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Let's see what happens, Rick. I don't see 'irony'. I see competition and disagreement. Mr. Hoffman will not win (if he does) because Ms. Scozzafava was sometimes unfairly trashed. Mr. Owens will not win (if he does) because of Pelosi and Reid laughter. Who nationally at least knows of Messrs. Walker and Ranger (unless it is a Chuck Norris fan)? Any 'coming together' of republicans through Ms. Scozzafava in a special election in this environment would have been a miracle. It would have been stupid, too. Good luck to the only choice: Mr. Hoffman.

Comment Posted By Charlie On 3.11.2009 @ 17:39


Your mea culpa shows class, but are you the only blogger to have gotten this wrong? Unless I missed something you were the only one he called out. I think just about everyone- left, right and center- missed it. The cover of this weeks Weekly Standard- The Fall of the House of Clinton- pretty funny really. Kurtz had nothing about it.

Comment Posted By charlie On 10.01.2008 @ 00:19


" ... more focused and yes more energized"
Not according to the "lazy" story on politico.
Sorry, no link.

Comment Posted By charlie On 20.12.2007 @ 16:19


The real question is: what does Hunt mean when he says "is" do we define this word rather than incompetent?

Comment Posted By Charlie On 26.10.2007 @ 13:34



I agreed with you right up until the point where you advocated an expansion of legal immigration, a point which I don't think really logically follows from the rest of your argument. With regards to our current immigration system, keep in mind that:

A) We already admit by far the largest number of immigrants of any nation in the world, over 1 million per year;

B) Nearly 70 percent of legal immigrants do not come here as skilled, unattached singles easily assimilated into American life, but as people sponsored by their immigrant relatives already in the United States - i.e. the system of so-called chain migration, which ensures an endless supply of legal immigrants, few of them skilled or well-educated;

C) Given this system, any increase in legal immigration levels will only result in a further deluge of relatives of current immigrants entering, NOT skilled workers or people from countries that haven't had the chance to send many immigrants.

In light of all this, I can think of little good that would come from expanding the number of residency permits we issue. If anything, I'd have to agree with an earlier commenter who suggested that a complete pause might be a better idea, then perhaps a resumption some time down the road at much lower levels and with the elimination of the family reunification provision. Fundamentally, we need to start choosing who we want to allow into this country: as it stands, with both legal and illegal immigration, we have completely lost control over that crucial question.

Comment Posted By Charlie On 14.05.2006 @ 16:27


People who complain of bias by c-span are always partisans and always see themselves as the victims of the bias- left and right.It is very difficult to do a service like c-span, or anything else, in a totally unbiased way. I think they do it about as well as it can be done. Who do you think does it better? Could you do it better?

Comment Posted By Charlie On 4.04.2006 @ 23:42


You really must stop reading my mind...I couldn't agree more. In fact, I'd encourage citizens of this country who hate it to stand out so we know who they are...for retailiation? Not at all.

Let those who hate the USA and love the "freedom" of Militand Islam...suicide bombers to be recruited from Middle Eastern youth, women to be shot for adultry, homosexuals to be killed for practicing homosexuality; let them keep on speaking out against the United States and for the rights of terrorists and oppressive dictators. You have to love a country that allows that.

Comment Posted By Charlie On 22.06.2005 @ 23:02


To Larry Brown: What the diagnosis for your short tem memory loss is, I won't attempt to speculate on...WJ Clinton warned us of Sadaam's WMD in's the old "people who live in glass houses..." bit that you should take to heart. As for Durbin....he's no different than Boxer, Kennedy, etc. duking it out for an Al Jazeera Emmy. Free speech is a wonderful thing, even if, like Durbin, you aren;t sure if the info is accurate. If the Senator wer a judge, he'd hold the execusion before the accused murderer was even booked, much less tried...let them have their rants and spew the latest bumper sticker rhetoric. They know full well that Durbin's comments will bolster Al Qaeda and the insugents, thus giving them more dead soldiers to smirk about in private and, when on camera, wipe a tear from their eye. World War II had Tokyo Rose and we have Kennedy and Durbin, etc. It's nice to live in a country so free that you can assist the enemy and go home in a limo to plot the next day's attack. If Al Qaeda has an equivelant of the medal of honor, Bin Ladon would pin it on him...right before beheading him. Durbin obviously doesn't know who he's screwing with.

Comment Posted By Charlie On 22.06.2005 @ 23:46


Rick and especially Don,

Being in California, it's not difficult, but impossible to avoid the Left. I'm not complaining, I just don't want to be accused of not knowing what's on their minds...and has been long befor George W. Bush was even a candidate for President. I'm a former Democrat. My best friend is still. He's a political nutcase, but a good guy otherwise. He attempted to play the "jumping up and down for war" along with bumper sticker slogans with me...until he remembered I haven't jumped an inch; nor have any of the other Republicans he knows. I'll remind everyone here that it was Bill Clinton in 1998 who said that it wasn't a matter of "if Sadaam has weapons of mass destruction, but a matter of when and where he would use them". It's unfortunate that the previous administration saw Al Qaeda as a law enforcement issue and Sadaam as someone they could only wring their hands about. I feel miserable for every life lost in this war. I also feel sadnss for my Left Wing friends who can do nothing better than smirk when the latest soldier's death is announced and could do nothing better than to boost their innoculate themselves by going home on the evening following last November's election and tossing on the DVD of Fareinheit 911.

This is why I'm no longer a Democrat.

Comment Posted By Charlie On 22.06.2005 @ 23:23


Idiot, dumb sh--, a--h---, stupido, all good words to describe Durbin but the best word is TRAITOR! Please Mr. Durbin move to Iraq and join up with your fellow terrorists so when we capture you we can show you what the definition of real torture is.

Comment Posted By Charlie On 16.06.2005 @ 16:25

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