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Since I'm campaigning myself for a local office I am on the street a lot and one thing glaringly obvious is all the "Help Wanted" signs. I must confess--I always have had a secret urge to be a truck driver and command a huge machine. Now would be the time, as all I would have to do is go to truck driver school for a few weeks and get the CDL and I would have my pick of jobs.

Despite hordes of immigrants in this area, the fast food places all desperately need more staff.

While doorbelling (my campaign theme centers on the miserable 75% high school on time graduation rate and the drop-out plague, I encountered a Hispanic lady who expressed a not-untypical complaint in her very limited English. Her son just dropped out of his Senior year in high school despite the fact that he speaks excellent English and was getting good grades.

The problem? He was offerred a full-time job at $22/hr and he jumped on it so that he can buy a new car with spinny wheels and a stereo system suitable for a small stadium.

Comment Posted By Michael L. Cook On 5.11.2006 @ 07:03


The troops need a bit of a rest. It's time for technology and some true spy-work to carry the load and clean up the remaining mad bombers of Iraq. I hereby predict that by November Iraq is going to unmistakeably appear like an intervention that worked. I predict the price of oil will be down, the economy will be up, and the Republicans will actually gain in both houses of Congress.In fact, I think this all is a fairly good bet and I have found some ways to bet on it!

Comment Posted By Michael L. Cook On 14.06.2006 @ 22:57


I am running for the Washington State House of Representative and when queried on immigration I respond: "I support the President on this. What we absolutely must do, however, is get everyone who is in this country narrowed down to having one legal name that is based on a true and valid birth certificate from somewhere. For obvious national security and criminal justice reasons we can't have people wandering around with five different names and spouting complete lies about their criminal history in five different states and two different nations.

There doesn't seem to be a lot of fighting going on in Iraq recently, so maybe some resources can be devoted to who's really a hostage and who is just pulling our leg.

If some security person is fired or demoted because a dolt politician in D.C. is too arrogant to show their I.D. there needs to be an impeachment of that lawmaker for failure to exercise due respect to both national authority properly delegated and to working class people in general. Anyone playing the race card on this needs to be charged with a hate crime and obstruction of justice by manipulation.

Comment Posted By Michael L. Cook On 1.04.2006 @ 03:19


P.S. What happens in Sparks, stays in Sparks

Comment Posted By Michael L. Cook On 29.03.2006 @ 09:37

Hey, this is a volatile business. All you need is a few scoops and the world will beat a path to your URL.

Some tips on what to pursue that really appeals to the unwashed American public:
1) That girl missing in Aruba has been sighted in Sparks, Nevada.
2) At the urging of an unknown lobbyist, in 2002 Congress officially recognized a little-known tribe in New Jersey called the Soprano Indians. The tribe has opened two casinos and is planning a third.
3)Last week at a McDonald's in San Francisco, a customer discovered what appeared to be the tip of a male sexual organ in their chili.
4) An e-mail deleted from the computer of an executive at the
Catepillar Company proves that Israel asked for guarantees that the tracks of the D-7 model and larger were suitable for crushing protestors.
5) The sole survivor of a mass killing at a Rave in Seattle says she lived because all the metal studs in her tongue deflected a potentially fatal bullet.
6) The Russians have announced that due to global warming they will now be able to sail supertankers full of Siberian oil directly from the Arctic Circle port of Frozinasskaya to a new refinery that Gasprom and the Soprano Indians are building in New Jersey.
7) The Democrat Party will announce tomorrow a detailed plan for withdrawal from Iraq. Phase One is to take Saddam up on the offer to negotiate he made when pulled from the hole in the floor of the hut.

Comment Posted By Michael L. Cook On 29.03.2006 @ 03:06


Schwarzenneger. Ahhnolddd.

Comment Posted By Michael L. Cook On 20.03.2006 @ 14:29

I anticipate that the probability that a WMD will be used on the USA in a 9/11 style sequel is about 100% What will today's anti-Bush zealots say then?

Will they say that Bush is to blame because he stirred up a hornet's nest by invading the wrong nests? Will they say that they would have pre-emptively attacked Iran, or Syria, or Saudi Arabia, or whoever else looks most guilty?

If a terrorist atom bomb blows up the Capitol dome and no nation-state can be directly shown to be responsible (even though one of them must have been in some type of deep collusion with the terrorists) does that mean we revert to the "Well, we must just try harder to build coalitions of peace loving nations and patiently regain our shattered moral authority?"

We better change the constitution now, because if it ever comes to that type of talk we should get ready for President Scharzenneger.

Comment Posted By Michael L. Cook On 20.03.2006 @ 14:26


The MSM has been completely unable to mention that not only is Guantanimo not the worst prison in the world with regard to any conception of basic human rights, it is not even the worst prison on the island of Cuba.

Beyond, that, I anticipate a big release of detainees from Gitmo sometime this summer. Many of them were no doubt clueless hangers on or bystanders of terrorist activities. Those guys will be released and there will not be a lot of new prisoners to take their place because American forces don't do a lot of patrolling anymore. The Iraqis themselves take a lot of captives and do what they will do with them. Because that is life in Iraq, the level of terrorist activities will be winding down this summer.

Barring some type of open intervention by Syria or Iran, of course. Those countries will make a big mistake if they mis-read the current American disenchantment with the war as a green signal for a ramped-up offensive.

Comment Posted By Michael L. Cook On 20.03.2006 @ 15:23


An obvious possibility is that the one suspected terrorist in the house in a Waco-style blaze of glory shoots all the others in the head and then kills himself.

Comment Posted By Michael L. Cook On 19.03.2006 @ 18:04


Reagan defeated communism and Dubya is whipping up on Islamo-terrorism by attacking the thugs where they can be found, not where resentful leftist Americans give him permission to find them. I myself was a little upset at the Katrina response, but I was more appalled at the total inability of the welfare class to self-organize and police their own surroundings at the Superdome and the Convention Center. I will believe to my dying day that a random sampling of Japanese or German citizens thrown into those environments would have spontaneously organized sweeping brigades for the floors and bucket brigades or alternative latrines to deal with the
toilet problems. They would have helped the authorities to make the situation better. Of course, they would have had better local authorities to start with.

Comment Posted By Michael L. Cook On 11.03.2006 @ 03:47

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