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The interesting thing is that so many appear to be ignorant of the actual meaning of the word "racist". Look it up, folks, it doesn't mean "someone said something about someone's race that I think is wrong or made me mad".

We play into that ignorance by advancing the argument.

Comment Posted By RW On 4.08.2008 @ 12:54


For those who don’t know what “sock puppetry is...

...See Greenwald, Glenn.

Comment Posted By RW On 19.05.2008 @ 10:11


An interesting take, Nicolay, since Greenwald and his band of sock-puppets do little other than scan Instapundit on an hourly basis & then attempt to "one-up" his posts by parlaying how unacceptable they are. Other than not realizing his entire online being and the premise of his cause, you got it nailed, though. :)

Comment Posted By RW On 27.07.2007 @ 07:56

Sure, he made the original ‘Screw Them’ remark – but he soon thereafter both explained himself and apologized and not in a half-assed Ann Coulter manner.

At first he came back with a defiant post that challenged his critics with the snarky resolve that the nutroots have come to expect from the diminutive one (keyboards increase machismo....fact!). He ended it with the Kerry "bring them on" mantra, as well.

When that one didn't go over, he followed up with the obviously contrived "apology", which went completely against his initial slur and the first attempt at addressing the situation. COMPLETELY. AGAINST.

So, yeah, he eventually "apologized" for saying that his comment, and the post that he published the next day, were the EXACT OPPOSITE of what he 'really' felt....two days later.

FWIW, I keep trying that "okay, what I said was really the opposite of what I was really meaning" approach with my wife. Interestingly enough, she doesn't buy it. And, pun intended on "buy", since the 'apology' kept the blogads coming in, ya know (there was some shaky moments in the 48 hours leading up. Coincidence?).

Comment Posted By RW On 26.07.2007 @ 22:52

I read Greenwald all the time, I don’t see any of the stuff you hit him with….coincidence.

Yeah, you need your daily "they suck.....they really, really suck. Therefore, I'm better" that Greenwald provides.

Some folks are needy that way. I doubt you "see" that, either. You miss lots of stuff.

Comment Posted By RW On 26.07.2007 @ 22:46


"About why we are so short of men and material that there isn’t time to send troops to train in California so as to better protect them in Iraq."

Dear Mr. Bottoms,
My nephew just returned from a tour in Iraq and is currently back in Twenty Nine Palms, CA, where he & the rest of his Marine unit trained prior to their deployment. Perhaps that is also George W. Bush's fault, as well as Olbermann's rating. Whatever makes you sleep better.

Nonetheless, a little knowledge is a good thing, and you have been duly informed so that you hopefully won't publicly err in much the same manner in the future (already assuming that the attempt to change the subject notwithstanding, as that's a staple for the minority party....for a reason).

Comment Posted By RW On 28.09.2006 @ 09:47


"“in tone that one would think the piece was penned by a 12 year old little girl ”"

Max Blumenthal is not that mature, that intelligent or that masculine. Were you in a giving mood? :)

Hey, if my dad was known as little other than a Clinton fluffer I'd probably be spending all my time embarrassing myself as well. Talk about a legacy to uphold.

Comment Posted By RW On 9.09.2006 @ 19:54


I am from New York City but have a love for the game. You should know that the reference to Great Britain is not specific enough as England. If you've seen some of the commercials on ESPN they show a rousing group of Scots, "The Tartan Army" who would not care to be eliminated so readily.

You're very lucky to have seen Cryff. My only other point would be that the Kaiser, Franz Beckenbauer didn't seem to be missing anything from his game. In fact the Cosmos would often win the NASL championship, then go around the world on a global tour beating many of the world's best club teams.

It was a glorious time for the game here.

Now the big dance is almost upon us!

Comment Posted By RW On 30.05.2006 @ 14:34

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