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Hey Rick, great article, but I'm going to take a position half way between you and Tantor. In order to prevent the blogshpere from becoming irrelevant we must show caution regarding which stories we give the piranha treatment.

That said however the only way of wresting the founding father of this great nations belief in the necessity and value of the press away from the propagandists is to hold their feet to the fire of reality.

Our founding fathers would never have believed that a press free from the heavy hand of government oppression could or would ever adopt a ideology contrary to that espoused in our constitution.

In fact they believed that a free press was essential to the stability of the republic that they sacrificed so much to bring into existence. They believed this so much that they articulated this very idea into our constitution, that congress should under no circumstances abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press.

What they never in their wildest dreams counted on was the press by virtue of their own self inflated ego's becoming a elitist organization that believed they knew what was better for the country than its poor unwashed uneducated ignorant masses.

Never could Benjamin Franklin Alexander Hamilton or James Madison have imagined a press that would adhere to and push a political ideology that was the complete antithesis of the democratic republic that they established.

Thus while we in the blogsphere must show caution to avoid becoming a irrelevant and discredited voice, we must also shine a brutal and piercing light on the despicable ideology being espoused and pushed as propaganda by the established media.

We must be nimbler more agile farther reaching and tireless if we are to have any relevance other than our own self congratulatory ego's.

Comment Posted By doriangrey On 7.08.2007 @ 11:35


Tom Said:

Joe and Valerie Wilson are the real patriots. They are the ones above ideology, capable of working for presidents of both parties.

Dude put the crack pipe down and back slowly away from it. Joe and Valerie both committed perjury before congress; Valerie acted 100% out of democrat partisan politics when she sent her husband to Niger to produce a false account of Niger's relations with Iraq. It is the Wilson's who should have been convicted of perjury not Libby.

Comment Posted By doriangrey On 30.05.2007 @ 15:03


I e-mailed this message to my congressman and my senator as well as to both the president and the vice president. I strongly urge all readers here to do likewise.

As a registered voter I am demanding that you instigate a criminal investigation into the ABC leaking of covert action authorized by the current administration against Iran.

Both the actions of the anonymous sources and those of ABC in publishing this story clearly rise to the level of treason and US constitutional law requires that it be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

Comment Posted By doriangrey On 23.05.2007 @ 19:36


Diane Feinstein makes Randy "Duke" Cunningham look like a rank amateur, so where is the outrage…Oh yea, that’s right Feinstein has a D next to her name which makes her funneling of multi-billion dollar contracts to her husband o.k. $90,000.00 of bribe money in your freezer, if there is a D by your name no problem. Sex with a minor, if there is a D next to your name not only is it o.k. but your fellow democrats will give you a standing ovation. The only reason Randy is in prison is that there was a R next to his name instead of a D.

Comment Posted By doriangrey On 17.05.2007 @ 16:17


Cynthia R

What are the ten most dreaded words in the English language...........

We are from the government; We are here to help................

Comment Posted By doriangrey On 17.04.2007 @ 15:54

Nick D,

Man that was beautiful, brought a tear to my eye. Our founding father would have bought you a beer and thanked you for understanding what they labored so diligently to give birth to.

Comment Posted By doriangrey On 17.04.2007 @ 15:51

I wonder when the last time Mr. Stoller brushed up on his American history was? What was it that kicked off the American Revolution? What was the founding fathers personal opinions regarding taxation? I doubt Mr. Stoller would have any trouble quoting every line from every Simpson episode every broadcast, yet those two questions, unlikely he could answer.

Comment Posted By doriangrey On 16.04.2007 @ 16:38



Yep go on pontificating, had VT had CCW this psycho couldn’t have killed 33 innocent unarmed students. When you disarm a population they become sheep for the slaughter to anyone willing to break the law. Try remembering that criminals are not law abiding hence the reference to them as criminals. They are not going to abide by any gun law so gun laws only make victims out of law abiding citizens like those at VT. What people like you need is to be beaten about the head and shoulders with this brutal reality until it sinks in. You have more to fear from criminals who will not follow any gun law then you do from any armed law abiding citizen.

Comment Posted By doriangrey On 16.04.2007 @ 21:13

Hmmm, Virginia Tech, a place where guns were illegal and as a result there was nobody there to stop this guy from killing 32+ people at pretty much his connivance. My guess is this is exactly what the gun control nuts want to happen, because it is exactly what does happen when nobody can defend themselves.

Comment Posted By doriangrey On 16.04.2007 @ 16:44


Hey Ed,

I'm going to go out on a limb here and guess that you don’t think Iraq and Afghanistan are actual shooting wars.........

Comment Posted By doriangrey On 16.04.2007 @ 16:48

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