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regarding Steele and/or Blackwell
Since topic has roamed, I wish to ask a question.
When Steele and Blackwell were running in their primaries and lost to the other Republican, which one was it who then crossed-over to support the Democrat in the race? I confess, I am numb this a.m. with all the markets crashing, infact I sit here waiting for 8:30 market opening to see what Dumbo has in store for us this day.

Comment Posted By diamond On 3.03.2009 @ 08:16


"a few high profile conservatives" these would be suspect also!
This is not taking one for the Gipper, this is the "good ole boys" pulling together against us "no nothings, loud people" who have to shut us us"! They protect their own.

Now we just might have a major problem on our hands. Think about it, if Hildabeast gets the nomination I don't believe that Obama supporters will stay home, nope, they will vote for McCain (McClinton) to get even with their party.

Damn if McClinton backs into the White House and we suffer four years of this insufferable liar. Our Conservative Party gets re-defined by a Moderate, dry heaves starting. This nasty, vindictive, foul mouth, (I shouldn't talk)senator will ruin our party.

As for me going out and voting for McClinton, "not goin' to do it"! Will however go vote for the rest of the ticket, maybe we can get the Congress back. Yeah, I know............

Now if I am wrong and Hildabeast gets the White House, can you imagine four years of the Vagina Monologes? Where's my barf-bag!

Comment Posted By diamond On 7.02.2008 @ 21:00


McCain will be losing his edge in this Primary. The Independents in N.H. will vote for Obama to keep Hildabeast from the nomination. McCain needs these Independents to beat Mitt. Unless the Inds. figure how to screw Hillary and Mitt at the same time, they will need to choose up sides on Tuesday.
Isn't if funny to think that these loyal DemoCraps have turned not only from Hillary but they are also saying we don't want Bill back either! This will not set well with Bill, heads will roll.

Comment Posted By diamond On 6.01.2008 @ 20:45


Years ago I got a whiff of something not on the up and up regarding McCain and prison. Something like his cell mates won't speak bad about McCain nor will they stand up for him either!

Has anyone ever heard from McCain's Hanoi Hilton roomies? There must be a story to tell and we have never heard it. If someone knows, please post. As far as I know McCain has never spoken their names, pointed them out in the crowd at a rally. There seems to be a blanket thrown over this war story. I have wondered about this since "Keating"
I don't trust this book coming out at this time. Will have to see if it brings McCain a shunning or bravos.

Comment Posted By diamond On 2.01.2008 @ 21:14


I can't help but believe that the polls are screwed just as Ron Paul's polls after debate. It leads me to believe that I do smell a demoRAT's hand in the numbers. We'll see come Thursday. If I am wrong then we are the screwed ones. But whomever the nominee for the Reps. I will vote for him against any demoCRAP. It's important to go vote for the down-ticket republicans who are running, too. Sitting home on your back-side won't do!

Comment Posted By diamond On 29.12.2007 @ 21:05


Now this is just a "what if". Israel is working her way North to eventually bomb the WMD burial site. Gee hope that all the nukes, gas and powders that Iraq doesn't have doesn't ruin the country that agreed to hide shitloads of this stuff. So before this site gets target a whole lot of people will run in the way. Blue helmuts, Red Cross, Pope, carter or maybe clinton. If that doesn't work I expect that the two military men taken by these terrorist will be put front and center.

Comment Posted By diamond On 4.08.2006 @ 23:28


This is another SNUF by MSM,liberals, assholes and film at 11:00

Can't wait for chris Mathews to stage a re-enactment. They'll have the country correct but that's about it.

I am so tried of the Press making up stuff, finding criminality in our military, belittleing their efforts. BUT if after every RATHERISMS that occur we have the hope of converting to us, from the Dark Side, more people who realize that they are being lied to then eventually the MSM will be singing to the choir.

Comment Posted By diamond On 12.06.2006 @ 14:32


Let me be the first to start the "black helicoper', the grassy nole (sp?) the hanging chads, theory, Z-asshole did actually kill self by wearing explosive belt and denonating it when all had assembled! He was such a brave and noble man, true to his cause and a lover of women and children as he was killing them.

He didn't need no stinkin' military to bring him to all those *Helen Thoman look-a-like virgins!

Hey, how long did it take for the MSM bring us the sad news that the war isn't over yet? Didn't believe that they believed we were in a war. Even heard one report that Zasshole was just a "small time player" in this greater war effort. Now a report, and reported with glee, that revenge is just starting. He couldn't get his words out fast enough. Oh know, David Gregory damn near gives kudos to him for starting such a movement.

* go to and see a pic that will shake you to your bones, saw it hours ago but it still haunts me

Comment Posted By diamond On 8.06.2006 @ 11:11

What great news and yes I am celebrating a murder's death! Only it wasn't as ugly as his beheadings but he is dead nevertheless.

Now to await the MSM spin on how this will harm our efforts, another body count, world opinion about hitting house set in neighbor. Anyone mention the ARAB STREET? Haven't heard that one in months but I'm sure it's coming. Oil has droped $1.00 a barrel with the news.

Oh no, baby booties, teddy bear found in rubble. Surely that miserable terrorist cleared the house of women and children before he entered.

Comment Posted By diamond On 8.06.2006 @ 07:39


Can I smell it? I fear it ! I fear a plot hatched by you and others to permanently entrap me to my computer. Hours will pass by and I will be here still, trapped by the alluring voices with amusing musings. Have you no shame?

While your blog is an attractive hazard, you now seek to turn top-rate bloggers into, dare I say it, top-rate gabbers with us helpless to dare NOT listen. If we go away, even for our basic needs, we will feel that we are letting someone down, that I'm not goin' to be fully informed, may miss a gem or two.

Never did I believe that my need to log in, respond or just read at this site would lead me down this dark, dank road of continual checking to see if you have up-dated, if my postings give you a touch of mirth, anger, etc. While I am confortable with this association, to now hear your voice, in my home, at different times of the day, I agan, FEAR.

Hey, this may turn out to be the best Diet I've ever been on. OR I have this one month warning and if I get a move on I can put my computer in the kitchen, add cot and toilet. I'll have to make a deal with the local merchants to deliver goods to my home. Well, there goes the diet!

OOPS just re-read your post and see that I can cancel the construction on my kitchen and forget the merchants, you will only tie up my mornings for two hours. Two hours.... I need more then two stinkin' hours

Very good luck on your new venture, will be there, bright and early, for the premier.


June 6 God bless America D-Day today. Bless all the young men and women who are serving us today to help spread freedom and democracy. Protect our president, keep him strong and resolved in his efforts to protect our country. And, for God's sake, please alter his efforts regarding our southern borders!

Comment Posted By diamond On 6.06.2006 @ 11:45

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