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First off, I truly realize you could care less if I stay reading your blog or not. And I'm not here for the drama tonight but I have always enjoyed your writing - you have a knack, a talent for the written word.

Did you feel the "but" coming? haha. Here it is. But, quite frankly, I've had an incredibly difficult time over the past six months finding much conservatism in your writings. I can't describe it but to me you have become the John McCain of the blogs. You want to "bridge the gap" want to apparently mend the fences between the Left and the Right. Fair enough, if that's your goal, but to call your house here "Right Wing..." is misleading.

I've seen you downplay this insult on American troops as well as their families and also all Americans, I've seen you go out of your way to describe the YKos attendees as model citizens (and after reading Kos and then your description of them in person, i'm even MORE afraid), I've seen you seek withdrawl of troops from Iraq, I've seen you now attack right wing blog after right wing blog.

Hey, it's the blogosphere, Rick. It's your stage, man. But let's face it. It's gotten to a point in the past six months that 75% of your commenters are Lefties. Your "bridging" strategy has shunned the conservatives from this site and has welcomed in the Left. Again, that's your perogative, but in essence, I will put forth this prediction. In another six months Rick, you've got yourself a Lefty Blog here. Maybe you have changed, maybe you consider yourself moderate now. But bottom line is, most of the blogs end up Right or Left.

You aren't Right anymore. And I hope you find where you feel you fit. Your writing talent is a gift and many of us have appreciated your sharing it with us. I know I have. Best of luck, Rick.

Comment Posted By Fight4TheRight On 7.08.2007 @ 19:15


What Democrat, worth his/her wool, would be afraid of Markos Moulitsas? This guy's a punk. And his blog will be a dinosaur in 2 years.

If you are a Democrat, you better be a heckuva lot more worried about what George Soros thinks of you than Markos "MyFollowersAverage16yrsold" Moulitsas.

Soros can send heads rolling while good old "Kos" is more intent on rolling other stuff.

Comment Posted By Fight4TheRight On 3.08.2007 @ 17:25


Hopefully, this case will be thrown out of court as it should be, but what I'm hoping the real benefit of these absurd charges will be a continued spotlight on the agenda of C.A.I.R.

With the "Flying Imams" case and now this, C.A.I.R. should get even more publicity and I'm certain that in the long run, the terrorists at C.A.I.R. should have continued to operate a bit lower under the radar as they had.

Now, C.A.I.R. will become clear to the American people - the masses will see the true intent of this organization and they will begin to pressure their congressmen and women to shun this outfit.

Greed and publicity are addicting...apparently even to C.A.I.R.

Comment Posted By Fight4TheRight On 30.07.2007 @ 23:54



You know, if you have that much time on your hands, I've got a fence that needs painting and a roof that needs some new shingles.


You asked the question: " God knows what a determined Democratic Congress would be willing to do in order to get Gonzalez"

And to answer appears that Senator Chuck Schumer has about as much idle time on his plate as my pal, jukeboxgrad, so I would answer your question with: Anything and everything.

Course Chuck Schumer is not after Gonzales, he's hoping that Gonzales' testimony will lead him to some deep dark cavern of untold deceptions and crimes committed by the one who Schumer really wants mounted on his office wall. That being Dick Cheney.

Comment Posted By Fight4TheRight On 29.07.2007 @ 16:59


Totally agree with you here, Rick. Bring it on! It's way past time that the limelight be put on the inaccuracy, the lying, the lack of reason and common sense, and the manipulation of the Left. Let the moonbats ask their ridiculous questions - expose them to the Nation for the whack jobs they are. Who knows, it may be a night where Rudy or Mitt or McCain could have a "There You go again..." moment.

The only issue at hand here is if CNN's filter is such that there are 70% "attack" questions and 30% "friendly" questions - the Dems obviously got about 80% friendly.

But my view is this. The only way the Republican candidate that I back (when i decide)is going to beat Hillary is if the American people see his concise, well-founded questions to difficult and perhaps, uncomfortable questions. That way the American people can judge for themselves - an answer from a leader compared to an answer from a wannabe First Lady.

And if my Repubs can't take the heat of the question, then good - I don't want them facing down a tough question from Assad in Syria.

Comment Posted By Fight4TheRight On 27.07.2007 @ 10:15


I doubt that the tens of thousands of dead victims in Darfur would (if they could) consider "Muslims Go Home" ...hate speech.

Comment Posted By Fight4TheRight On 26.07.2007 @ 21:08


You know Leo, you're right. Some fears are justified. I know I won't feel totally safe here in the U.S. until Barack O'Bama is Commander-in-Chief, John Edwards is the Vice President and Dick Durbin is the Senate Majority Leader.

We'll have Rahm Emmanuel as Secretary of Defense and we'll have Patrick Leahy as Secretary of State.

And only then, will I be able to put my feet up, heave a heavy sigh and and relish in the fact that me and my family are truly safe and sound.

Comment Posted By Fight4TheRight On 21.07.2007 @ 16:22



So, if we continue with your logic here...why should we have forces and a presence in the DMZ in Korea? If the Communists in the North and the democratic South want to just bomb each other to hell, let em?

And how about Israel? Since the Arab World and the Persians are intent on destroying Israel and Israel is unwilling to negotiate with them, why should we even be involved? Let's just let the chips fall and stay out of it, right?

And how about Iran? So they want to build nuclear weapons. And they have threatened to wipe Israel off the globe. We should just back off, retreat within our borders and say, ain't our fight.

I'm not sure if you are an isolationist or you only want us to stick our nose into "easy" conflicts.

And Rick, as for Iraq. I'll just say this. Doesn't it make sense for the U.S. to do it's very best to create an atmosphere of security in Iraq so it's politicians and people can move to the next steps? I mean, we have heard it over and over again that the Iraqi government is handcuffed by the ongoing violence. How can we expect a Sunni politician to invest himself personally in a relationship with a Shia politician when, if what you and the Dems are calling for, could very possibly leave that Sunni politician at the mercy of a National Militia controlled by Shia. The Shias of Iraq have a very clear memory what happened to them when the U.S. bailed after the first Gulf War. And the Sunnis certainly have seen what Sadr would do to them if things are left in a vacuum.

Finally, the Left has moved so far into Socialism that their aspect of the Iraq War is clearly predictable. Their view is simply that the U.S. no longer sit in a role of World Superpower. They see our righful place as another France, Germany, Japan. They wish all conflicts to be settled in the U.N. They will prescribe that we disseminate all of our wealth and position to the rest of the world. We are the Evil Big Brother. They want us all to be equals across this planet.

After all, if it "takes a village" to raise a child, it certainly takes a world of people in complete harmony to solve these issues. Right?

Comment Posted By Fight4TheRight On 20.07.2007 @ 08:56


Rick Moran said:

" Of course, this throws up all sorts of questions about the leadership of President Bush, Republicans in Congress, and conservative intellectuals who have failed miserably in making the case for this wider war on terrorism to the American people."

Perhaps President Bush and the others listed made the mistake of believing the American people would resent the slaughter of 3,000 innocent members of the Republic and at the same time, perhaps they misjudged the American peoples' ability to recognize an enemy's arming approaching.

Just never pays to assume and unfortunately, it does feed into the Leftist model that the American people are sheep who are defenseless without a Tax. Spend and Surrender Shepard.

Comment Posted By Fight4TheRight On 14.07.2007 @ 17:47


Okay Rick, I'll explain it to you. Way back you advocated placating the Dems. You mentioned a "token" withdrawl. There is no such thing as "token" to the Dems and the Surrender monkeys. That's like giving six months more to Iran to fix their paperwork for the UN Atomic Energy Commission while they use that six months to further the bomb.

Your plan is flawed in the same way you don't give a bank robber with a bank full of hostages a helicopter and a million in cash in exchange for the hostages. The same way we didn't take bin Laden up on his offer of amnesty for the U.S. and Europe. If you believe there is one Dem leader in Congress that will change their attitude with a withdrawl of say 10 or 20,000 troops, then you perhaps now see the wisdom of McCain-Feingold.

Hillary Clinton said it best...."Not next April, not tomorrow, but TODAY!"

And this is the kind of person you want to appease with a "token" withdrawl?

Rick, if you actually believe that a gesture of withdrawl would not amount to a hole in a dam that then bursts wide open, I've underestimated your perception of the Left.

And finally, I wrote my piece to on here before the President spoke yesterday. But that makes no difference. My contention all along is that we follow the strategy of Gen. Petraeus. If Petraeus has the time and troops that he asked for and is allowed to report back in September and he then throws his hands up and says, "We just can't get it done", then I am for following his recommendations.

And to clarify something, Rick. I never called you a traitor, you referred to yourself that way. My reference to you was that you purported a mission of surrender and have nurtured that opinion in this Land. And I stand by that opinion. I see the danger in that...being that 90% of the people in your camp right now would not authorize any military action anywhere in the World for any reason. A surrender and withdrawl from Iraq simply means the end of any credible U.S. deterrent to attacks on Israel or any other democracy in the World.

And if I can go one step will see a movement in this Country that will resist any act of retaliation to another major attack on U.S. soil.

Comment Posted By Fight4TheRight On 11.07.2007 @ 07:31

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