but who betrayed everything that conservatism stands for."

I believe your statement Rick. You are also right that their are big problems facing America and that changes are coming no matter who wins the presidency tomorrow. If the Republican party wants to be a significant part of the solution to those big problems, and not significantly add to the big problems,
I strongly advise that the party take heed to the truth contained in what I quoted from you.

Comment Posted By Agent Orange Peel On 3.11.2008 @ 21:51


If on Tuesday the result is a Democratic blow out and Democrats end up with the presidency, as well as large majorities in both houses of congress it will occur because of, among other reasons, Republican political leaders between 2000 and 2008 collectively stumbled over this truth:

"The wise shall inherit glory: but shame shall be the promotion of fools."

Comment Posted By Agent Orange Peel On 2.11.2008 @ 01:34

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