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I have to leave again, I find wimpy, dickless insta-america men quite tedious and boring.

Comment Posted By syn On 9.08.2009 @ 07:33


Darling, you are as weak as your pinky-sized prick which you may be able to see under all your layers of heavy-duty fat.

Comment Posted By syn On 9.08.2009 @ 07:31

"Isn’t this website supposed to be about freedom?"

I came here several years ago to discover that it is actually is an insta-america site sitting fat-shiny-happy in the middle of the sofa pretending to above both sides while refusing to take a stand on anything which may be deemed uncool.

This is the insta-america site where lives a billion mercury bulbs believing they will stop Islamic-fascists from killing Americans while at the same time believe injecting lots of embryonic stems cells will keep them youthfully fat and happy watching their friend's daughter on the porn channel be screwed by five guys while a pogo stick is shove up her anal cavity.

Comment Posted By syn On 9.08.2009 @ 07:27

Gee Grognard

Are you unaware of the fact that during the primaries it was a life-long Democrat Clintonite lawyer out of PA who brought Obama's birth certificate before the courts?

Comment Posted By syn On 9.08.2009 @ 07:03

Obama's administration already has a health care panel in place determining what health care is valid and who is valid to receive such health care (by the way, fat people are invalid); since there is a panel determining what is health care and who receives it why would anyone deny Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel's panel of death?

I know this because a friend's friend sits on such panel, is European and even she is disturbed with some of the stuff the panel is formulating; anecdotal yes, however may I add history has shown time and again that Statists must commit to creepy things in order to create their Utopian dream.

Now why would any American, especially fat people who are already being determined invalid, give their lives over to Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel?

Mr. Moran, if Obamacare is passed do not whine when they stamp on your forehead "DENIED HEALTH CARE" because your weight is inappropriate.

If you think about it, denying fat people health care because they are fat is a death sentence for fat people.

In any case, if Obamacare does pass I am moving Peru or Mexico since this is where American hospitals and doctors will move to set up shop; my sister's husband is a doctor, all his peers are making plans just in case.

Comment Posted By syn On 9.08.2009 @ 06:57


It wasn't long ago (Jan-Feb) that Buckley Jr was telling COnservative voters to shut-up and vote McCain, now he is telling Conservatives the GOP is done because Palin is on the ticket. David Brooks is a guy who writes for the NY Times, enough said. Peggy Noonan once wrote some speeches for Reagan and I never bother with Parker.

Personally speaking, I like Thomas Sowell,Mark Steyn, Jonah Goldberg, Andy McCarthy, Peter Robinson, Michale Ledeen, John Hood, Jay Norlinger, David Horowitz and many of the writers at American Thinker.

TO me everyone else is all over the place, every month or so I'll check in with the Instapundits if I have time. So whatever it is you think you are, you are not very clear.

Plus, the netroots are successful because they have the time to blog eight hours a day and the one thing which keeps them together is their hatred of all things Religious and Republican; unfortunately the instapundits join the raindeer game so why bother building a party around that?

Anyway, good luck figuring out what you believe.

Comment Posted By syn On 30.10.2008 @ 14:43


Obama..."seems fairly honest for a politician, and cares about his community"

Did you write this with a straight face? Obama ripped off his community, not only is his low-income housing project such a ghetto it must be torn down, the only thing he has to show for his $100 million neighborhood recreation center is a $100,000 gazebo.

I will accept you premise that he is a good family man since he seems to have avoided the severe scrutiny which his opponent's VP choice has endure however I cannot accept your dishonest appraisal that he cares about his community.

Chicago is more dangerous than Baghdad, it is a gangland's hellhole .

Comment Posted By syn On 14.09.2008 @ 07:29


From what I have read, Hagee has been a devout supporter of Israel's right to exist.
I don't believe what Hagee said is being interpreted correctly; even the prominent leader of a prominent Catholic organization who met with Hagee stated that Hagee's comments being interpreted incorrectly (soory I don't have time at the moment to gather the details).

That said; Hagee is not as big a problem as is the enormous problem Juan Hernandez who is McCain's best example of just how unprincipled is McCain.

But you keep on going after those evangelicals and soon there won't be anyone left in America defending Israel; certainly those Americans in the Jewish community are not interested(I heard this statement from Israelis by the way) since they continue to vote Democrat. Thanks Chuck Schumer, while you and your gang of Democrats espouse "America is an evil imperialist warmonger lead by BushHilter for Oil" just so you can have power, your party is basically defending those who are determined to destroy Israel.

Obama is, after all, the leading Democrat who beleives that Israel is a 'sore' in the the middle east

Comment Posted By syn On 23.05.2008 @ 09:38


Hold interrogations at The Vault, then you won't feel guilty while many a sado-masochists will be satisified.

Besides sex clubs already have all the equipment necessary to get the job done.

Just keep saying Americans don't torture however remember every night around midnight thousands are screaming from their dungeons in delightful estasy.

The hyprocrisy of it all; no torture to save lives but for sex it's perfectly natural.

Comment Posted By syn On 12.04.2008 @ 06:49


I look at our own history, the bloody battles fought for decades; I have no expectations that nations such as Iraq will all of the sudden behave in perfect harmony, particulary when our own Nation after 200 plus years must still fend off tyranny.

America has been fighting against Collectivist tyranny for well over a century despite the endless horrors of Nazism, Stalinism, Marxism and every other Collective madness set upon free people yet we still must fight daily; take a look at how many Collectivist tyrannts in our own Nation have done everything they can to insure a defeat in Iraq.

As Reagan pointed out:

"Freedom is a fragile thing and is never more than one generation away from extinction. It is not ours by inheritance; it must be fought for and defended constantly by each generation, for it comes only once to a people. Those who have known freedom, and then lost it, have never known it again"

The hunger for instant gratification can never be completely satisified because it is hollow fulfillment; in other words the wars against Collectivist tyranny and their ally Islamic Jihad will be fought far longer than my time on this earth just as long as our forefathers fought these enemies in the past.

Comment Posted By syn On 10.04.2008 @ 07:30

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