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This is the most intellectually vacant and dishonest site I have ever had the misfortune to visit. My head is spinning and I'm sick to my stomach. I'm going to need to go to dailykos or prisonplanet to clear my mind of this bizarre crap with more honestly twisted crap.

Comment Posted By Angel On 1.12.2009 @ 19:05


Sorry to break this to you Ben but the old rules don't apply anymore. The left hasn't been playing by the book for two generations and now poses a real and present danger to the actual democratic underpinnings of the US.

Time to wake up to the fact that the US and the whole West are deep in a cultural civil War that has no rules of engagement. This is because civil Wars usually mean that the loser is destroyed as an entity. In a war of culture that means that your children will be taught to hate what you stood for. It's a war of survival of one's moral and philosophical identity. The loser looses totally.

Once you have tumbled to the reality of what is happening in the democratic west and especially in the EU and US the better you will be in defending yourself and your family.

Comment Posted By Angel On 15.10.2008 @ 06:33

I am NOT an American and Obama will never be a President of mine. He will however cause some considerable angst to me and mine and will cause real hurt and loss, both culturally and financially. For that I wish him ill and hope that it will come swiftly before he has a chance to undermine the structures that have allowed him to rise.

When will America and especially Republican America wake up from the dream of 'fair play' democracy? That fiction has not been practiced by liberal / leftist / neo-Marxist, America for at least two generations.

The fact that we are involved in a real war of culture and have been for the past 40 years, seems to have slipped under the radar of America's conservatives.

All's fair in love and war, and more especially so in a Cultural War, where defeat means literal extermination of the moral and philosophical underpinnings of one's belief system, through the assimilation of one's children into the new socio-cultural system.

People forget that democracy is an extremely fragile system that has to be passed intact from one generation to the next and can only be guaranteed through that transfer, one generation at a time. Democracy's bonds are stout and resilient when attacked from outside, however those bonds are tenuous when undermined from within.

Civil war is always the bloodiest and the most cruelly fought. The left tumbled to this fact in the sixties. Forget Political Ethics 101. Forget taking the moral high road. Forget turning the other cheek. Those attributes are seen as weakness by the left and they take full advantage. We know them not to be weakness but moral strengths, but when one's very cultural survival is at stake and the freedoms underpinning society are undermined then anything goes.

When winning is the only guarantee of philosophical and democratic survival, then some of the tenets of normal democratic life must by virtue of the threat, be put to one side for a time, to ensure the survival of the philosophy of democracy itself.

It happened in the 'hot' war of WWII. Many of the tenets of democracy were put to one side by the needs and realities of that time. Democracy survived and full democratic and moral philosophy was restored. The current Cultural Civil War is at least as dangerous, if not more so, than the dangers faced by the Western democracies in the late 1930 to mid 1940s.

I'm sure that the Roman Senate debated the finer legal points of appointing a Consul or even a Dictator (in the classical sense) whilst barbarian hoards pounded on the gates of Rome. I'm sure that they felt that their moral and cultural position was superior to that of the barbarian, right up to the point that a sword entered their chest and their children marched off to slavery. We have similar decisions to make. Not because we want to but because we are forced to. Think it can't happen to you? Remember that just 6% supported the communists in Eastern Europe in the late 1940s. Yet four generations suffered under the boot of the left.

Think about what is under attack and what is able to be lost forever, before you begin to quote Civil Ethics 101 to me and taking a moderate line. We do live in extraordinary times as we did in 1939 (or 1942 for a sleeping USA. Times that are as dangerous now as then and requiring measures at least as comprehensive as were put in place to preserve the flower that is democracy.

The difference between then and now is that the threat this time is internal and there will be no government sponsored plan to preserve the democratic flame for our children. Individuals everywhere must do whatever it takes to defeat the threat from within or our children will chant the mantra of the left and will curse the democracy of their parents and grandparents.

Think about it. Observe, Orientate, Decide and Act to save both yourselves, your political philosophy and your children, from the threat of home grown socialism and neo-Marxism.

Being an outsider I do not really care whether Obama destroys the political and socio-cultural underpinnings of the US as a democratic nation. I do care when your mess flows over into my patch and causes hurt to me and mine. Sort your mess out and be quick about it!

Comment Posted By Angel On 15.10.2008 @ 06:09


Excellent reminder about whom we are dealing with..Security means squat to him ..what matters is defaming our Pres. and hobnobbing with self haters and Hollyweird whackos who spend their time trying to legalize flag burning..great post.:)

Comment Posted By Angel On 15.06.2006 @ 09:42


plastic poncho..lolz...theyre both so reserved and shy tho arent they?

Comment Posted By Angel On 15.06.2006 @ 09:38


Garsh the competition is too steep!..How do u ever choose?..lolz
Soon as I get the new site all tightened up, I'll holler backat ya..with TB's!

Comment Posted By Angel On 30.03.2006 @ 16:49


Wow..I loved yer analysis of why we blog addicts..ok..
I'll speak for mahself..heh..write and thrive so much
on reading others' alliterative posts.
As far as the race card being me- it's all
getting old...If pple were less apologetic and self-
hating, they could silence the haters who love to
accuse any broad minded conservative of racism any
day of the week!

Comment Posted By Angel On 25.02.2006 @ 21:58

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