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As a kid growing up South Texas, I was fascinated by the space program and NASA growing up. Later in my adult life I lived just down the road from Johnson Space Center and saw the economic effects of Johnson and the contractors. I also know a few people that work for USA, Lockheed, and other contractors.

With that being said, I think that NASA is in search of a mission. When the Space Shuttle came along, it seemed to be a good launch platform. After Challenger, satellites were no longer launched on the shuttle and this action gave rise to the Ariane, Proton, and other expendable launch vehicle programs. While we still have the Atlas and Delta rockets, these rockets are not man rated at this time.

Now we are at the point where NASA appears to be getting out of the space business and the U.S. government will be purchasing services from private contractors. As John Galt noted that since this is the current arrangement where the real work is performed by contractors, we will see it again except it may not be under the strict auspices of NASA.

It is common for satellite owners to be involved in the manufacturing process for satellites, so NASA could do the same with their next launch vehicle. But I think that private contractors may do a much better job and at a lower cost that what NASA could ever do.

While some may look at this action as a direct swipe at three states, I think the time has come for NASA to change into something different. NASA could train astronauts for human spaceflight and may perform space traffic functions, but the NASA of the Apollo era is long gone. The politicians that bemoan Obama's decision today show a complete misunderstanding of the space program and the new directions being pursued by commercial interests. I think what they are really concerned about is the potential loss of thousands of jobs in Clear Lake, Texas, greater Orlando, Florida, and Huntsville, Alabama.

Comment Posted By James On 1.02.2010 @ 20:45


Refreshing... I am a member of the infamous 18-25 age voting bracket and I have been searching relentlessly to find some rational conservative voice to explain all that is happening right now. So far yours is the only conservative blog I can stand coming back to regularly.In fact, quite anxiously so, as I am trying to gain a broad rational perspective of issues today. I don't know what conservatism truly is. I understand free market and cutting taxes. I am sure there is certainly more to it and it can't have always been what it appears to be today.In one insightful piece on Sarah Palin you alluded to the fact that some conservative policies are outdated.I actually think this could be at the route of the problem with the GOP's ability to pick up young voters. I think the republican party will have to mold itself to become more contemporary. So,thanks for the post and making me realize that at least for a little while I haven't completely missed something.

P.S.Can you give me some names of books that you think influential

"Conscience of a conservative" by Barry Goldwater is a classic. "Road to Serfdom" by Hayek, and Russell Kirk's "The Conservative Mind" are more philosphical but good reading.


Comment Posted By James On 20.11.2009 @ 12:46


The original article was removed from NewMax's site, but is preserved here:

Sedition is an act of terrorism. Arrest him.

Sedition is sedition. What law school did you graduate from?


Comment Posted By James On 30.09.2009 @ 09:25


Still clinging to the "hundreds of thousands" lie.

There were less than 80,000 people there. Period. That's a lot of people, but you just can't lie it higher.

Comment Posted By James On 16.09.2009 @ 14:33


P.S. Being abused in your childhood is not a reason for abusing others, it’s an excuse.

you know that for a fact^^^^^^^????

if you actully reserch the fact you'll learn that mike was innocent

not to menton the first kid

When District Attorney Tom Sneddon smugly announced that Michael Jackson was to be criminally charged, and that Neverland was being raided, he was so blinded by greed, jealousy and vengeance that he could not see that the degenerate family he had sided with, the Arvizo family, in order to try and take Michael Jackson's freedom from him, and ruin his reputation, all so that Sneddon could bask in glory, would actually bring Sneddon the ultimate humiliation. Sneddon's case against Michael Jackson was built on lies, and was created by liars, and Sneddon got exactly what he deserved, failure!!!

When Michael Jackson was put on trial, accused of having molested Gavin Arvizo -- who had learnt from his family how to extort people -- the media refused to tell the truth. The media refused to acknowledge, or discuss, what was actually going on in the courtroom that was favorable to Michael Jackson. The testimony that pointed to Michael Jackson's innocence, the success Michael Jackson's attorneys had in exposing the prosecution case for what it was, sham, was ignored by the media, the media refused to tell the truth.

When prosecution witnesses who desired to fill their pockets with Michael Jackson's money, who hoped to become rich by selling false stories, who falsely accused Michael Jackson, and who made up as many lies as possible, as horrible as possible, to extort as much money as possible from Michael Jackson, were exposed, it was ignored by the media, the media refused to tell the truth.

When the accuser, Gavin Arvizo, and his family, mother Janet Arvizo, and siblings Star Arvizo and Davellin Arvizo, stumbled over their lies, contradicted themselves continually, became argumentative when presented with facts that proved they were liars and extortionists, it was ignored by the media, the media refused to tell the truth.

When Michael Jackson's young cousin testified that the accuser, Gavin Arvizo, and Gavin's brother Star tried to get him to masturbate in their presence, it was ignored by the media, the media refused to tell the truth.

When it was revealed that Michael Jackson's former employees only claimed to have seen inappropriate behavior by Michael Jackson AFTER THEY WERE OFFERED MONEY AND PAID BY TABLOIDS/THE MEDIA, it was ignored by the media, the media refused to tell the truth. (Michael Jackson successfully sued these former employees many years ago, they still owe him money.)

When Michael Jackson's current employees testified that the accuser, Gavin Arvizo, and his family slept in guesthouses at Neverland (and not in Michael Jackson's bedroom), that they caused a great deal of trouble at Neverland, left a huge mess at Neverland, damaged and defaced property at Neverland, attacked the animals at Neverland, pulled knives on Neverland employees, stole from Neverland employees, stole from Michael Jackson, extorted Neverland employees by lying about their financial circumstances, extorted the government by lying about their financial circumstances, extorted other celebrities by lying to them and falsely accusing them, caused trouble wherever they went, and to whoever was unlucky enough to befriend them, overall having been shown to be users, liars, thieves, troublemakers and criminals, it was ignored by the media, the media refused to tell the truth..... until now.

Aphrodite Jones, a reporter, ashamed of her behavior during Michael Jackson's trial, having realized that she was wrong, has written this book - "Michael Jackson Conspiracy" - which is pretty much a compact version of Michael Jackson's trial. It details exactly what happened in the courtroom at Michael Jackson's trial (using actual trial testimony), the facts that were revealed and exposed, the witnesses and what they stated, how Michael Jackson's defense team managed to successfully destroy prosecution theories and witnesses on a daily basis, how the media did not want to report anything that was favorable to Michael Jackson or his defense team, how some media reporters had already secured deals to have access to Michael Jackson if he was to be found guilty and imprisoned (which is disgusting, because this behavior implies that these jerks preferred that a child had been molested so that they could profit), and how Michael Jackson was found NOT GUILTY by a jury that saw right through the lies, right through the Arvizo family, right through District Attorney Tom Sneddon and his sham case, and right through the media garbage that has been circulating for years about Michael Jackson.

So, if you want the truth about Michael Jackson, how he has become a target for liars who want to become instant millionaires, and the victim of a media that promotes and prefers lies, read "Michael Jackson Conspiracy".

Comment Posted By james On 6.07.2009 @ 19:13


And Dennis D, you're the one who needs to wake up. Liberals were not "cheering" when American soldiers died in Iraq. Why do liberals want to photograph coffins? Do you ask yourself that rather than just caricaturing them as America hating Communist blood drinkers? The left did not think the loss of American life in Iraq was worth the resulting benefits to America and Iraq. As a result it wanted to draw attention to the death and suffering occurring. The right considered this sacrifice to be acceptable and necessary for American security and to spread democracy to the middle east, and I happen to agree. However this is a legitimate and debatable disagreement in national priorities and security policy. Liberals don't celebrate when Americans are killed anymore than they celebrate when fetuses are aborted.

People like you reduce the civility and productivity of political discourse. Dumbass.

Comment Posted By James On 2.03.2009 @ 23:12

When people hear Rush saying he wants Obama to fail, they hear that they want him to fail to fix the economy, fail to fix the healthcare system, fail to keep terrorists at bay, etc. This comes off as a petty and vindictive, winning is more important than outcomes mentality--Rush's analogy to the super bowl (a game whose outcome has essentially no meaningful consequences) only reinforces this idea, and people hear this rather than what Rush (claims to) mean, which is that he hopes Obama fails to implement policies that will create an America that Republicans don't want.

Comment Posted By James On 2.03.2009 @ 23:03


If he's elected, Obama will damn well not be my President. He and his campaign and his supporters have already made it abundantly clear that I'm not desired as a citizen of the America they want and intend to create should they claw their way into power.

I've been told that I am part of a "downright mean" society; that I am bitter and cling to religion, that I'm a racist and a bigot, that I'm crazy and stupid and ignorant, that I'm a warmonger whose only purpose and enjoyment in life is "mudrering brown people," that I listen to and read the "wrong" information sources, that "my soul is broken," and on and on and on.

They have been crystal clear with regard to their contempt for the first amendment, and their desire to silence political opponents using any means necessary. They have been crystal clear with regard to their intentions to subvert the democratic process, and to openly and mockingly violate the very campaign "reform" laws they once championed. They have been crystal clear about their intention to disenfranchise American citizens who oppose them, while at the same time enfranchising non-citizens, felons, the entirely non-existent and the dead to boost their own vote totals.

These are not people that can be reasoned with, or compromised with. They have nothing but contempt and hatred for us, and they are proud of it. Look at the words of Obama, and his wife, and of the people who surround him, and who mentored him and shaped his career and his worldview. Look at the words of his more rabid supporters, both online and in real life. They make no secret of their hatred, or their intentions.

Comment Posted By James On 14.10.2008 @ 12:40

Nice commentary about Speaker O'Neil's work with Pres. Reagan . . . I observed that Congress and Administration, and to paraphrase Sen. Bentsen: I knew Speaker O'Neil, I respected Speaker O'Neil, and Speaker Pelosi IS NO Speaker O'Neil. I for one will react to this election based on whether or not our State authorities properly enforce one-man, one-vote principles our nation was founded on. It's that simple; I WILL NOT honor an administration that is inaugurated based on an overt fraud by ACORN-style tactics.

Comment Posted By James On 14.10.2008 @ 09:23


If you think for one second the republicans and McCain and Palin are what is good for this are really not very bright. It's ok to be loyal to your party, but if you can't see the writing on the wall here, you're blind. McCain has no plan and Palin...well, she's just not very bright. She didn't even know what the Bush doctrine is, nor will the big bad lady with a gun address the press....because she knows better. Please....admit it when you're party is WRONG!

Comment Posted By James On 15.09.2008 @ 20:32

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