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I love the comments from people saying the tea parties are not mature and gosh Gallup says Barack Obama has a 66% approval rating. Barry and the Democrat congress just pissed away $2 trillion dollars in just two weeks and the enlightened ones here say we should give him a chance? Why? Because he gives such nice speeches? Why not really give him a chance? Let spend $5 trillion dollars! After all, Gallup says...

Comment Posted By mishu On 1.03.2009 @ 00:26


Please close comments because nothing else needs to be said now.

God speed Dale.

Comment Posted By mishu On 1.07.2007 @ 14:47


Tom said using caps:

You are a liar and a terrorist fopr allowing the administartion to out a ‘covert agent’. Did you read correctly: COVERT AGENT!

Save the lick-spittle guy. You may want redirect it towards Wilson. He's the one who outed her with that inane NYT op-ed.

Comment Posted By mishu On 30.05.2007 @ 22:58


They are lucky to be able to even single source some of their stories

If they can't corroborate, they shouldn't print. It's that simple.

Comment Posted By mishu On 6.01.2007 @ 01:30


You seem bored. You are posting a lot of items irrelevant to the topic at hand. I would recommend that you get your own blog and post them there at your leisure.

Comment Posted By mishu On 6.01.2007 @ 01:27

The thing to take fromt he burning story isn’t that it is true, or that it is false. The thing to take is that it isn’t surprising. With a hundred drilled bodies being found every day or so, it is obvious that acts on a par with burnings are taking place. The notable thing about the burnings story wasn’t that some people were brutally murdered, it was the originality of the method.

What a horribly nihilistic and cynical attitude to take. There is quite a bit of violence in Iraq, however to reduce such stories to din and believe whatever story you hear because 'it doesn't surprise you' makes you a spineless dolt. To regurgitate cocktail party bile as 'hundred drilled bodies being found every day or so' doesn't make you sound informed. It makes you sound like a bigot. You are no different than a person who assumes all black people have a predilection to commit crime because you read about many crimes committed by black people in the newspaper.

Comment Posted By mishu On 6.01.2007 @ 01:25

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