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Why would anyone think politicians, who are basically lawyers, know what's best for them in their own life?

We DON'T want to be like the rest of the world - a collective of dependent plebes who reliably vote for more and more government programs. That's the road of a dull, "safe", undynamic nation.

Barry Hussein Obama and his cabal need to unleash the productive capital of this country. He won't of course, he's too steeped in Marxist dogma of class and race warfare. His mission in life is "social justice", aka, "gettin whitey".

BHO is just a smoother talking version of Jackson or Sharpton, not much more.

Comment Posted By rsg On 21.02.2009 @ 11:02


RonReagan - I fell off my chair with your comments...You are too funny Ron!

Let me guess. You're a highly educated college boy, eh? A bit "feminized"? Like your six weeks paid time off per year too I bet, eh?

Comment Posted By RSG On 5.11.2008 @ 16:20

Sorry to be a non-conformist, a non-unity "outcast" from the one, unifying, party liberals and RINOS dream of but... I find B. Hussein to be a joke. A leftist-laywer with very little experience in anything other than as a social agitator, "inspires" the masses? So what? Nowadays, masses of people turn out for American Idol contestants!

It all comes down to mass immigration. Keep immigration levels high and Latino, Asian, Arab/Muslim and Hindu immigrants will tend to become Democrats. Buh-bye USA of old. No longer a constitutional republic of limited government because these new "immigrants/new Americans" are used to mass, street protests and simple majority rule democracy.

Obambi is a pretentious poseur, with a fawning media to adore Him. Nothing more.

Comment Posted By RSG On 5.11.2008 @ 14:37

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