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The FINAL SHOWDOWN will involve the intrepid Secret Service Agent Aaron Pierce.

One possible scenario has him taking a bullet to protect Crazy Martha ... the smoldering passion between the two is undeniable.

Have the crosstown logistics of LA finally caught up w/ "24" ... are we to assume that it is taking over an hour to get Henderson to CTU? His stay in CTU "maximum security lockdown" will be less than 10 minutes resulting in the deaths of at least five anonymous CTU security geeks. Have CTU security guards ever stopped anyone from doing anything?

Miles has replaced "dead Hobbit" as "24" character you would most want to hit in the face with a shovel. Miles reminds me of the jackass reporter on the plane in Die Hard 2.

Secretary Heller "sleeps with the fishes".


Comment Posted By Bob Swagger On 2.05.2006 @ 15:24


What about Wayne Palmer's "demon eyes"? As Wayne and Jack were driving over to pick up the bank manager, Wayne flashed "demon eyes" straight out of Exorcist. NOTHING on "24" "just happens".

When slimy Miles confronted Chloe leaving the restroom, I was hoping her answer was a simple "#2". Or maybe "why, did you wanna watch?"

As bank manager showed his gritty man-on-the-street patriotism, my wife lamented "well, he'll be dead within 5 minutes". He was of course.

My biggest fear in this hour was the possibility that "Macho Man Logan" and Crazy Martha were gonna dance the horizontal mambo right there on his desk. I wanna t-shirt with "Magnificent ... I like the sound of that" ... moves past "Ask not what your country, etc ..." among great presidential one-liners.

Granny Hayes will end up on Jack's side before its all over. "Sexual Harrassment Hottie" is certifiably weird.

Evelyn and daughter "sleep with the fishes" ... sigh, sob ...


Comment Posted By Bob Swagger On 11.04.2006 @ 09:48


No, Audrey is not a knowing accomplice to the baddies because ... well, just because. I'm not a big Audrey fan. I want Jack to go back to co-habing w/ "blue-collar Betty" and Derek. But "Greg Sumner's" daughter simply wouldn't betray her country. Audrey is being set-up by the evil Veep.

I fear that my 2nd favorite "24" character of all time - Aaron - will not survive the next 11 hours. I can see him making the ultimate sacrifice to save either Crazy Martha or Jack in the final climactic showdown.

The "moment" in last night's show was Chloe's welcoming line to Granny Hayes' stooge ... "I didn't ask who you worked for. I asked who you are." and then she shot him the "Chloe glare".

Before Granny Hayes, wasn't there another she-boss at CTU in an earlier season that didn't mesh really well w/ Jack?

Collette IS a mega-hottie. Am I the only one who sensed she was hoping Jack would "get rough" to force the intell out of her?

Comment Posted By Bob Swagger On 21.03.2006 @ 08:57


Alas, poor Edgar is now with his mom. CTU has now lost 50% of its "find out anything about anybody within 5 minutes" team. Will Chloe pick up the slack when the "Centex nerve gas" dissipates?

Those CTU security staff red shirts should come with bullseyes on them.

Crack whore sister's boy friend had to know who Hobbit was from the get-go. The dumpster mugging was "part of the master plan".

Jack REALLY wants to beat the crap out of Kim's "friend" just because ... I bet he will very soon.

That had to be an "inflatable" canister that terrorist smuggled into CTU. "Excuse me Mr Terrorist but is that a Centex nerve gas canister in your pocket, or are you thinking about Kim?"

I do NOT want to see a nude sex scene between Martha and Aaron.

Veep is definitely a "bad guy" and likely on Henderson's speed dial.

Kim will help Buckaroo escape from CTU.

Did Hobbit get out or is he in a sealed off area?

Bring back Sherri Palmer ... I miss her!

Comment Posted By Bob Swagger On 7.03.2006 @ 11:40


I thought I was the only one noticing the tight blouse on RoboCop's secretary ...

That Robo was waiting to ambush Jack w/ the zapper HAS to track back to Audrey, Chloe, Edgar ... who else knew?? ... I'm leaning towards Audrey for reasons we have not been privy to yet.

The dreaded "Return of Kim" was what Prez Jelly was really praying about ... "Please God NOOOOOO ... not Kim"!

The bad Cheshans all look alike, impossible to tell who's who. I yearn for the days of Marwan The Mummy or Dennis Hopper.

Mike reminds me of a babysitter hired to watch a very spoiled child ... he keeps rolling his eyes and thinking "I don't get paid enough to babysit this pinhead president".

Comment Posted By Bob Swagger On 28.02.2006 @ 21:31


Actor playing Jellyfish risks terminal typecasting. What a fine acting job to engender such disgust from viewers.

Before Hobbit, Hobbit was "Rudy" so now we see why Notre Dame never gave him a scholarship.

If I lose my key card, a simple call to IT has the card invalidated.

Aaron and Mike deserve the thanks of a grateful nation. Aaron, Mike, Chloe and Jack ... that's it. Everybody else ... Go Home, you're not needed!

When does RoboCop appear as Jack's old mentor?

NASCAR's Carl Edwards in upcoming cameo leading a Homeland Security team into CTU.

Another episode WITHOUT Kim ... each one is a blessing.

Comment Posted By Bob Swagger On 21.02.2006 @ 19:11


When in doubt, rely on Jack and his "eyeball extractor".

As terrifying as "nerve gas" might be, it is more frightening to imagine such dilemmas being debated by two such lilly-livered loonies as Hobbit and Jellyfish. "It's your call" ... "No, it's your call" ... "Jack, you CAN'T disobey a presidential order!" ... "Yessir Mr President, whatever you say Mr Commander Jellyfish In Chief ... geeeez!

I'm watching Jellyfish flip flop all over my TV while reading about that idiot Algore smooching Saudi butt ....... THANK GOD FOR BROWARD COUNTY & KATHERINE HARRIS!


Comment Posted By Bob Swagger On 14.02.2006 @ 16:45


Hobbit & Junkie Sister by the dumpster joins Kim & The Cougar as non-candidates for "24 Great Moments" DVD.

"Jellyfish and Crazy Martha writing a letter together" fails to reach "did you see" level of "Jack & Cummings' right eye extraction"

"Hi Kim. This is Audrey. You remember me ... William Devane's daughter ... the blond married to the guy your dad let die after he tortured him. Listen, I was wondering ... we're trying to save the world again down here at CTU and were wondering if you'd like to come down and help out. You could help Chloe do protocols, keep Edgar in Twinkies or even perform surgery in the infirmary since our only doctor was killed a few hours ago. Let me know so I can get you a Level 5 clearance. Hope you can make it ... Audrey."

Comment Posted By Bob Swagger On 7.02.2006 @ 10:56


I need some help ...

Jack's soliloquey to Cummings:

"First your right eye then your left eye then .......... "

what comes after "left eye"?

Someone contact e-harmony and hook up Agent Pierce w/ Chloe.

"Crazy Martha" WILL make Jellyfish pay for "being Jellyfish".

Comment Posted By Bob Swagger On 31.01.2006 @ 10:42


Consider this:
Jellyfish already "doesn't like Jack" because somehow Jack always interferes in his self-promotion schemes.
Crazy Martha, unless kept sedated, is "more woman" than Jellyfish deserves or knows what to do with.
When Crazy Martha eventually ("soon") meets Jack her repressed sexuality will explode. ... flaring nostrils, heaving breasts, etc ... all quickly noticed, of course, by Jellyfish ... giving him even more personal reasons to dislike Jack A LOT. Jack will be oblivious to his effect on her as he is "on the clock" to save the world #5.

And Derek ... realizing that "the moody oilfield roughneck" renting from Mom is like "THE COOLEST SUMBITCH EVER". Mom Diane, totally intimidated by CTU, Audrey, Jack/Frank The Assassin, et al will want to retreat back to "her world" but Derek thinks Jack's World is mucho cooler.

Now that THE one doctor in the CTU infirmary is dead, where will they find a replacement today that can perform multiple surgeries simultaneously.

Comment Posted By Bob Swagger On 24.01.2006 @ 18:17

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