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good grief again.

i started to write a reply to this blather, but #7 is concise and to the point.

Why do you insist on reading into the words I write meaning that isn't there? You and the brave anonymous evidently have enormous problems with the English language. You are so eager to trash me that you just make shit up rather than respond to what is written on the page.

You and #7 are pathologically unable to grasp simple concepts. I said nothing about "perceived needs." They are real needs, ninny. For example, every school district in America has special needs classes - mandated by the Supreme Court, btw who determined that children with handicaps are deserving of a public education where possible. Voters have nothing to do with it. It's not a question of choice. Federal dollars are the difference between these kids getting an education or being shuffled in with the severely handicapped and retarded.

And I know that it is difficult for you to read but perhaps you should have perused the next paragraph where I point out that there is much to be cut from these departments without obliterating necessary and vital programs. This is what I mean by people like you not having a clue in the universe of what you're talking about when you mindlessly spout about "small government."

God help the GOP now that you and Rush and your ignorant friends are in charge.


Comment Posted By matt On 1.06.2009 @ 15:19


I've never really been able to put my finger on the weird bias Rick Moran seems to have.

Until now. I think its "Me-itis". Ie look at me, look at my blog, look at the controversial things I'm saying.

I stopped skimming his columns at PJmedia and this will be my last visit here. I know I won't be missed but Moran, methinks you're losing your core audience. Will you be Andrew Sullivan by 2010, just without the gay ? Methinks yes.

Comment Posted By Matt On 1.03.2009 @ 00:51


See this post too.

Comment Posted By Matt On 12.10.2008 @ 11:58


I'm watching the slow-motion destruction of a Democratic candidate for president. What a shame. To think the American people don't have a choice but to just "take" bush's ideas for another 4 years is utterly demoralizing.

I've got so much angst about Americas future, that I'm almost ready to forgive this Ayers connection. At some point we've got to move in a different direction. Perhaps connections are no indicator of presidential performance. W was clean as a whistle and look at the mess he got us into. Is a lack of boogie men in one's background a guarantee of good presidential performance?

Comment Posted By matt On 14.08.2008 @ 10:46


Um.. has anyone looked into the actual logistical *possibility of buying, booking, and scheduling Iowa TV ads between the 29th and the caucus? There are only 2 business days (next Monday and Wednesday) in which to accomplish this. I suspect a scam

Comment Posted By Matt On 27.12.2007 @ 09:45


Correction: I meant that the theory you propose is silly.

Comment Posted By Matt On 11.12.2007 @ 23:53

Peter, from an Atheist, Christian, or whatever perspective, the conspiracy theory you propose is theory. Maybe on television yes, but if you spend time with some of these people at megachurches and mission centers you may find some problems with the way they think and do things, but they are not capable of orchestrating something like this. There are several exceptions, such as the Olympic bomber etc., but if you look closely you will see these people come from a separate subculture of "Christianity."

Comment Posted By Matt On 11.12.2007 @ 23:53


Can you personally explain anything that happened on 9/11, Mr. Rick Moron? Could you even hold a discussion about the physics of the towers' collapse? You are an elementary schoolyard bully who made his living kissing the prick of the establishment. Suck it whore!

Comment Posted By matt On 21.08.2007 @ 13:46


Judicial Watch is filing suit b/c they have bought into the fear of the NAU enough to want to research it. Not every part of a meeting between heads of state is going to be public, ever.

I have read some of Robert Pastor's work and, frankly, he is delusional at best. Any "deepening" of NAFTA would require the Senate's ratification and my state's senators would fear for their well being if they voted for it (Alabama).

I didn't say Stall wasn't qualified. It wasn't meant as a slam. I just pointed out that he was running for political office (see previous reference to political power). I actually think that his loss speaks volumes of what the voters of Texas think.

You are dead right about Al Gore. Silent would be better.

I agree with you that government is inefficient and the Fort Dix Six could have been handled better. When illegals break the law, we need a way to deport them and keep them out.

Your right about TCC and secrecy. If it is as stupid (the second time I referred to the TCC as stupid) as it sounds, it needs to be stopped, but it can only be stopped by the people of Texas.

Spain? Not multinational? Couldn't care less. It is a big project. It is going to need a lot of people and resources. Maybe that means it needs a company larger than any in Texas and the US. I wouldn't think so, but I don't know.

retire05, I have neither hostility towards you nor do I believe you are stupid. My point hasn't changed. The TCC is not a NAFTA superhighway. There is no NAU and there never will be. The American people are culturally different than those in Europe. We will never accept something like the EU here.

Comment Posted By Matt On 22.08.2007 @ 12:59

What secret!?! The TTC was a bill (or set of bills, I am not from Texas) passed in the Texas legislature and signed by the Texas governor.

The meeting this week has been covered by every major news outlet.

The CFR document can be found with Google.

The SPP has its own website.

What is being called a secret, by many, is not what is real but what is feared. If you believe that an American President (with not one patriot in his administration to blow the whistle) would sign away sovereignty, and lessen his own power, with the duplicity (or stupidity) of 535 members of Congress, you are irrationally afraid.

On the issue of secrecy. My government better know more about terrorists than I do. They also should use that information to stop them.

They also should be allowed to conduct their work with some privacy. I am sure someone will try to tee off on this line, but if our Constitutional Framers has tried to negotiate and deliberate in public, we would still be under the Articles of Confederation.

Comment Posted By Matt On 22.08.2007 @ 08:00

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